Mar 31, 2007

And I Wonder, Still I Wonder.......

Whoooooooooo will stop the raaaaaaaainnnn.

hee hee.

Why these songs pop in my head, I'll never know....

but really

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor, would you be mine, could you be mine..... Wont ya be my neighbor??


okay seriously now

If you have ever looked at a Motor Carriers Atlas, you will notice there are a lot of routes that are highlighted in a funky orange color... These highlighted roads are designated truck routes.

now, that makes it easier, when trying to find a "good" road.

Last Wednesday, I had to make a stop in the city of Lancaster, Ohio... Traffic was absolutely horrible in this town. There were just not enough escape routes. So I pulled out the ol' Atlas to search for a "good" road to get me out of there and back into West Virginia as quickly as possible.

Insert "Dueling Banjos" here Click it, you know you want to!!!!

According to the map, Ohio Rt 664 was a "good" road....A designated Truck Route.....

Well, it was a good road in some aspects of the word.. It was fully paved and marked.... Hwy number was posted. There were even Truckers signs... (Big Trucks use lower gears!!)(Trucks Use Caution)(Steep Downgrade Ahead, Trucks Slow Down)

But a "Good" Truck Route, it was not!!

The Speed limit on this little jewel of a road was 55mph.... There were hairpin turns... Steep grades....And yes, I got a little nervous a time or two... Especially when there was that 6 ft drop off on my right, and on coming traffic was on my side of the yellow line!!!! But I did get safely from one end to the other..., but not at 55 MPH... NO, I'd say it was more like 35 MPH...

Now, I am not saying this is not a good road, no, not at all.... In fact, I think I will try to use this route as often in possible.... But next year, I will not have to renew my Season Pass at Six Flags, because Goliath and Batman can't beat this road for all the thrills it provided..

Mar 30, 2007

Now That is Hilarious!!!

Okay, so I picked up the Civil Warrant/Summons today....

OMG, I am rolling here folks....

It seems that there are now 2 lawsuits against US....

One from the crazy lady and one from her insurance carrier....

She wants $200, 000.00

They want $20, 247.64.

They included a list of all her medical charges....

Get this.....

A disease occurring at the site of attachment of muscle tendons and ligaments to bones or joint capsules.

An excess of cholesterol in the blood.
A familial disorder that is characterized by an extremely high concentration of cholesterol in the blood and cells.

chronic, noninflammatory arthritis.

Cervical spondylosis is a common degenerative condition of the cervical spine. It is most likely caused by age-related changes in the intervertebral disks.

Oh, this is good stuff.... Does any one else see the trend.....

You mean I did all this at 3MPH......

WATCH OUT PEOPLE, if i can give you high cholesterol and degenerative joint diseases at 3MPH, just imagine what I can do at 10 MPH...

If I Had a Hammer.... I'd Hammer in the morning....

I can not believe I did this....

I can not believe I am admitting to doing this....

Yesterday, my last delivery was relatively close to home... However, I was unfamiliar with this portion of Georgia. I was excited to be nearing the end of my work week and eager to see my little town...

When leaving the final destination, I headed back the way I had just come from to a little highway that would send me straight to the house.

Now where was that turn at???

Oh here it is... I saw a sign that read "Junction Hwy 16" I was assuming the Junction was at the light that the sign was posted on... So, I made the turn...

After a few hundred yards, I noticed that there was no HWY 16 West sign posted anywhere... I thought that was odd, considering there is always a sign posted to reassure you that you had made the correct turn... Undaunted, I never let up....

After a few miles, once again I thought something was just not right... This road seems to be a bit too narrow....

Whatever, I am heading home.......! Woooo Hoooooo

Maybe, I should have been more concerned, but OH NO, NOT ME!

So another five miles and the road has become frighteningly narrow, and less highway ish...

Now, I am showing slight concern

Hey, did that lady just look at me funny??

Then around the curve, the pretty asphalt gave way to a surface reminiscent of a rarely used county road that is not even on the Atlas...

Reminiscent HELL.. It was a rarely used county road not listed on the atlas.... YIKES!!

OKAY OKAY, just look for a place to turn this big SOB around!!


Next sign, Pavement Ends 1000 ft

So I stop....

What to do, what to do..

Well, there just happened to be a relatively flat field on my left, with a dirt driveway... But in between the road and the field was a nice little ditch of no more than 1 ft in depth.. And did I mention that the road is very narrow at this point!!

I proceed to back off the roadway into the drive.... This took great diligence and extreme caution!! After 3 or 4 attempts, I successfully steer the trailer into the driveway and proceed to back completely out of the road... But not before I slide of into the 12 in. ravine.... CRAP!!

I get out and look....DOUBLE CRAP.... There are 8 tires on the section that is stuck. And of the 8, only 4 produce the drive power and those 4 are completely suspended in the air...I locked in my differential, which transfer the pulling power to both axles and still cannot budge, I get everything I can find close by to place under the tires in an attempt to regain some traction... I mean everything... Rocks, load straps, 2x4s... (Glad I did not throw those babies away, which I normally do, when the trailer is empty)

Got some traction, but not enough... More stuff.... more more more... When I felt I had placed enough items under the tires, I used my little hammer to beat the 2x4s in as snug as I could get them....

SWEET VICTORY!!!!!!! I don't think the local cows had much faith in me, but they never said a word!!

I now had to reattempt the previous procedure, this time avoiding the ditch.... Ha Ha

I made the turn, got realigned and ventured back to where I had come from..... PHEW!!!!!

I came back to the original BIG highway where the sign had steered me wrong , and proceeded back to the interstate, which would have been 50+ miles further and led me straight into Rush Hour Atlanta!! At the next traffic light, I saw several signs for HWY 16...... Yes, I made the turn and shortly thereafter I was home!!

