Apr 24, 2011

Cranial Excavation...

or more simply, Removing Your Head From Your Arse !!

I am soooooo pissed off. I do not intend to let this post become a long drawn out diatribe bashing new truck drivers. In fact, it is not always the newer drivers who pull stupid stunts. I do have a low opinion of how the new comers are being trained and while some of that could be blamed on poor educational courses, the fact of the matter is... It boils down to common sense.

Today, I was cruising up I-65 when I noticed a company truck sitting on the shoulder of the road about a half mile ahead. The driver in front of me also noticed, and as any courteous professional would do, we both signaled to merge into the left lane to give the stranded driver as much room as possible. With the high flow of traffic, we were having quite a time getting over to the left.

I noticed the blinker begin to light up on the "disabled" truck and thought...surely, he is going to wait. But NOOOOOOO!! The bastard pulled straight out into the right lane of the interstate at about 10mph. Here is what happened next..

It scared a fourwheeler who then drove into the grassy median, luckily without having an accident. The truck in front of me was trying to get left quickly, but with the one car already in the grass, several others hit the brakes leaving him no room as he was already merging. He tried to pull back to the right to avoid hitting innocent motorists and started to slide. After quick thinking on his part, he regained traction and was able to merge left. As for me, I have some very flat spots on my tires due to coming to a rather quick stop and ended up driving on the shoulder for a little bit to avoid the slow truck in the right lane...

Meanwhile, this freaking idiot is oblivious to the near mayhem he almost created. Who I am kidding, it was mayhem!! I am just thankful everybody was able to react in a way that not one person was injured or one vehicle damaged.

And for the record... I had some very unpleasant things to say to this steering wheel holder and all of Indiana had the pleasure of hearing it. Would you be surprised that the driver never acknowledged what he had done. He even went so far as to hide his face when I passed him.

This is the second time I have had my life flash before my eyes because of some stupid freaking truck driver.. Oh, and the worst part... The shoulder he was parked on was between the ramps for an exit!! He could have easily pulled off the exit and parked on that shoulder, therefore allowing himself room to build momentum for reentry.

I just don't understand why some people are so disconnected. You are driving 80,000lbs of mobile destruction.. and yet your only concern is your missed exit, how late you are, where the next McDonalds is or checking out the babes in the cars beside you.

Your lack of common sense infuriates me!!

Apr 23, 2011


As long as I have been driving up to New England, I have often claimed that the area felt like my second home. It is by far my favorite route to run. After begging AA for weeks, I finally manage to grab this little jewel. Being a southern girl and loving New England, I am a hybrid!!

My first delivery was to be in Bloomfield, Connecticut. I arrived on Sunday night and set up camp only to oversleep the next morning. No worries, however, as I have big plans for my return trip "home". Leaving Connecticut, I take the scenic route up to North Adams, Massachusetts. Have I ever mentioned how much I love driving the two lanes. Well, the two lanes in Mass are my absolute favorite.

After delivering in N Adams, I make the executive decision to take my absolute favorite scenic route back towards Boston. Knowing full well it will cost me additional time, the journey is so worth it. The Mohawk Indian Trail !! Absolutely love this route...

At this point, I am halfway thru my journey with only 2 stops left. But, as I have mentioned before, I have big plans. So I slowly amble towards the Cape thinking I may get finished on Monday. After calling the customer, it was decided that my stay in New England was to be extended. Oh Joy!!

No seriously... Oh Joy!! I now have more time to appreciate my beloved New England. So I change my course and head up to New Hampshire. This customer only takes deliveries after 4pm. After sitting in the dock for several hours, my plan is finally set into motion. Quick text to a friend and I am on my way.

The Big Plans... Meeting up with Trucker ATK. You see, we have a little task at hand to be completed. A certain Scorching Habanero Doritos Challenge... "The Deadly Doritos Snackdown"
After a lovely visit, I make tracks south to set up camp for my final delivery in Hanson, Ma. Another treat in itself because this is possibly my favorite delivery. The owner of the company has been so good to me and Andy throughout the years, and it is always a pleasure to make an appearance here.

Trailer is empty and it dawns upon me that I am also driving past another delivery point where I have made a friend. Sooooooo, why not? I pull into Taunton, park the truck, and race inside to yell Surprise. I actually ended up spending the entire morning with my friend Pat, catching up on all the gossip. We ended the visit with a nice lunch at a local Italian restaurant, complete with a view of the lake!

