Apr 28, 2007

Jonquil City Jog 2007

My first official 5K complete and boy, am I ever motivated now..

Just a quick recap of the event.

Proof I was there, and yes all of these individuals were registered to run!! It was quite a large gathering by my standards.

See the kid on the right..... He finished first in the 1 Mile Fun Run.... He finished in 5:36... Holy Cow. When I was an avid runner back in high school, I may have dipped below the 6 minute mark, but just barely.. And this guy was only 11 years old.. I may have just had a brush with greatness... Hmmm, Future Marathon Winner...? The only flaw that I noticed in the whole ordeal, was that this kid passed the Police Escort (twice)... you know, the one leading the procession.... It surprised the Cop and he bobbled on his motorcycle... hee hee. Oh and the people in the blue jerseys.... That was the purpose of this event.... Fundraiser for the Local High School Athletic Club...

Now this was just precious... The Toddler Trot... There were even a few actual toddlers participating in this 100 yd dash...

Here you see the oldest registered participant.. Of course he won the category for his age group! He was 84 years old! WOW.. And his wife, well she finished 2nd in her group..Age 75-79... Also running in the family were his son, seen here, and also his granddaughter... Talk about a family affair. I asked him how long he had been participating in these events . He said he has been running for 35 years.. Ummm, that makes him 49 when he started! See, its never too late to start...

And finally, just a little eye candy for me... Man, these guys were all over the place....and oh how I loves me a man in uniform!!!!!

Thank You, Thank You very much!!

Just a quick post for anyone stopping by to catch an update!!

Yes, I did it!! I did not notice my finishing time.... But holy cow, I actually ran all of it but about 1/10 of a mile....

I feel so alive!! I am so going to pursue this!!

I will update this later on this evening, because on my way to the race, I noticed that the Georgia Renaissance Festival was in town!! Plus more sofa shopping!! So my day is going to be very active.... I will resume Procrastinating tomorrow, for those of you who might have been concerned.

Can you believe it.. I just freaking ran 3 miles!! Who Knew!!

Apr 27, 2007

Do I Have To?

If you have not caught on to it by now, I am a World Class Procrastinator.

However, I did manage to get quite a few things knocked off of my to do list today, with even more scheduled for tomorrow.
First thing in the morning is my very first 5K run... I have mixed emotions about this.. While I love to run, I am in no shape physically to do so. So I am thinking, nah, I should just stay home and run around the pond a few times... Save myself the embarrassment, right?
Don't worry, I am going to go do it!! I will even post pictures to prove it.. And if I am a little embarrassed about my finish, well I hope you will laugh with me. I am actually excited in a way and most importantly, I think it is physically and mentally something I should be involved in...
I tested myself a few days ago, and while not exactly sure of the distance (it was approximately 3 miles, I think) I finished in about 35 minutes... DON'T YOU SAY A WORD, SHELL !! hee hee.
Gotta start somewhere, and it has been years, hell decades since I was an avid runner!!
I will post as soon as I can, but I also have some other priorities to take care of...... I have found another RED Sofa set and I think it is time to bring it home.... Or at least schedule delivery anyways..
BTW, I had my yearly exam this morning and it is now officially in my medical chart that I have lost 21 pounds......woooo hooooooo!!

Apr 24, 2007

Its Times Like These........

In preparation for my upcoming weekend footrace, I promised myself that I would get out and run... Even if I was 1000 miles from home.

Sunday..... too many delays
Monday..... I really needed a nap instead. I had only 4 hours sleep the night before.
Tuesday...... Yep, I did manage to get an hour jog/walk. But I am getting ahead of myself.


I promise I will try to make this short.

Tuesday afternoon as I finished up my delivery in Plymouth Mass, I made a judgement call to not attempt the rush hour drive thru Boston to get to my final stop. I mean really! I can't unload until Wednesday morning anyway. After getting unloaded, I ask the Customer where I could leave my Truck, as I intended to go for a little run.

Well, he had an even better idea!

"Why don't you take my pick-up and go to the waterfront.. You will really enjoy running there, instead of around here.. And we do have that shower in the ladies room, so you can freshen up when you get done!"


I move the Big Truck out of the way and change into my running attire. Complete with camera, mp3 player, and directions , I take off.

He forgot to tell me where I was going, but did draw a nice map... So much to my surprise, the waterfront he had spoke of, was the waterfront made Famous all those years ago by THAT boat that landed on THAT rock.

While I did not attempt the exercise portion of this program, I did get quite a few pictures as I walked up and down the street... Ever so much looking like the Tourist!!

Here is where I was going to run...

And here is a replica of THAT vessel......

That landed on this shore.....

And hit this ROCK....

I swear, I have been sooooo disillusioned for many years!! I thought The Landing At Plymouth Rock, was ..... well........ Like the boat actually landed on this massive iceberg size rock.

But no, here it "supposedly" is. A boulder the size of beanbag chair....

not to start fussing....

And this little causeway was just awesome to walk across. It stretched out about 1/4 mile into the bay....