Whats even worse is that while I was stuck in the middle of God only knows where, I had absolutely no GPS signal on my Truck and no cell service.. The closest anything was several miles back and there was no way a tow-truck could have tugged me out of that predicament... IT could not have gotten around me for the ditches and trees and cud chewing cows behind the fence...

I wish I had taken some pics, but my train of thought at the time had nothing to do with blogging. Forgive me dear friends!!

Oh and when I finally got set free, I retrieved the straps, but forgot my little hammer...

I know where you are, little buddy and I am sure the cows will keep you company until someone finds you!!!

Birdie Birdie In The Sky.....

Why don't you go poop on someone else's car....

I am not talking about a blessing from the skies, that just happened by coincidence...

There is a feathery little culprit lurking about the place, and he is sooooo vain... And territorial too!!

Every week, when I come home, I park Sally in the same spot, same position, same everything....And every week I get the same thing.. This has been going on for about 2 months now..

It seems the little birdie discovered my side view mirrors. He perches on the door and admires himself... Shortly, he will begin to attack the birdie in the mirror... He gets angry , too.

So angry that he poops all over himself and my car and then spreads it around while doing battle with his alter ego.. Silly little birdie!!

Do you think I should tell him that the "Objects in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear"

Who Knew.....

That little ol' me had sooooooo much influence..

This week, while delivering in Newark, Delaware, it was brought to my attention that I had done a good deed for a fellow driver..

HUH?? Whaaaaaat??

The Customer asked me if (insert name here) had thanked me for the favor?

What favor?? WHO??

It seems that a few weeks ago, one of the newer drivers had a little mishap with his load.... (Better check those straps next time , buddy!!!) Homer told him to swing by this customer and ask for a favor, as it was conveniently on his route. Homer did not call and ask for the favor, as he should have, but rather sent the driver in there blindly..

So as the driver approaches the location, dear sweet K comes out to greet the truck, thinking it might be his favorite Georgia Peach.

"Well, your not Terry"

The driver then proceeds to tell K and A that he needs a little help with his load... A little help......More like 2 hours worth of unloading and reloading to assure safety when travelling down the Super Slab..

He mentions my name and tells them that I had told him that they would be willing to help..

HUH?? What???

It turns out Homer had told the driver to mention my name..... ????

So, out of the graciousness of their hearts, they spent 2 hours restructuring this fellows load...

Well, as I mentioned before, I got to swing by and see them this week.. That is when K and A asked if I had ever been properly Thanked... You see, they normally don't do this type of favor, as they are not equipped to do it in a timely manner.. It really does cut into their scheduled tasks....

I am not sure who the driver was... But no, I was never Thanked!!

Now, they feel so dirty and used.... Shame on you, truck driver!! Shame on you Homer!!!

I did ask Homer about it, just being curious and his reply,

"You know everybody loves you up there, and I knew you had influence with these guys, so Yeah I told him to drop our name!"

Who Knew.......


Know your Trucker Lingo

Interstate- also known as the SuperSlab or Big Road
highways- referred to as "Cutting thru the woods"
Toll Roads- Often called the Green Stamp... Where you would make your "Deposit" (pay toll) at the "cash box" (Toll Booth)

Happy Birthday To ME!!

Okay, so it is not quite my birthday, yet..

But as a gift to myself, I just purchased my tickets to the show!!!!


Music To My Ears!!

Oh BOY! Look what I just got in the mail.....

I know I am a little slow when it comes to the technological advances of the modern world. But I could not justify the need for this little modern marvel until now!!

Spring is in season, beautiful weather to get out and run, run, run..........
And now I can take Bono with me as he continues to whisper in my ear...." Its a beautiful day, don't let it slip away!!!"

$#@&%$% Part 2

When I arrived home, I had a lovely little notification in my mailbox.. Another certified registered letter....

If I pretend it does not exist, will it go away??

This woman is delusional!! My employer is crazy!! And no one is telling me anything!!

I am off to the Post Office, to see just what awaits me this time....

Hows that for a "Friendly Welcome Home"

Dropping Like Flies!!

Okay, so I made my announcement about the job info last week and while everything looks good from my standpoint, the other c0-workers are not faring too well..
First let me just say that most of them ARE in fact, your typical Truck Driver... Country Fellows with little (or no) book smarts, driving to live and living to drive!! An uneducated lot, with no desire to better themselves, but given their age group I can understand why..

The vast majority is in the 50+ age group... This group is a bit divided on "What to do" A few of them will make the transfer (they have been pulling the same freight for over 25 years with no less than 6 different employer changes...) A few of them have decided to move on with the existing employer..(no need to start over with a new company which would result in lost seniority and accrued vacation time)... I understand both sides!! Of course the Fisherman is telling a different response each time he is asked what his future holds...

We are losing 2 drivers this week, who have decided to transfer into new positions with the current employer... Good News for me, because that means I will gain 2 rungs on the ladder...Meaning I will have more routes to chose from.

And this could not come at a better time...

Our industry is in quite a lull at the moment...Sad to say, but our business thrives on natural disaster!! With no devastating hurricanes the previous season, the demand for our product has been greatly reduced!

So Friday morning is Dispatch Day. Homer will call on each of us to claim our route for the following week.. For the most part, I head into the Great North East every week.

This week, my choices were limited to 3 Florida routes, 1 Alabama, or a South Carolina-Tennessee Run...


I am so out of the loop... First off, I do not keep up with the other drivers daily grumbles and try to distance myself from the goings on at the office...It makes for better mental health, I assure you. I asked Homer "What is going on?" Knowing I would be upset, he tried to explain to me how seniority works and that I should just choose.

I KNOW how seniority works, but what I don't know is why no one wants to go to Florida. Usually, those routes are the first to disappear...

Well, freight is slow!!!! Usually the FL runs are snatched up because they are quick deliveries with only 1 night away from home.. Drivers then rush back to grab up a second load...