Not wanting to leave just yet, I contact ATK again and schedule another visit. My pickup is set for 5am the next morning in Hartford, CT. I have plenty of time! Lucky for me, so does ATK. So he swings in to pick me up and takes me on a more scenic tour of Massachusetts. ATK is a local car hauler and a good friend of mine, so it was a pleasure to see him again before heading out.

The next day it was business as usual. Up at 5am to load a meager 280 pounds and begin the long trek home... sigh!!

What an absolutely splendid week. It was almost as if I did not work at all and that, my friends, is how it should be. Next week, the excitement continues as I head to SOUTH DAKOTA. I know, right! I have not been west of I-35 in years.. Hoping to see a few more friends next week!!

Did I ever mention how much I love my job? Yeah, I thought so...

Apr 13, 2011

The Smokey Bears Saga

It has been awhile since I have had an encounter with a Officer of the Law so I have not had any delightful tales to pass along. However, last week, there was just such an occurrence.

As any of my returning loyal readers may remember, I have very fortunate luck when it comes to encounters with The Men In Blue, and well, I just love them so for that reason. I also have great respect for them and all they do to protect and serve!

So, as I am making my way home through South Carolina, I am engaged into a conversation with one of the local Roadway drivers. After several miles, he brings to my attention that a certain marked automobile has entered the runway and is creeping up behind me. Knowing full well, he might not like my chosen speed, I proceed to slow and watch as he takes his ever loving time to catch me. I had a feeling he may have been watching for my next move. As he cruises past, I notice him looking at me, so I put on my brightest smile and wave.

We proceed to maintain the designated speed for several miles and he eventually enters my lane ahead of me. Ever so slowly he begins to increase his speed.. So, do I! Of course as is when any law enforcement is present the rest of the motorists have slowed, certain this Smokey is hungry. But we continue to motivate until we are about 10 mph above the posted speed limit. I notice in my mirror that there is a car flying up the left lane, so I grab my CB mic and tell the Smokey "You got a customer coming!"

Surprise!! Mr Smokey had his radio on and replied to me that he was feeling generous. The car slowed before reaching the Officer and we continued to roll south. A few miles later, another car was blazing a trail down the left lane and I once again grabbed my mic. "Oh come on, Mr Smokey, you know you wanna!!"

He then asked me to maintain my current speed and position as he dropped off to my right and had me run cover for him. The car blasted past and on came the blue lights!! "Thank you Little Lady" was the last thing I heard as he attended to more pressing business. This absolutely made my day and I wondered if perhaps I should give South Carolina a reprieve from my constant badgering.

Yeah, that probably won't happen!! And in other tales of wrongdoing...

On my way through Georgia, heading to the house, there was a major backup getting to the Watermelon 500 due to construction. I get so tickled at listening to all the whining and misinformation. I tried to alert anyone who would listen that it was normal construction at high traffic volume. It only lasted a few miles, blah, blah, blah. This is a stretch of road that is seven lanes wide and the construction had it reduced to the 3 extreme left lanes, which included the HOV lane. Of course the 3 extreme left lanes are all very restricted where commercial vehicles are concerned. I figured if construction puts us in violation anyways........

So, along with another flatbed and tanker, we hit the dusty trail and made our way through the congestion. Even had an Evil Knievel (officer on a motorcycle) wave as we went by. The radio came alive with folks complaining about what we were doing, but the way I see it is. If I am taking a risk, it is my business. If the only lanes open are restricted, well, all lanes are illegal right? And how often are you going to be able to get a picture like this !!

Apr 12, 2011

Funny Thing...

I wrote an entire blogpost on mudflap hangers, and it was really QUARTER FENDERS that were removed.

Shows you how mad I was...hahaha!

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Apr 11, 2011

Going Off The Deep End

Bah!!!!!! ARrrrrghhhh!! Eeeekkkkk!!!

You know, it is not often that I lose my cool. Nothing really ever seems to get to me, that I can't dismiss in a matter of minutes. I don't typically blow up at people unless it has been a very long time coming. My outbursts are kept to the confines of my truck while driving through South Carolina and usually result in my laughing hysterically at myself.. Because I am just not convincing in my anger, rage or hostility. I am comedian, not a fighter!