So there you have it... The reason why I did not go running on Tuesday.. However, I did manage later in the evening to get in about 45 minutes of exercise while I was in Salem, but the sun set fairly rapidly.... And my batteries in the camera died.. I will have to take some photos of the waterfront there too and post them!! It makes it soo much nicer when you have an awesome landscape to run thru.

See what I mean about no matter how mad I want to get, something always comes along to brighten my day.

For Me??

Lookie What I Got......

This is the treat that was promised on Sunday night.
Irish Crackers, Norwegian Cheese, Japanese Mixed Nuts, English Candy and Brooklyn Mustard.

I am now an International Eater!!

Awwwww.. I usually bring Jimmy something every week... Like a carton of cigarettes( I can purchase them for half the price he pays!), a bag of Vidalia Onions, or a sack full of Georgia Peaches!! A few weeks ago, he gave me a taste of the cheese and ummmmm it was good. So this week, he loaded me up... Thanks Jimmy!!

Bad Boys Bad Boys, Watcha Gonna Do??

You know it just seems funny to me that no matter how mad I want to get and just have a real good hissy fit, something always comes along to cheer me up.

For instance, I was late leaving out and of course the tire blowing out accounted for another three hour delay. So I was going to be unable to make it to my first destination on Sunday night.... And for anyone who has ever travelled around our Nations Capitol during rush hour, well you know the scoop.

I was attempting to mentally prepare myself for what lay ahead of me the next morning and still a bit frustrated over major delays of the day (I was also supposed to meet a friend of mine for dinner in Virginia and missed that too) when out of nowhere my cell phone lights up the interior of my cab.

Message Received

"Are you heading my way this week, Sunshine?"

What the.............. For a moment I racked my brain, trying to figure out who it could be from....Duh, just look at the number, silly... It was my Buddy from Queens, NY....

Awwwww, he said he had a treat for me, if I was going to be in town! Did I mention that he is Irish??

So, after exchanging a few pleasantries, I was able to kick back and call it a night.

Now Monday, I was up before the rooster, trying to sneak thru Washington DC before anyone noticed, but I had forgotten that DC rush hour literally starts at 5am... ATL, smooth until 6:30. NYC is about the same. But coming from Manassas into DC, fah getta bout it!!
And the idiots were in rare form, hence the previous rant posted!! I was frustrated beyond belief before the sun ever came up...

I completed my three stops in Maryland and took off for New Jersey... When I arrive at the mandatory state line Truck Weigh Station, I am flagged around to the back.. A strapping young officer approaches my truck and Oh sweet mother of public service, look at what we have here....He was a very friendly chap indeed. He did his inspection of the truck, which took all of 10 minutes...And then he shamelessly flirted right there with me.... Another 10-15 minutes ... hee hee hee... It is not often that you will see a State Patrol Officer waving to the Truckers as they leave, but wave he did, along with 2 of his cohorts....

Well, I did my tour of duty for the day, finishing up around 2pm. I decided to have a little nap to wait out NJ/NY traffic. Around sunset I headed out for Long Island... More traffic delays and more idiots, plus everything else that has been weighing on my mind...AGGGGhhhhhhhhh!!

I arrive at my destination for the morning and something is blocking the road... A Fire Truck. No, it was not an emergency situation. I was told they were just checking fire hydrants... But it would be a little bit before I could get to my customers parking lot.... Did I mention it was a Fire Truck?

I suppose now would be the perfect time to tell you of my "Man in Uniform fixation" I loves me a man in uniform... Especially Firemen and Police Officers...

So naturally I park the truck and jump out to make my presence known.. I am a shameless flirt!! I got to honk the Horn and play with the Hose... I snapped a few pictures and they bid me adieu... But not before the images of those firefighters seeped into my brain.... Be some good dreams tonight!! And Mr. New Jersey State Patrol , you will not be forgotten either....

I Need Some Sleep!!

So, I mentioned in the last post that I have not been sleeping well since last Tuesday...

Last Tuesday......
Out of nowhere......
Unaware of the reaction it would bring.......
I find an email ......
Sent to me, from HIM!!

and yes, I stopped breathing again!! I don't even know who you are anymore but I miss you like crazy!! You have always stolen my breath away, just the mere mention of your name will do it. *sigh* I ache to see your face again!!You contact me out of friendship, and I dare not say a word...For you are with another!! I would never do anything to disrupt your life or cause you heartache....So, I will be your friend and I will love you from a far, as I have for many years

I just needed to say that. Out Loud. So maybe I can get some sleep now!!

I think I will go make a reservation , one with nice padded walls..........

Stand Back Folks, She's Gonna Blow!!

You know, there just seems to come a time when you realize that you desperately need a vacation, like 2 months ago.

Well, Monday morning was that time for me.