There are no second loads!!

So, I chose the SC-TN adventure.... I have plans for next weekend and needed to be off at the end of the week....

But now I am becoming concerned that my normal paycheck is being threatened!! Looks like the sofa might have to wait until things level off....Good thing those 2 fellows are leaving this week!!!

I Would Like to Cash Out Now!!

My blog is worth $5,645.40.
How much is your blog worth?

Mar 27, 2007

Mar 25, 2007

I So Totally Forgot

Holy smokes, I cannot believe I left this part out...

The new company totally reimburses tuition costs for anyone wanting to continue their education.... Sweeeeet!!!

Now, that is an awesome incentive!!!

So here is the Dealio!!!!

Went to the meeting this morning and it looks like all systems are on go!!

Not a whole lot to tell at this point. Doesn't appear I would be losing anything if I make the transition... Doesn't really appear that I would be gaining a whole lot either.. Well maybe a few things.

So I will just hit the high notes.

They are offering a Retention Compensation Bonus!! That means if I make the transition and complete 6 months of employment, I will receive a nice little bonus check!!

They are going to cover all insurance premiums under COBRA, until I am eligible for their benefitprogram.

Wages and compensation will remain roughly the same. Maybe a .01% increase, not really enough to call it an increase.

401K and profit sharing are equivalent.

Paid Vacations- same.. But you are compensated for a number of sick days thru out the year!!

No Computer monitoring.. They use Nextel!! Which means all those business related calls will no longer be on my dime.

No idling restrictions..

They also have this neat little Driver Reward Program where you can earn points and redeem them for free gifts... Cool Items like Ipods, TVs, camcorders....

No more Clown Suits!! Their uniform program involves Shirts Only!! Decent Shirts!!

Okay , I know I am digging deep here, but I am just trying to cover all the basics!

Oh, did I mention that there are over 8 different accounts in the Huntsville area... Looks like a transfer might be possible after all!!

Now I will mention the downfalls.....

........ Hmmmm..........

There is only one downfall I can see at this point.. It is rumored that Homer is being offered an opportunity to transfer as well... Rumored!! The New Employer people would not confirm or deny this, but one driver said he got confirmation...

I could be overly dramatic about this and really start fussing, but the truth of the matter is...

Homer doesn't really aggravate me like he does the male drivers!! His downfall is that he is a (dumbass) he is not quite (dumbass) He just has not completely grasped the (dumbass)

Lets just say he is not well suited for his job (dumbass)!!

That has no impact on my decision whatsoever.. I have had to work around Homer for 4 years, and know how to compensate for his lack of job-related skills...

So all in all, everything looks full steam ahead..

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, If Homer makes the transition, then there are a few drivers who have declared that they would not!! That means I would move up on the Seniority List...

All in all. my decision had already been made long before this meeting.. But that is the dealio!!

Mar 24, 2007

Dear Santa....

I went on a little shopping spree today. Always conscious of my spending, I only intended to make a few purchases, but do a lot of looking...

I went to a few furniture stores to do some looking around. I am in desperate need of some new stuff.. I saw this really awesome RED Sofa and Love Seat... I was told it was discontinued and I would need to snatch it up in a hurry.. Too bad I am not going to be making any purchases today!! Besides, it was the floor model and had several stains on it...

I did intend to purchase a cute little MP3 player, something to motivate me a little more to get off my arse and start running again. I had found one on After searching through 4 stores, I have decided Amazon is the way to go... 2 of the stores had the item in stock, but priced 30% higher. The other 2 stores were out of stock!

And as a treat to myself, I decided to find some cute little shoes and maybe a handbag... I have a massive collection of cute little flip flops... But I wanted to add some other things.. I new pair of Skechers perhaps. After stopping in at 5 different shoe stores I have come to the conclusion that small feet are discriminated upon in my little town!! You mean to tell me no one carries a freakin 5???? Obviously not!! So, not to go home empty handed, I made a quick trip over to the local Tar-jay'... They carry a 5, I know!! That is where my massive collection of flip flops once lived! Well, lets just say I have an even larger collection of flip flops now!!

Dear Santa,
For Christmas this year I would like a new pair of feet, preferably a bit larger!!
Love, Terry

Mar 23, 2007

A bit about Me... meme

1. What time did you get up this morning? This morning, I slept in... Roughly 7:30 AM. When Truckin, I usually am responsible for waking up the rooster...4 AM

2. Diamonds or Pearls? I guess that would have to Diamonds

3. What was the last film you saw at the Cinema? Night at the Museum, I went with my Nephews... Dont get to the cinema much!!

4. What is your favorite TV show? Gilmore Girls ( It is so witty, I got hooked years ago) LOST and CSI

5. What did you have for breakfast? Pancakes, Milk, and a Granny Smith apple

6. What is your middle name? Renee

7. What is your favorite cuisine? Tough choice.. Anything Spicy.....

8. What foods do you dislike? Onions and Turnip Greens come to mind!!

9. What are your favorite chips? I cannot resist Pringles....

10. What is your favorite CD at the moment? I seriously get stuck on a CD for a long time....Currently it is Blue October- Foiled.. Previously, Don Henleys Greatest Hits (for about 3 months)

11. What kind of car do you drive? Mustang GT coupe, named Sally... ( girl you better slow that Mustang down!!) Often refered to as the Pony Car.... My niece loves ponies, so she always counts them to see how many she can find on the car!!

12. Favorite sandwich? Turkey and Swiss on Italian... But I must have a good ole PB & J occasionally!!

13. What are characteristics you can't stand? Not to be brutal, but I cannot stand people who fuss and whine about things that they are unwilling to change! Take some action!! Damn it!! I need to work on taking more action, but at least I try not to fuss!!

14. What are your favorite clothes? I am a blue jeans girl !! And cargoes

15. If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would it be? So many choices, but I think Ireland reigns supreme...