BUT.... Sunday solicited an extreme situation that had my blood boiling in a matter of seconds. I felt the flush in my cheeks and the hint of a tearful rage brewing just beneath the surface. Yes, I CRY when I am truly "angry".

I was walking around my truck checking over the situation when I noticed shiny new bolts attached to the area near my frame.. Awwww, they fixed something. The mechanics actually fixed something... YAY!!! It took about 10 seconds to realize that the shiny new bolts were attached to new black plastic mudflap hangers on my tractor...

That is when I lost it. I know, mudflap hangers? Really Terry? You came unglued over truck parts?

Yes, YES I DID !! and here is the reason why...

I am the only driver at the plant who takes the time to polish the tanks and keep a shiny truck. I was thrilled when I got the aluminum hangers which were issued from one of our shops. We are not allowed to customize out trucks, so the additional look of "chrome" absolutely made my day. I have worked hard and long hours rubbing the aluminum to get a nice result. I am the only driver that takes pride in my ride. Everything that I had done comes out of my pocket and it is not about money or time, it is about having pride in what you do. I claim NYC to be my baby. I take delight in being very good at my job! I am a freaking female flatbedder damn it and I run NYC like it was a small town out in the sticks. I embrace my inner "jersey" girl. I run like a local with a my East Coast Attitude and all I wanted was for my truck to represent who I am ....Countless hours polishing. I was just in the shop 2 weeks ago, all day polishing my truck in front of the mechanics because I wanted to get it done and I couldn't wait. Winter is over, bring on the shine!! They knew how much it meant to me.. They KNEW HOW MUCH IT MEANT TO ME !!

I literally stewed on it all day Sunday. I was anxious to talk to the shop foreman to get an answer... THEY KNEW HOW MUCH IT MEANT TO ME.

Monday morning, 6:58 AM. I am on the phone..

" Where are my mudflap hangers?" and in his best ( I am a dumbass voice) the shop supervisor responds, "Now that is a good question!"

Seriously dude... where the hell are my mudflap hangers ??

I was distinctly told that while servicing the APU they had to literally CUT the hangers in half to get them off of my truck... While servicing an APU that I refuse to use because it makes my lungs burn, gives me headaches and dries out my eyes. Don't think the damn thing has been serviced in over a year! I don't use the freaking APU.. I do polish my aluminum!! After his asinine explanation, I politely thanked him for answering my question and hung up on him. It would have done me no good to curse at him because the hangers were already destroyed. I did not write up the APU for service... Why is it I cannot get the things I needed repaired, but I am always unpleasantly surprised by some other form of bullshit..

Yes, I am angry over silly little mudflap hangers.... My truck stood out! My pride showed though. Now all I want to do is find a big mud hole to drive through and hang out in the middle lane with all the other non descript company trucks.... BLECH !!

But wait, there is more. I shall leave you with a touch of humor to make up for my hostility. While unloading at my first stop, the lift driver comes up to me and asks if I had a blowout on my drives. "No, why would you ask that?"

Because you have new mudflap hangers..


Another Tragedy

It is not often that I see tragedy, and after the previous experience watching the car flip out of control, I was sincerely hoping I would not see another for a long while.

Eight days later was just not long enough.

This time I am heading north on the New Jersey Turnpike when I noticed a tractor trailer parked on the shoulder. Immediately behind him was a automobile wrecker. My first thought was that the driver had been involved in an accident and perhaps a car was located in the ditch. It then hit me that there was NO traffic.

Another tenth of a mile down the road, I saw something...

I stared intently trying to figure out what I was looking at...

Just as I passed it, I realized that is was a body...

Not sure what truly happened, but my guess was suicide, and the reason I believe this is that the word on the radio was a pedestrian was trying to cross the Interstate. I have seen several instances where a pedestrian has been hit while crossing and I cannot figure out why anyone would choose to do this. But the illogical part of the equation is as follows. There was an overpass no more than a few hundred yards away. It just makes sense that the individual jumped to his death in front of the truck due to location of his final resting place. Sorry if this seems a bit morbid, but it is easier for me to deal with this type of imagery if I associate it with logic and reason. If he was truly just crossing, would he not have chosen the overpass...

You never know what each day brings! My heart goes out to that Truck Driver, because I am positive his life will be changed forever by this. And I am also positive he never knew what hit him.

Apr 9, 2011

Fiery Competition

Just a little challenge amongst friends...