Why am I so irritable??Could it be the fact that I have not slept well since last Tuesday? May be playing therapist over the phone with someone who refuses to help them self? How about forgetting the fact that Manassas Traffic is an absolute freaking nightmare, even at 5:30 AM. Or the fact that my load starting in DC adds at least one day to my work week, never mind fighting the rest of DC traffic.. Does sitting on the side of the road waiting for tire repair for three hours seem to affect me. Maybe!! Or how about wanting something so bad, that in 20 years it has never left your heart and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it but fantasize.......

Okay, that last one did not really fit in this scenario, or did it????

Does it seem like I am whining incessantly here or what... Maybe just a little bit??

Seems all indicators are pointing to a much needed break.

Really, I am usually one of the nice Truck Drivers. Always courteous and conscious of what is going on around me..

But this morning, at 5am I was so ready to go "Postal" I would have given anything to teach some of the folks a lesson or two...

Can you just imagine little ol me snatching people out of theirs cars and giving them the ol' 1-2 . "Take that, you no blinker using, excessive braking, cutting in and out of traffic to get 10 feet ahead. Why must you ride in my lane with me? Or better yet, why are you only capable of doing 15 mph below the speed limit, that is until I try to pass you. Which results in you accelerating to whatever it takes to keep me behind you only to cut in front of me and once again SLAM on your brakes..... Are you a complete idiot.. Do you not realize that my vehicle weighs the same as Oh, say, about 20 of yours???? HUH And if you will recall, an object in motion (especially one weighing 80 thousand pounds) tends to stay in motion until it meets some sort of friction which in turn will cause it to slow down, and yes my tires on the roadway are resulting in friction, but my little bitty foot is mashing the fuel pedal in to the firewall, so that pretty well eliminates that friction.. And you my friend are not the desired friction either. Just remember, If you really must stop in front of me, I might only be able to slow down...... KaPOW... But if the situation was reversed and I stopped in front of you, well, you would stop instantaneously upon collision... No, I am not trying to threaten you.. All I am saying is GET A CLUE!! "

"Hang up the phone, turnoff the laptop, put away the makeup and just pay a little more attention to what is going on around you!!!! Puhleeeeeeze"

Whew *sighs*. Don't I feel better!! Now what we were talking about again..

Oh, yeah. I am in desperate need of a vacation....And I have 2 planned.. But with the job transfer coming up, I have to forfeit one of my "paid" vacations...So that only leaves one week available, and I absolutely refuse to cancel either excursion, not to mention that I would like to add a few more... I am thinking a nice cruise, or maybe a trip thru the US by rail..... But time is limited, and money is tight, so whats a girl to do??

Hello, ummmm Calgon? Could you please take me away now before the guy shows up with that funny little white coat that has sleeves that wrap around to the back......

Apr 21, 2007

Mustang Mods- Now We Are Getting Somewhere!

I got a package today!!! Woooo Hoooo.

I finally got my stripes in, but I will have to wait a few weeks before I can have them applied.
Still waiting on the louvers to show up.
Also thought about ordering the little mud flap thingies for the rear wheels. I park in a dirty gravel lot and of course I always have the mud splatters on the rear fenders when I burn out at the end of the week. Just thinking out loud.

A Date To Remember

There is no significance to this date as far as you the reader is concerned....But for moi??

APRIL 21, 2007.

Only time will tell!

Apr 20, 2007

My Personality....??

My Personality

Openness To Experience
You are neither a subdued loner nor a jovial chatterbox. You enjoy time with others but also time alone. You are generally calm and composed, reacting moderately well to situations that most people would describe as stressful. A desire for tradition does not prevent you from trying new things. Your thinking is neither simple nor complex. To others you appear to be a well-educated person but not an intellectual. You have a strong interest in others' needs and well-being. You are pleasant, sympathetic, and cooperative. You are reasonably reliable, organized, and self-controlled.

Test Yourself Compare Yourself View Full Report

Click here to take the most insightful personality test.

What Have I Done ?

Recently I became very bold with my declarations that I was going to conquer the world..

No, wait a minute....That wasn't me.

Oh yeah, I declared I was going to begin running 5k foot races. I felt really good the day I posted that. I had good intentions, too!

Since then, as the first one approaches, I have come up with several excuses why not to...

I am too lazy
It is too far away.
I am not in proper shape.
It starts too early.

And so on.....

Well today I officially registered for this event... Yep.... I figured that the only thing stopping me was myself. So I did it.

Next Saturday morning.... I. Will. Do. This.

Too Cute

A friend of mine passed this along and I just couldn't resist...

A Fishing Story....

Just how big a fish was it?.......

So here it the latest scoop on the fisherman

He said he was out of here, right... I have stood firm that I do not believe in his shenanigans. I did confer with several other people and they all believe him.. The assistant site manager and other drivers to boot. But not me!!

Okay, so he gave his 2 week notice... The first week, he took a paid vacation... The second week he was suppose to run a single Florida trip and be done with it!!

During, the vacation week, he reported that he had cleaned out his truck of everything except the essentials...

On Tuesday of the second week (his last hoooooorah) he calls me.