16. ?? Where is the 16.. Okay, Random Fact. I played volleyball and basketball in Jr High and High School... Starting position on both teams.. Oh me of little stature...

17. Where would you want to retire? Lost in some fantabulous mountain range!! When I was a child, I wanted Grizzly Adams to adopt me!!

18. Favorite time of the day? I dont particularly have a favorite timeframe. I am more productive late at night.

19. Where were you born? Just down the street from Helen Keller.. A small town in Alabama...

20. What is your favorite sport to watch? NASCAR, yes, I know I am such a redneck!!

21. Coke or Pepsi? Dr Pepper

22. Beavers or Ducks? What kind of a question is that?? Reminds me of a song though.. "Be kind to your web footed friends, cuz a duck may be somebodies brother"

23. Morning person or night owl? whoooo whoooo!! night owl most indubitably

24. Pedicure or manicure? Why the OR? Are we not allowed to do both?

25. What did you want to be when you were little? A Veterinarian!! But I decided I couldn't save every ailing animal and that it would be too hard on my heart!!

26. What is your best childhood memory? Tough call, lots of good ones! Usually involving the brothers.

27. Ever been to Africa? No, but I am dying to go on a Safari!!

28. Ever been toilet papering? Yes, along with egging... Did you know an egg will drop a guy to the ground at 15 MPH... We felt bad for that one... But it was an awesome throw...

29. Been in a car accident? Yes, we flipped at least 3 times!! No injuries, and no we were not drunk!!

30. Favorite day of the week? Saturday

31. Favorite Restaurant? Franks Italian, it is closed now!!

32. Favorite flower? Tulips, especially the Rembrandt's!!

33. Favorite ice-cream? Homemade vanilla, straight out of the churn.

34. Favorite Fast Food chain? Popeyes Chicken and Biscuit!! oh and Braums... I have not been to a Braums in years, but um umm yummy!!

35. How many times did you fail your drivers test? None, but I 3 tickets, the day after receiving it... Speeding, expired tag, no seatbelt.....

36. From whom did you get your last email? Brother

37. Which store would you choose to max-out your credit card? I would prefer to blow it all on a really awesome vacation!!

38. Last person you went to dinner with? Family, for step-fathers birthday

39. What are you listening to right now? Blue October, and a lawn mower!!

40. What is your favorite color? I love really deep rich Reds, but honestly Green is my all-time favorite.

41. How many tattoos do you have? One

42. How many are you sending this email/blog to? I am just sending it out in cyberspace via blog.

43. What time did you finish this blog entry? What, I aint done yet!!

44. Favorite magazine? I love a good gossip mag... I have a subscription to Star... hee hee

45. Coffee or Tea? Coffee

46. Do you tan easily or burn easily? Tan, but not so much intentionally...

47. Do you color your hair? Yes, I am naturally brown, with summer highlights.. I add more blonde!!

48. What is the first car you purchased without the help of your parents? I have always purchased used with or without the help of dear old Dad... My 06 Mustang is the first New vehicle purchased without help...

49. What is your most dreaded house hold chore? I guess the bathroom!

See Sally, I did finish one!! But it took a while!!

Damn Snowbirds!!

Well there you have it. My fate is sealed!!

The Fisherman took my much beloved route... This week, I will conquer North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Not a bad trip, but the locations are spread out a bit, so it will take approximately the same amount of time to earn considerably less money.... Phooey!! I was really enjoying watching my savings grow by leaps and bounds...

I am familiar with this route, so no hardship involved from that aspect.

I was prepared. I was warned. I am not surprised..

But there is always a silver lining... Our Meeting is Sunday, and with my first stop being only 5 hours away, I will not have to worry about being late... This meeting is so important!!

Also, the potential for more home time is greater, with the exception of this week. I deliberately sacrificed my social life during the winter for the added income...

So actually, you could probably say that I am NOW getting back to my normal routine. A routine that has the potential of changing every single week... Which Sucks. A routine which involves backstabbing, ass kissing and general pandemonium... I have now been thrown back into the mix.. I don't participate in these antics, but it frustrates me to be affected by them on a weekly basis...

Mar 22, 2007


The most recent trip I made to Bama yielded the fine artistic talents of my beloved babies!!

First up, the Bri-baby did a self portrait for me.

Next, Wonder Boy helped out by drawing a logo for my blog!! Complete with flames, representing the rage I express on the road! hee hee....

Merging Traffic

A few months ago I did a post on NYC traffic.... God, I love this City!!!! No, I am being serious!!

Well, today while piddling around on the computer, I discovered a video I meant to post earlier...

The video takes place on I-87 (Major Deegan) going northbound to the entrance ramps for I-95 (Cross Bronx)(George Washington Bridge)... While you may only notice a few vehicles "merging", let me assure you I was "cut-off" more than 25 times by cars as well as Big Trucks. And all this on a 1/10 mile stretch of ashalt..

It is amazing to me how when traveling elsewhere, I become overly frustrated when someone cuts me off... My vehicle weighs in excess of 70K people.. I cant just stop on a dime because you want me to!!!

But it never seems to bother me in NYC... I guess it is because this is the norm, as opposed to traffic flowing well with no need to dart into traffic risking collision...

Yes, I am bored today people... Thanks for asking!!

Soooo Long Old Man Winter

Well it is official....

Spring has sprung!!!!!!!

So, what did I do on the last official day of spring?? I drove around in vast amounts of snow!! Of, course.... I live for this stuff!!
I know this might not seem like a lot to some people, but growing up in the South, it was very uncommon to see anymore than perhaps an inch at a time, maybe once a year if we were lucky. And it never lingered more than a day...

Unlike the prior weeks, I was able to stray a bit from my normal route. Final Stop this week was N Adams, Mass. And let me tell you, once I learned the location of this little town, I became as giddy as a school girl!!