" I have hurt my back while cleaning out my truck"

" I have hurt my back and could not work this week."

"I will probably lose my new job, because I have hurt my back and can't work"

"I should probably just stay here, because I already have the insurance to cover this injury, and I will probably lose my new job because I can't work"

Sounds FISHY to me.!!

So when I arrived back at the plant on Thursday, I did a little snooping... I know I should not have, but.....

All of our trucks are keyed the same.. Anyone can open any truck!! Which really pisses me off. I have seen numerous times when there are huge dusty footprints in my truck and the mechanics have been no where near it. How about a little privacy folks, I mean DAMN, this is my home away from home!!

Like I said, I know it was wrong, but I opened up his truck and what should I see.

A very messy, overly stocked truck.... He has not removed anything!!! So, how did he hurt his back?? Or did he hurt his back??

He is so full of it!!!! I am just soooooo curious what he thinks he is up to.... I love a good mystery, but the suspense is killing me

May God Be With You

To all of those who are suffering, to those who were killed and those who survived. To those who gave their life in order to save others. To everyone who has been affected by this tragedy.

I pray that God gives each and every one of you the peace you need to deal with this tragic situation.

When traveling up and down the highways, I always find myself become a bit emotional when I stumble upon an accident scene.. I cry for those who are lost and for those for have lost someone. Regardless that I may have never known the person, I still feel emotional pain knowing that a life has ended...

Monday April 16th, 2007... Virginia Tech...

I have many opinions and thoughts on this horrific day, however I am choosing to NOT speak them.. I feel it is wrong to immortalize the killer. I have shed many tears during this week. You see, I know this town.... I know this campus.... I have spent time there....And while I may not know a single person involved, my heart is extremely heavy.

My ride home Wednesday brought me through the Blacksburg Virginia area as it does every week. Throughout the state, flags are at half-staff. And as I was ascending the mountain towards Christiansburg, Va a cold chill swept across my body from head to toe. It was like the air was different. I rode in silence with tears streaming down my face, and even now I weep when I hear or see news updates.

Today, Friday April 20th has been declared a day of observance for this tragedy.

Apr 17, 2007

Weather Update

Boy has this week been something.....

Usually when I am heading out, I will check the forecast for the locations I am to deliver to..SO, I did that and noticed nothing unusual.. Temps were to be a little cooler than normal for this time of year. I did not notice precipitation forecasts. I only check those when temps dip below freezing.

So, it seems I was the only person not informed of the Nor Easter that was to be blowing through New England this week..

What the hell is a Nor Easter anyway??

I head out early Sunday and after a few hours, the phone calls start pouring in..

"Have you run into the snow yet?""

I am in Charlotte NC at this time and it is 76 degrees...

I laugh it off thinking the Fisherman is trying to start "something".

Well now, 100 miles further up the road and the local temperatures have plummeted to 28 degrees and there is quite an accumulation of snow on the ground and my mirrors and windows.. It is freakin' white out conditions and traffic is doing well to maintain 35 mph...

Can you imagine.... a 48 degree drop in 90 minutes.....

But wait....Another 100 miles and we are back to 50+ degrees with a mild drizzle... The winds however are blasting away at over 50 mph... Now if that ain't white knuckle driving. ...My trailer has a large tarp mounted on an aluminum frame and acts like a parachute.. I am being tossed from lane to lane along with everyone else on the roadway, even with 40k on my trailer...

The torrential rains were ahead of me, so I was spared that portion of the program.. I managed to arrive in Baltimore safe and sound...

But this week has lead to a lot of concerns.... New Jersey was very hard hit and numerous roads have been closed due to flooding... The bridge crossings into New York have been closed to 18 Wheelers due to high winds... My trip is not looking so good, eh??

I was informed that those deliveries that could not made early in the week would have to be reattempted on my way home. Bit so far I have managed to get them all made..

I am currently sitting in Boston, okay just north of Boston in a little town called Salem. Ring a bell? Oooohhhhhhhhh Witchy woman, see how high she flies tonight....

OMG, you should see this place.. I would love to get out and stroll around a bit, but with these winds.. I don't think so!! Maybe I will get some pics in the morning....

I had some photos to add to this post, but my computer is not speaking to my camera at the present time.... Maybe when I get home I will share a photo montage of this weeks journey.

Until then, Happy Trails!!

Apr 14, 2007

Weekend Warrior...... NOT

I had soooo many plans for today... But my procrastinating skills took over fairly early in the day.

I did however, manage to get another five miles in today..Still alot of walking, but that is too be expected. It was a tad bit cooler today and extremely overcast... The moment I walked back through the doorway, the bottom fell out....And it has been raining ever since...

I had intended to do some shopping, but after getting completely soaked just picking up the few items that were mandatory, I decided to put the rest of it off....

One thing I did manage to do today was............


Get a mani/pedi..

Why the drumroll, you might ask.. Well to be honest, I have never had one. EVER.

The experience was indeed pleasurable, but I think I will search for a different salon for the next one... I am very pleased with the results, considering this was a first..But I feel that many of you who do this on a regular basis would not have been so pleased...

"Ooooh, rots a deah skin" Yeah Lady, thats is why I am here!!

I got the big massage chair and the tingling lotion on my legs.. It felt so good!! After a bit of scrubbing (my feet are actually pretty smooth now!) , he attacked my toenails... My pinky toenail is kind of deformed, but when he was finished, Why, it resembled a normal toenail!! I got a color that I usually use at home... next time I will go for a fun springtime color!!

My hands were a different story.. I got a french manicure and it looks pretty good! But he did nothing to soften or remove calluses.. Was he suppose to?? And there is still "Lots of dead skin"...

So while this a personal success for me, I believe it could have been better...

Run For Your Life

I have been inspired...

I used to enjoy running when I was younger.. I still enjoy the idea of it. So, recently I embarked on a quest to get back into it...

Today, I completed 5 miles.. Okay, so it is still run, walk,walk,walk,run..... But it is good to start slow, right!! Build up my stamina.

While I am in no shape to go the distance, I have decided to start participating in 5k runs locally.

And on the grander scheme of things, I was thinking maybe once or twice a year I would pick a city (any city) and spend the weekend seeing the sights, and participate in a foot race. You know, been there-done that-got the t-shirt!!

I have located a 5k close to the ATL in 2 weeks. My "buddy" said I should just go do it, ready or not! I could make up a million excuses not to...But there is no time like the present.

I have scouted out a few races near my Fathers hometown (good excuse to go visit) and am currently seeking one near my Bro... (Can you help me out G?)

So, that is the game plan.... My first official 5k in TWO weeks.. I will be the one collapsed in a heap about 100yds from the starting line..

Apr 13, 2007

This Means War!!!

I have had it up to here with those freaking birds!!

A friend of mine suggested that I place something over the side mirrors to deter the little pests from waging war on my car... Sounded like a good idea to me at the time....


Not only did the little bastard remove the material, but he carried on with his weekly routine of doing battle with the birdie in the mirror after pooping all over the door and the clothe..

He must have been angry with me, because next he moved on to my door handles... Perching on the handle, he then begins to attack the mirrored image of himself yet again, and finishes up but taking a dump on the rest of my door!!! I just washed it!!!

The mirrors are fine!! They get a bit dirty, but the finish on the doors, well it is getting scratched!!!!

I have a car cover, but do I really want to cover it EVERYTIME it is parked?? Not really..

Anybody got a B B gun I can borrow??

Apr 12, 2007

Eeeeeewww You Dirty Rat!!

Homer is such a ________!!

The four drivers whom he has antagonized the most during the past four years have all vacated the premises.. He is taking this very personally.

He is taking a lot of things personally right now and well, treating us drivers in a manner not conducive with a good work environment...

He is faced with the same decisions that the rest of us have been presented. He is acting like it is the drivers' fault that the contract was lost. He is bitter!!

Yesterday he sent a message to the remaining drivers that WE were not following company policies and he would have to take action if our discrepancies were not amended immediately...

This little indiscretions have been overlooked for the previous four years.. They are generally overlooked by ALL the other branches of the company.. Homer is the ONLY person who deems it necessary to enforce these policies... The ONLY one!!

So, I believe I know why he responded in such a childish manner a few days ago when I asked him why he wanted me to do something that was not beneficial to anyone...

This week, all of the drivers who were interested in transferring to the new company were to set up personal interviews with a rep from the new company.. The rep would only be in town for 4 days! I was scheduled to meet with him on Thursday!

Homer altered my plans, so that I would not be able to make it home in time for the interview.

The rep had the opportunity to meet with ALL the other drivers and was basically waiting on me.

The rep phoned me and after I explained what Homer had done, he remarked that he would reschedule my interview for another time, another place... He did reassure me that the interview was basically just protocol and that I should not worry about missing it.. My job was secure, my position on the new team was secure... He did comment that he had asked several of the Aluminum Co's employees basic questions about each of the drivers , and that I had received glowing comments from each of them.. They love the little short girl!!

So after a nice lunch compliments of the Aluminum Co, the rep left town...on Wednesday

Around 2pm on Wednesday, I call Homer to get some info and at the end of the conversation he mentions that I no longer need to go to Baltimore... I should just head home....

Coincidence?? I think not!!

When I originally came to the Aluminum Co, I was employed thru a staffing service... I worked very hard and quickly built my reputation as being dedicated, determined and dependable, not to mention having great rapport with the customers.. They raved about me as well. A much welcome change from the usual ol grouchy truckers...

At the end of my required 90 day period, I was ready to make the transition into full-time employee. That is when Homer came aboard. The very week that he commandeered the office, I had an accident resulting in surgery.. I was put on lite duty for several weeks and could not perform the tasks of a driver.. When the doctor released me, I was put back on temporary assignment... Homer refused to hire me.

I jumped back in the truck and got back into the swing of things immediately....As a Temp..