The Canadian enlightened me to all sorts of helpful knowledge. He told me that N Adams was in the mountains of Western Mass.. OMG, I loves me some mountains!! Whenever I am near them, my first inclination is to jump out of the truck and start climbing!!!

When I arrived at Mt Greylock, I was a tad bit disappointed... MOUNTAINS?? More like Big Hills.. Okay, so the eastern ranges can be quite impressive at times, but they will never hold such grandeur as their Western US counterparts...

And while I may have been unenthused by the site of the summits and peaks, I was completely in awe of the pristine whiteness that surrounded me.

Okay, not sooo pristine in the towns, but out in the open....OMG.....Beeee-u-ti-full.
So, until next year, Hugs and Kisses Ol Man Winter!!!

And speaking of farewells...* sniff sniff* The Fisherman is acting up again. I received a phone announcing that this would be my last journey towards New England (until next winter).. Hope he is bluffing, just like before.. Who knows with him. DAMN SNOWBIRDS

Mar 21, 2007



Here is to 18 months!!!!

Mar 17, 2007

Ch Ch CH Changes......

Thank you Mike, that song is still in my brain......

I got an email from the Aluminum Co this week and I am so excited...

We are having our first meeting with the new transportation company on March 25th...

I should find out all sorts of interesting things and will thus begin to start the decision making process...

I am soooooooooo excited!!

Hey Buddy, Dont Say I Didnt Warn YOU!!

This weekend I made a quick trip over to Bama (but more on that later)...

On the way home, traffic was flowing its normal 75-80 MPH

I got really tickled because there was this little Saturn literally pushing me down the road. When I would move to the left, it would also move to the left... Go right, YEP, it would go right also... Kind of felt like being drafted (as in NASCAR)... This went on for quite some time... I would accelerate and it would too. Slow down a little, and it never missed a beat....

Okay little Saturn, I will be your front door!! Giddy up!!

So we travelled this way for roughly 50 miles and nearing Birmingham, the little Saturn decided it was time to make its exit... But not before easing up beside and blowing the horn.... I looked over and was shocked at what I saw...

There was a Little Old Lady just a waving and smiling!!

I waved back and tooted my horn and she was off, mashin' her motor to pass me just in time for her exit... Throwing up her hand one last time as she disappeared..... Go Granny!!

But that wasn't even the real topic of my post.

So anyways, a little later on as I was nearing the GA state line, I noticed an SUV pass me and he had one of those cargo racks on top of his vehicle... Nothing out of the ordinary at first... But after a few miles, I noticed that the cargo carrier was coming open and something was trying to make its escape.. Being a concerned citizen, I decided to try and catch him.... That was the easy part... Go Sally Go...

My concern was based on two things:

1. I did not want to be the one to hit whatever it was that was about to fly off of the roof of his car ( I already had 2 rocks hit my windshield this weekend!! CRACK)

2. I did not want to see him unknowingly lose his belongings!

So as I eased up beside him I tooted my horn... "Hey Buddy"

He had both hands on the wheel and was extremely focused on his task at hand... Instead of looking over at me, he instead opted for gassing on it and pulling away...

But I was not to be outdone, so I accelerated once again... Pulling back up beside him, I blew my horn a few more times.... I could see him cut his eyes towards me, but would not look directly at me so I just made some wild gestures to get his attention!!

He wasn't having any part of it and once again increased his speed... Now, I was doing 80 or better.. He had to be up to 90mph at this point, so I watched him pull out of sight... I TRIED!!

Less than 10 minutes later, I happened upon an accident scene... Seems there was this SUV that had a cargo carrier on the roof of his vehicle.... It seems the top part of the carrier had come undone and was set free.... It seems that the pick-up truck following the SUV could not dodge said flying obstacle and now had a busted windshield.. It seems there was stuff scattered out on the roadway.... It seems like I tried to prevent this from happening...

HA ha ha haha.......

Mar 15, 2007

My Own Personal Stalker

Just chilling out around the house today, when the phone rings... I did not recognize the number but decided to answer anyways... Usually it is just some phone solicitation scheme, but I have found if you tell them to take you off their list, they usually do it!! So, I answer those calls also!!

So upon answering it (the number was out of CT) I am shocked by whom is on the other end of the line... It is a forklift operator from one of the companies I deliver to in Southington Connecticut...

I spoke to him briefly... I have no interest in becoming this persons "friend"... So, I asked him how he got my number...

This is one of those places that I have to call to set up a delivery appointment.. It seems he was in the office when I made the call.. There are not a lot of female flatbedders delivering to this location, so I am easily recognizable, even over the phone.... I set up my appointment with the guy in charge and the lift driver just happened to glance over at the caller ID and get my number.... He does not mention it when he unloads the truck that week, but sure enough he gives me a call today?!

Yes, I am flattered!! But he is too old for me!, too far away, too MARRIED!!!!!

Lose the number Dude!!


I have just been served!!

About 15 months ago I had a little boo boo with my BIG TRUCK...

I hit a car while backing into a customers parking lot..

I was parked in the road.

I jumped out to check my clearance.

I climbed in the truck.

I checked my mirrors.

I turned on my hazard lights, which is universal for I AM BACKING UP YOU FUCKING IDIOT

I checked my mirrors again and started to back up.

(As a normal practice when backing up, I look in the right mirror and then the left and then the right and then the left and then the right and then the left and then the right and then the left)

I looked in the right mirror, clear.

I looked in the left mirror, clear.

I looked in the right mirror, and there was a car on my bumper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I set the brakes, checked on the little old lady and called 911.....

She was fine!! The car had a very slight crease in the bumper. THAT'S ALL!!!

She had the car towed!! (I should have known there was going to be a problem at this point, but this happened over a year ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The officer did not cite me. He told the little old lady that her car was perfectly drivable.. SHE HAD IT TOWED!!!