It took Homer over NINE Months to recognize what an asset I was to have around.. I literally have customers bending over backwards to help me and others drivers. The other drivers spoke up on my behalf.. The Aluminum Co defended me, Hell, even certain customers pleaded in my defense.. It took NINE MONTHS, but I finally became an official employee

After all was said and done, a few "secrets" began to emerge..

Homer did not like having women in the work place! Especially friendly women with good personalities.. He was fearful of sexual harassment issues.. Not concerning him, just the fear of that situation arising amidst his employees.

He did not like the fact that everyone "liked" me sooooo much.

He thought I was lazy and did not want to work.. Um excuse me, but I had 3/4 of the cartilage removed from my knee and the doctor told me I couldn't work!!!

He did not like the fact that everyone "liked" me sooooo much. Oh, I already mentioned that didn't I. Well, it still bothers him, four years later!! FOUR YEARS LATER!!

So, Coincidence?? I THINK NOT!!


Okay, so I am feeling a little bit better about the lawsuit(s).

I spoke with Corporate and while I was dismayed that the fellow handling the situation did not have all the facts, he did a lot to reassure me.

We have a team of lawyers in Chattanooga that are representing us.. They should be contacting me soon... We now have a witness that they will be chatting with, to see if he is viable to our case.

The second lawsuit will also be handed to the lawyers.. (I am still not sure why no one was aware of the second lawsuit.. that bugs me!!) But now they are!! AWARE!!

Corporate did tell me that they will do everything possible to settle this out of court...

That's the part that irks me the most.. This woman does not deserve anything!! Okay, the repairs to the scratched bumper, but nothing more... No medical fees, no pain and suffering, nothing! I cant help it that she is old and has old lady problems, but it is not my fault!!

I expressed my dismay to Corporate and they assured me that she will have to prove that this is all accident related before they will settle with her...

Whatever!! I am not a happy camper, but obviously this is totally out of my hands!!

I wish those dudes would hurry up and call me!!!!!!

Apr 10, 2007

A Tad Bit Nervous

I know it is just a frivolous lawsuit that will surely come out in my favor (I have a bonafide witness, now), but I am becoming quite a bit more concerned..

There are actually 2 lawsuits...

I called the corporate office today to get some answers, and was forced to leave a message.

At some point during the day, a received a message in return... From a "new" individual. He claimed to know nothing about the first lawsuit and needed me to fax over the info ASAP...

I faxed the info over 3 weeks ago..

No wonder these folks are not telling me anything..... I am beginning to wonder if they even have a clue....

3MPH..... High cholesterol and carpal tunnel......

Sheesh, I am not feeling to happy about this at the moment!!

Nighty Night

So my Monday is going along fairly smoothly. I am resigned to the fact that I will not be able to get at much done as I had intended. I delivered Elkridge, MD; Bridgeport, NJ;Lumberton, NJ; and Bristol, PA.. My next stop is Brooklyn.... It is 2:30 pm and Brooklyn stops receiving at 3pm...

I have been lusting for a nice nap for the past few hours and decided to go ahead and indulge myself... I pull off at the Woodrow Wilson service plaza on the Jersey Turnpike and succumb to the desires of my heart.

After a quick snooze, I wake up and as I am sitting in the driver's seat a man approaches my Truck.. He asks me if the traffic is moving yet? HUH??

I look over towards the road and notice a massive parking lot on the interstate.. He proceeds to tell me of the accident ahead and I get on the CB to ask for the information he has requested of me....

While I was sleeping, it seems there was a major malfunction... Some cars were slowing, and others were not including a Car Hauler.. The ones who were stopped got rammed into by several other vehicles and the Car Hauler jack-knifed while trying to get stopped. The car hauler pinned a pick-up truck against the median wall..

Nope, traffic is not moving.. The Turnpike is shut down and I believe there might have been a fatality...

Um, I think I will go back to sleep now!!

Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Homer

Something has definitely crawled up the boss man's booty... Today he sent me a message that I would be returning to Baltimore to pick up some damaged material.... I would be returning to Baltimore when I get finished up in Plymouth Massachusetts... I would be heading back to Baltimore from a location that is 448 miles away.... to pick up damaged material....

There is another driver who is delivering at 3 locations around Baltimore.... When he is finished, he will actually be at the location that I am supposed to pick up the damaged materiel at.... He will be in the dock that I am suppose to return to from 448 miles away...

I did not see where any of this made any kind of sense to me, so I called Homer....

I asked my silly little question and in response Homer says, " I am just trying to piss you off and make your life miserable, that is why you are doing it."

Then he hung up on me....

I am not really sure how to take this... Normally, I just let it go, do what I am told and steer clear of the issues that the other drivers have.... It takes too much energy to be angry all the time... But for some reason, I keep thinking I should say something to someone... I actually laughed it off, thinking he might just be having a horrible day, but at the same time, I think I deserve a little more respect....

So, what do you think...

I can easily let this go..... But he has never been so rude and hateful to me before and it is really bugging me.. I have a feeling that the next 4 months are going to be very interesting...

Apr 7, 2007

Birthday Meme

Tagged by my SIL.... ( I know it took a while!!)

1. Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday... Month and Day only!!
*May 19

2. List Three events that occurred on that day...
*1568 Queen Elizabeth I has Mary Queen of Scots arrested
*1780 - New England's Dark Day: never-explained complete darkness falls on Eastern Canada and the New England area of the United States at 2 pm.
*1962 - A birthday salute to U.S. President John F. Kennedy takes place at Madison Square Garden, New York. The highlight is Marilyn Monroe's infamous rendition of Happy Birthday.

3. List Three important birthdays...
*1795 - Johns Hopkins, American philanthropist (d. 1873)
*1949 - Dusty Hill, American blues rock singer/bassist (ZZ Top)
*1928 - Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus Cars (d. 1982)

4. List One death...
*1864 - Nathaniel Hawthorne, American author (b. 1804)

5. List a Holiday or Observance...
*Feast day of the following saints in the Roman Catholic Church:
Saint Ciarán mac Colga
Peter Celestine
Theophilus of Corte

6. Okay, now go TAG yourself

Five Things

1.What are five things that give you physical pleasure?
Good Music
Good Coffee
A warm candle lite bath
Thrill Rides- roller coasters
2.What are five things that immediately make you angry?
Stupid Truckers
Stupid Four Wheelers (cars)
Playing Therapist over the phone
People who don't have a clue
3.What are five things that make you automatically happy?
Good Music
Beautiful scenery
My friends
4.What are five things that make you instantly sad?
Love Songs
Sad Movies

Okay, now go tag yourself...

Apr 6, 2007

Mustang Mods

This is suppose to be the post where I show you the cool new modifications I have had done to Sally in honor of her First Birthday.... (Not you, Sally) My Little Pony, Sally....

Sorry, this post will have to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond my control...

Now I will partake in a moment of silence where I will thrash about wildly out of control in a massive hissy fit.

Okay, let me just back up a few weeks and start at the beginning.

I had a decent experience with having my windows tinted and when contemplating the racing stripe scenario, I decided to let the same establishment handle this mod as well... They did a good job, on the tint!!

I had set up my appointment to have the stripes applied. The price quoted to me originally included the stripe kit.. A few days later I phoned in to see if the order could be cancelled because I had found a quality kit at a reduction of the price... The receptionist took my message and assured me someone would call back and confirm the cancellation...

No one ever returned my call...Then I called back to confirm the appointment was still scheduled.. (I was having this done 4 hours away and needed everything to be confirmed before I made the drive). The receptionist did confirm I was still on the schedule for Friday the 6th.

A few days later, I noticed that there was still no charge on my credit card... So, I once again called to confirm who would be supplying the stripes... Still no return call.... At this point, I ASSUMED that the original plan of action was still in place because my suggested changes had not been confirmed...

So, Thursday the 5th I arrived home from working with only 2 hours to prepare for my excursion over to the Rocket City... I managed to get very little done before hopping into the car to head over to Bama. I arrived in time to drop off the car before they closed up shop (that way they could get started on it early).

Friday was spent in anticipation of the phone call saying that they were done and I could come check her out.

BUT AT 3:30 I received a voice mail that has led to my detriment.... (I don't get good phone reception here in The Hollow) "Miss Terry......... cant find the kit..........started early...........call us............where are the..........."

My blood began to boil.... Surely that is not what I think she said!!!!!

I called to confirm the message..... YEP!! NO STRIPES TODAY, boys and girls...

I had Mama Bear drive me over to pick up Sally!! I told Br-Baby that I wanted to cry and she willingly joined in with her little version of fake tears....

After all the rushing I had done to get over here! AAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Upon arrival at the accessory shop, I was gingerly greeted in anticipation of the anger they were sure I was going to sling at them...

The owner assumed full responsibility of the situation and offered to make it up to me... He was adamant that "Sorry" was not good enough.. He asked if I would be willing to reschedule and he would extend to me a very generous discount...

I politely explained that I was going to look for someone a little closer to home to apply the stripes. (I drove 4 hours for this)

So he continued with "If you ever need anything else done, just let me know, I need to make this up to you!"


Okay, how about retinting my door glass... I was planning to have this done, due to the number of scratches that have accumulated...You can read about that here....

So now, I am sitting back in the Hollow and my windows are being retinted absolutely free of charge... Should be done in about an hour....

I am still a little upset about this but, here is the silver lining.

I am getting my windows retinted , and while I was enraged over the lack of communication that had transpired, a buddy of mine called asking how the stripes turned out. When I told him, what had happened he immediately stepped up to the plate, offering up a deal I could not refuse.... I will post that at a later date....

Rapid Advancement

I just received a phone call.

It was the Fisherman..

"It's all yours !" he says.

He has decided to pursue other career options at this time.. He went in for an interview today and was hired on-the-spot.. Next week, he is on vacation. The following week will be his last with our current employer...