NO fines, fees, penalties, or citations... Just an exchange of insurance info.....

Everyone thought she was crazy for having the car towed, including the officer, the tow-truck driver, the customers whom I was delivering to.....

The accident happened with no witnesses.

The accident happened at less than 3 MPH..

She is suing me and my employer for $200, 000.00. For personal injuries..... medical charges, pain, suffering, and the loss of enjoyment of life...

She left the scene of the accident without being treated for injuries... BECAUSE THERE WERE NO FUCKING INJURIES!!!!...

Sorry, for the expletives, but I am soooooooooooooooooooo pissed!!!!

Right Back Where I Started

OMG, I cannot begin to explain how wonderful it is to be back to my ol' self.

But here I am, sitting pretty with no worries , very little stress, and cloud nine is in sight!!

Those past few weeks were a bit of a ..... hmmmm?... Okay, while the events of those weeks were stressful, the worst part was that I do not enjoy the way stress makes me feel. Kind of like an out of body experience.. Who is this chic doing all the bitching???

But I am back in the flow and those day to day events are no longer frustrating the snot out of me... I have not attempted to run over any "innocent" idiots out on the roadway. Back to waving and smiling all at the folks and just generally amusing myself with the humor I see all around me!! I had some more amusing anecdotes about truck drivers to share, but I am at a loss right now!! maybe next week!!

So the worst thing that happened this week? While in New Jersey, I saw a large bird take off in flight and noticed he was carrying something...... On closer inspection, it turned out, he had a hook in his leg and there was about 10 foot of fishing line trailing behind him, complete with bobber in tow... That made me sad!!

And last week? Hmmm, oh yeah, while camping out in one of my favorite haunts, I noticed I had misplaced my dental floss.... Okay, so I had lost it. And there was no store close by to purchase some more.... GROSS!!

Homer Knows Best.... NOT

So this week, has been another good one as far as work is concerned with only a few conflicts, but after several years on this dedicated account, I am well equipped to resolve these issues before they become major..

The weather has been absolutely beautiful all week!! My first day of deliveries included a stop in Long Island City, NY.... Mecho Shade.

The original load list does not include customer names, just locations. So when I saw LIC, NY I immediately thought of two locations... After receiving my manifest, I noticed the customer in LIC and I began to laugh...This particular location was a corporate office!! We used to deliver to this address..... years ago!!! But since, they have opened two newer warehouses. One in Brooklyn, and another in Edison, NJ... The LIC location has no warehouse and is very difficult for a BIG TRUCK to get too, hence the new warehouses...

Okay, so its Sunday when I noticed the itinerary, naturally no one is in the office. But I like to leave messages.. I LOVE to leave messages!!!! Any time there is a minor issue, I love to leave messages for Homer, just to see how he will handle the situation. 95% of the problems, I will end of resolving myself with no help from the Boss!! But I still love to leave those messages...Anything to make his Monday a little more plea(stressful)sant!!

My message left was simple. " I am concerned about this delivery because the address listed is a corporate office.. We have not delivered to this address in over 4 years.. Could you please confirm the delivery address before lunch on Monday and let me know..Thanks"

Of course, I did not hear back from him and so I placed another call Monday morning to remind him of the assistance I needed. Homer likes to give answers based on assumptions, rather then facts, so it is not wise to trust his judgement.. He has never been in a Truck and has not met any of the customers, so does not understand their needs!!

I quickly placed the call myself and confirmed that the delivery address was a mistake and Edison NJ would be expecting me on Wednesday... So I just let it ride.. Issue resolved!! By the end of the day, Homer phones in and leaves a message claiming I should make the delivery as listed on the manifest... See, what I mean... Mecho Shade has confirmed with me the desired location, but Homer is still insisting I take the metal to the Corporate Office!! Not to mention, the original delivery was scheduled for early Monday afternoon, and he did call me back until after 4pm..

I continued on with my delivery schedule and with the exception of backtracking to Edison, NJ, I am finished by Tuesday Afternoon....It felt so good to be back on schedule.. the past few weeks were taking their toll on my nerves, not to mention the weather adding extra delays!!

On Tuesday afternoon, Homer manages to get a hold of me and with concern in his voice he states, " I need you to go back to LIC and pick up that metal and take it to Edison.... That WAS the wrong delivery address!!"


Gotcha covered Bossman!! " I made a few phone calls myself and everything is as it should be!! I will be in Edison in the morning..."

"Thanks Terry, I can always count on you!!"

This is just a small example of his inability to function in his current position... Add another 15 loads per week and multiply that times 52 weeks in a year for 4 years.... The drivers don't get enough credit for the issues we resolve without his help. The Aluminum Co is aware however and this was one of the contributing factors to the recent decision to bring in a new transportation company....

Mar 9, 2007

Downsizing Week ??

Over the past few months I have been on a quest to lose those unwanted pounds... The BMI chart I was using claimed that I was on the low side of OBESE... WTF...

While I have viewed myself as being a little fluffy, I would have never called myself obese and I think those who know me who agree!!

I have been very consistent with an average lose of 1 and 1/2 pounds a week until this last month... Total weight loss for the month. Less than 1 pound!! AAAAAArrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh.

HELP, of course I do know why last month yielded no results and I am determined to get back on track, but here is my official update.

I have lost 21 pounds and 9 and 1/2 inches!!!! OMG... That is soooooo awesome!!

Funny thing, I still don't see the results of my endeavors, but then again, I did not notice the weight gain as it was happening either!!

The Verdict Is In

Previously, I mentioned that my JOB might be in jeopardy.

Well ladies and Gentlemen, the decision has been made, and I really dont know how to express my feelings at the moment. Hmmmmm

So out with the old and in with the new. While I must say I was a bit shocked with the decision! Several of our inside sources confirmed that we would indeed renew the contract. Boy, were they wrong!!

So the new company will take over the transportation aspect of the Aluminum Co in mid-August...

What does this mean for me??

I could stay with my present employer, but that would mean going back to an Over-The-Road position.. I am sure you are thinking " Isn't driving from the ATL to Boston , over the road??"
And , Yes, it is with the following exceptions... I deliver to the same customers every week. I am dedicated to haul nothing but The Aluminum Co's freight. I dont have to wait on loads. I always always always know where I will be on any given day of the week. No waiting in line to unload. No weekends away from home. I define my job as being an out of town local delivery girl.

Over the road drivers have none of the familiarity or consistency that I get with my route!!

Or, I could seek employment with the new outfit.. One of the contingencies that the Aluminum Co lists in the contract is that the current drivers are to be offered employment with the new transportation company. I am very grateful for this clause. I do not necessarily like my current employer, but they held the contract, so I stayed with them....

I am excited to know, that The New Employer is going to offer me employment, but I am anxious to find out all of the details ie: pay scale, benefits.

So, I started to do a little digging... With the information that was discovered I began to grow more and more excited... This could mean big changes for me in the next year or so!!

So, I will keep you posted as all the details roll in. (We are to be contacted by The New Employer within the next 6 weeks)

Side Note: While all of the current drivers are to be offered the chance to make the move, so are the maintenance guys. And good for them!! The assistant site manager, as well. But there is a vicious rumor that our current local boss will be offered the same opportunity. If this happens and Homer makes the decision to join the new team, I may not be a part of the transfer... In fact, all the drivers feel the same way... More on him later!!

Another One!!

Rubbernecking at its finest!! I was alerted to another smash-em up down the road, but this time was there no waiting around.... The accident was all cleaned up by the time I got there..

I did however, get to view the carnage as I caught up with the Tow Truck!!

Mar 8, 2007

O J Simpson is at it Again

On my way home this afternoon, I was caught up in the middle of a high speed police chase!!

Boy, the excitement never ends around here!!

While driving around Atlanta on 285, I noticed a Pimped Out Escalade come flying off a ramp in excess of 100 MPH!! There was another vehicle in ITS way and the Escalade barely scrapped by in between the car and the Jersey Wall.. Once on the interstate, IT was travelling down the shoulder of the road kicking up debris (with a flat tire).. You could see it wobbling as it swerved to avoid colliding into other vehicles.. Next came the Cops (bad boy, bad boy, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?) Three of them, also in excess of 100MPH...How do I know their speed?? Well, I must admit I was doing roughly 73 and they flew past me like I was sitting still.

The Escalade darted and weaved thru traffic to the next exit and made a last second exit, closely followed by the Men In Blue!! At the rate IT was going, I expected to see that high speed roll-over when it exited!! But NO, it made the turn successfully on no more than 3 wheels... The second officer did spin out, but no harm , no foul. He was able to continue pursuit!!

And then they were gone. But I did notice the Helicopters also in pursuit!!

WOW, I am curious to know what THAT was all about, but nothing on the news yet!! DARN IT.

Funny thing, when I first saw the Escalade, my reaction was.... Just another crazy driver!! You see, there are a lot of folks who travel 285 at a high rate of fuel consumption!! Especially those on 2 wheels!!

Mar 6, 2007

WARNING!! View At Your Own Risk

This video may be disturbing to some viewers...

Mar 3, 2007

My Babies!!!

This week I present for your viewing pleasure, the most precious children in the world!!!

My oldest Nephew whom I livingly refer to as Kiddo.

He is now over 6' tall and turning into quite the young man... Very smart and handsome!! A computer whiz!!

Next, we have his younger brother... Asti Spumante. I don't know where this nickname came from, but I have used it for years!!

Quite the handsome little fellow isn't he.

recently out grew me as well, something he has looked forward to for quite some time. He is quite the little social wonder!! Very active in sports.

When they were young, I made a habit out of "beating them up". Eventually, they became to big for me to do this, but I found that out a little too late.. On one particular visit, while outside playing, they decided to double team me!! I believe I was clotheslined and down for the count in mere seconds... I never attempted to rough house with them again!!

This is a good memory. A trip to Florida, with my oldest brother's family!! Pillow FIGHT!! Yes, they had me cowering like a little girl!!

My little guys are growing up! *sniff sniff*

Next up, the Boy Wonder, himself. There is no questioning his intelligence!! Believe me, I know!! He has corrected me several times on my misinformation... I believe he has corrected all of us, come to think of it.

Very competetive, and loves to play games!! Ain't he Cool??

And the sweetest baby of them all!!

She has just a touch of shyness about her, but when she opens up, better watch out.. Quite the silly girl!! She is my best girlfriend!! and oh soooo cute!!

I believe I may have started this one, but I am the "Bad" Aunt!! hee hee... I love nothing more than going to visit and playing with them..

So while I may not have children of my own, I do have the blessing of having these wonderful kids in my life....

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Mar 2, 2007


"Ladies" of the Night

Last week I stopped at a local Truck Stop in Mt Jackson, Va.

This particular truck stop usually has an abundance of parking spots available because it is not a Large Commercial Chain...

So I pull into my spot and settle in for the night...

When I awoke the next morning, I was a little concerned as to how I was going to get out of there.It seems that a few drivers got a little confused on where to park... The first row was full, so I opted for parking on the second row.. At some point during the night, a third row was created!! with no separation.

I cannot pull forward! I cannot back out!! After several moments deliberating what to do, I gather my nerves and proceed to awaken the driver who has parked behind me... "Sorry , buddy But you have blocked me in and you need to move!!"

Simple, Right??

Well, it should have been, but I am extremely cautious about knocking on Trucks during the middle on the night.. I will not, unless I absolutely have to!!