Two other drivers finished up their tour of duty this week, and the trucks have already been cleaned out..

Another two drivers have also already proclaimed that they too will be abandoning ship in a relatively short amount of time...

I HAVE GAINED 5 rungs on the LADDER in two weeks.... The NE route is now my baby!!

Sweeeeeeet !!

That means a potential 12% gross in my yearly wages.... (I know, I am outta here soon myself, but I am looking at the immediate gains at the moment)

I also set up my interview with the new company for next week, and he assured me it was just a formality and then he "Welcomed" me to the new team!!

Yes, my social life may suffer for the next year, but I am looking to relocate and purchase a home soon, so I am willing to sacrifice it for the good of my future.....

Brrrrrrrrrrrr, It's Cold

So the Fisherman called me this week and announced his current weather conditions.... SNOW 7-8" forecasted...

Homer called this morning for dispatch....

Guess where I am going next week.....

Silly Snowbirds!!

Apr 5, 2007

Those Marketing Geniuses

I really would like to know who came up with this brilliant idea...

Today is a Special Events Day at Six Flags Over Georgia.... Starting at 6AM, Admission is FREE to the theme park.. While this might have sounded like a great idea, let me assure you, IT WASN'T...

Rush Hour does not normally get congested until 6:45AM.. However, the west side of Atlanta got the jump on things as early as 5:30AM... Why, because Six Flags is FREE today!!

In fact, by 6AM the entire west side was in gridlock conditions!!! I have never seen such a congested mess... Why, because Six Flags is FREE today!!

Backups as far as 15 miles on 4 major interstate arteries... Why, because Six Flags is FREE today!!

Not to mention, all the surface roads, and secondary streets.. There is a large industrial area located near the park and the Truckers were grumbling because they were missing their appointment times... Why, you guessed it!!

Okay, so the gates to the park opened at 6 AM... AT 6:32, the gates were closed due to massive numbers of people trying to enjoy a FREE DAY at Six Flags.......

I counted over 17 collisions in a twenty mile stretch.. I guess no one anticipated traffic coming to a grinding halt.

People were actually dropping off their children on the side of the interstate.... Too bad the gates were closed by the time the kids got to them...

I hope no body was injured today due to this poorly planned fiasco...

At 9:45, traffic is still congested.. All those fools who dropped their kids off are having to make their way back to pick them up!!!

I am just in amazement of how stupid some people can be..

I would not drop my child off on the side of the interstate in a heavily industrial area known for its drug and prostitution population... I don't care how FREE it is... And I have never personally seen gridlock in Atlanta..Until today.... Why, because Six Flags is FREE today... Well, it was for 32 minutes anyway...

Apr 2, 2007

Grammar Lesson

In school, as children we were always told to cross our t's and dot our i's...

And boy, did I dot my eye today.. This morning at my first delivery!!

I think I felt me eyeball slam into the back of my skull, and I feared I had broken my nose... But alas, all is well!! A little swelling and bruising.. The discoloration has begun....

and oh my, where did all those freckles come from???? Funny how I never notice them until I see a picture of me with no make-up on... Sheesh!!

Apr 1, 2007

More Art

Because I love my nephew soooo much and because I think he is soooooooooooooo talented, I must show you his latest batch of artistic creations...

OverZealous? !!

O me O my what have I done..

Yesterday I was feeling a bit energetic so I planned a nice little day of me time...

Cleaned the apartment.

Washed the car.

Enjoyed a "Inspirational" movie courtesy of Best Buy... Free movie passes... Sweeeet!!

A little nap time.

45 Minute Pilates Routine.

And because it was such a beautiful day, I decided to get out and burn some calories off... I have mentioned before the nice little path close to home.. It is a half mile track around a serene little pond.. I set my sights on 5 miles. SO with mp3 in hand, I set out...

I stretched, I walked to the trail, a little more stretching and I then I was off.... I made the first lap with no problem....

I ended up only doing 3 miles, but hey you got to start somewhere... All in all, I only ended up running about 1 mile, and walked the rest.. Okay, it was more like run, walk walk walk, run walk walk walk run, fall over gasping for air with muscles quivering...

Well no I did not actually collapse, but I was a bit disappointed in my attempt...

So, this morning, I am reaping my rewards.. I cant hardly move...

And it is raining!!

And I drank a glass of grape juice before going to bed!! Which is a definite NO for me!! I felt hungover this morning from all the sugar that was in my blood... Yes, natural sugar, but it does not metabolize very well when I am sleeping.... So, I woke up dizzy and felling like a pulled an all night booze fest!! My eyes were crudded over with gunk and I had no desire to start my day... I knew better than to do this, my mother has sugar issues as well and I have tried to steer clear of those problems....I cannot indulge in anything sweet within 5 hours of going to sleep or it really kicks my arse!!

So, with the sugar induced stupor and the aching muscles I feel like ICK!!

Oohhh, the coffee is finished brewing, ....... Maybe there is hope after all!!!