Why the hesitation?? Well, it is a well known fact that if someone knocks on your door during the wee hours of the morning, it is more than likely a prostitute.... While some of the drivers do not even attempt to get out of bed to answer the knock, the ones who typically do are either angry... or horny...

Not being a typical looking female Trucker, I have been mistaken for a "whore" on more than one occasion...

Oklahoma City, OK. I was harassed in broad daylight while walking from the store to my Truck. BY a POLICE OFFICER.... I later found out that particular location was a hotbed of sexual solicitation... I provided my ID, my Truck Keys and a description of my Truck, but it still took him several minutes to be reassured I was a driver!! I never stopped there again!!

Wytheville, VA- In my early years..... My CB radio had quit working and I was attempting my make my first trip to Connecticut.. I was scared to death!! Not knowing much about where I was heading, I wanted to make sure my CB was working... Driving thru a Truck Stop, I see a gentleman walking across the parking lot and I stopped the Truck. I jumped out and approached him, inquiring where I could find a CB Shop... He never heard a word I was saying, but rather quicken his pace, climbed in the truck and slammed the door in my face... I just stood there, DUH!!! Then he rolled down the window and stated very loudly " I am not interested!!!!" Interested in what?? Someone later told me, that I had been mistaken for a ho... Ohhhhhhhh.

There are more, but you get the idea

So needless to say, I rarely get out of my Truck at night, much less disturb another driver...Well, this time I did manage to get the driver to move without him assuming anything. I had my fourway flashers going which is a universal sign for "Backing Up" in parking lots... Before he could say a word, I said my piece and walked away.... I don't know what he thought, but after a few minutes he did manage to release me from my prison...


Know Your Trucker Lingo

Prostitute- also known as Lot Lizard, Recreational Reptile,Commercial Company and Little Fat Girl

Calmer Waters

So here is the second video....... This time I was pulling the air-ride trailer. While you will still notice the excessive movement from the shaky camera, notice that the water seems to remain very still in its little cubby hole...

I loves me some air-ride!!!!

And yes, I cleaned up the coffee stains on the cup-holder!!

Breaking News!!

There is a banner running across the bottom of my television screen announcing ANS's funeral...

EWWWWW!! Hasn't she been dead for months?? Okay maybe not that long, but come on people, this is not breaking news... I have noticed the banner on there for over an hour....

How is this for breaking news....I-75 shut down in Atlanta... From what I have gathered on the news conference, they are claiming the driver took an exit at a high rate of speed, perhaps thinking he was one exit further along where I-75 and I-85 split (which is a high speed ramp).

Or this report.... Killer Tornadoes.... Very tragic indeed!! I have passed by this school numerous times, It is located in a smaller community and the effects of the storm will be felt for years to come!!

But ANS's funeral.........?

Talk About Being Short Sheeted!!

One of the many perks that I receive with my job is that I am reimbursed one hundred percent for all motel room expenses up to $75.oo per day...

This definitely makes it much nicer! I don't have to sleep in the truck or take Truck stop showers!! who knows how many people have been in that stall and what they left behind!!

I recently found out that not every driver in our company is allowed this extra little perk... I had done quite a bit of fussing about extreme cold weather and alas! my voice was heard. The account that I am dedicated to is the only one that compensates its drivers this way.

With the milder climate in the south, there are only a handful of us who take advantage of the reimbursement policy. There are usually only 3-4 drivers who head north each week and you better believe we are staying toasty warm... My personal belief is that if they are offering to pay, why would you not take them up on it... Not to mention that getting out of the truck everyday is helping to maintain my sanity.... The particular route I choose each week, is the best paying trip, but very few are willing to venture into NYC... With the extra deliveries (normally the load begins out on Long Island, but in the winter NJ and PA are included...this adds an extra day which adds to my frustration) and the extreme cold, and surplus of crazy drivers, the daily break is well anticipated!!

There are several things I look for when selecting my room for the night... Truck Parking and Free Wireless Internet are the top two.

Now for $75.00 dollars, sometimes the options are very limited... For example, the one time I was approved for a motel room out on Long Island, the rates were $169.00 per night. I will never be approved for that one again, but it was under hardship circumstances so they really could not refuse..

That leaves my options a bit restricted... The week I had my accident, I was pointed in the direction of an Econo Lodge... OMG!! I was very very very pleased with this one... Big Room, Big TV, microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, and 4 towels to boot...

This week as I began to scout for motels, I kept Econo Lodge in the forefront of my mind...

Well I found one in West Haven Connecticut!!

After paying an inflated price, due to being closer to NYC, I headed to my room..

Upon entering I was in total shock!!This was nothing like the franchise in Virginia. No amenities at all, except the coffee maker, which had crud stuck in the bottom of it!! Ewwwww!! I should have requested my money back immediately... I inspected the room and decided to hang out anyway!! I will not post pics, because I would be embarrassed to show the conditions I subjected myself to.

However, there is one picture I must show you!!

When I crawled into bed that evening, my feet quickly found this scratchy material..... I jump up and pulled back the covers. You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!

That night, I slept across the top of the mattress (being short , I can do that). Upon leaving the next morning, I left a little note uttering my amazement as to what I had found the night before.. Not a complaint so much, but I am sure the house keeper got a good laugh out of it... I also notified management of my displeasure. I mailed the little comment cards !! I got on-line to register a complaint. I raised my voice, so to speak, but no, I did not leave when I should have!!

I do need to get better at demanding the service I am paying for, I rarely send back food at a restaurant... Something about not making waves.....

Shaken, not Stirred!!

With all the whining I have been doing about the trailers, I thought I should add a video clip to let you experience the ride... This clip was taken while pulling a spring-ride trailer, on a concrete highway. Keep in mind the camera was sitting in my lap, so there is a little extra motion going on! But just keep your eye on the bottle.

Now imagine that going on the entire journey... My brains are scrambled!!

I have another clip I will post pulling an air-ride so you can see the difference!!