Sep 23, 2006


Went back to Wal-Mart. Got a different manager and a different story.Originally I was told someone else in the Loss Prevention Dept would have to view the tapes. That is why it was taking soooo long. According to the 3rd manager I spoke with, the tapes were available for viewing and he would go look at them right away. After a little bit, he comes back and says he cant see anything on the tapes. He did tell me that there had been several claims lately and a few of the techs were new. My GUY had been on the job a mere week when he serviced my tires.

I have been put off once again. I was told that they would speak with the techs and get back to me tomorrow.So what, now is it my word against theirs???

I also spoke with a Police officer. He thought the situation was quite ridiculous. Agreeing with me. But did assure me that if necessary, they would make the report and view the tapes. Suggested that if I was put off any further, to contact the store manager and then the district manager if necessary.

To Be Continued...

Sep 22, 2006

Lazy Days Are Here Again

I seem to have hit a bit of a slump. So many things to do, so little time. I have more than enough things to do to occupy my entire weekend, but I seem to feeling a tad bit lazy. I am moving in a few weeks and need to get some more things packed away. On the same note, my mother and stepfather are coming for a visit next week, so I really dont want to have the apartment completely barren. The following weekend I am going to visit my niece for her birthday, so that eliminates one of my weekends to prepare for moving. What to do, what to do?? Now that I have started packing, I have really noticed how much this place is in need of some major spring cleaning.
I would also like to detail my car. And post a few photos. I am so proud of my little pony car.
-I took it to the dealership to have the front end looked at. It was in need of alignment, but they were concerned that it very much out of balance. WAL-MART SUCKS. It is soooooo smooth now. I will be checking in with Wally World tomorrow on those wheels.
Anyways, if you cant tell, I am just procrastinating the night away..... Time to get busy

The One That Got Away

Over the past four years, I have developed quite a fondness for one particular route to the NorthEast. I-85,I-77,I-81. The I-77 stretch is very scenic. At the Virginia-North Carolina state line you begin an ascent to Fancy Gap, Va. This is a 7 mile climb to an elevation of over 2000 ft.

Last week I was a bit surprised to find some new scenery to look at. Now, I myself have never had any problems with the descent. However, there are 3 runaway truck ramps strategically located on the down hill swing for anyone experiencing brake failure. These ramps are clearly marked to alert the truck drivers.

The descent is only a 4 1/2% grade, so I was a little surprised to find it had been used.

My only concern is that the ramp fell short of its intended use. The truck should have sank into the gravel bed long before reaching the top.

Oh, did I mention the fine you are entitled to pay having used this escape route. I hear tell that it is in excess of $15,000. Hope I never have to find out.

One last thing, If you are ever driving down a hill and notice a big truck smoking pretty bad. Might I suggest staying as far away as possible. It could possibly catch fire because the brakes are overheating. This could potentially lead to brake failure, loss of control and 8oK of unstoppable destruction.

Sep 20, 2006

Your OTHER gas pedal

On my way home , travelling south on I-85 just north of Atlanta, I stumbled upon a rolling road block. The state department had decided that a beautiful afternoon , just moments before the beginning of the Watermelon 500 (also known as Rush Hour), would be the perfect time to replace those little reflective thingies and paint new strips on the interstate. CB reports claimed it was a minimal 2-3 mile back-up and the left lane was open. However, the lead car seemed to be too (stupid) uh.. scared to pass the paint truck. Several truckers confirmed this report.


Well, they finally decided to pass. You will never guess why they suddenly became so motivated. How about a Big Truck leaving the roadway and turning over in the median. That will get your attention.

A northbound eighteen wheeler veered into the median and skidded to a stop on its side. 15 minutes of urging cars to pass the paint truck and now an accident. GREAT.

No major injuries. Just a new delay. The rumor mill was stirred up with everyone speculating just what had happened. After several versions, the final story was something like this...
Car and Truck.. Road Rage. Car shoots at truck driver and then leaves the scene in a hurry.Truck drives off the road. My theory is that the truck blew a steer tire, which makes it hard to steer and sounds remarkably like a shot gun. Considering the emergency response crew was not treating a gun shot wound, I think my version is more accurate.

In closing, after a 45 minute delay, I was safely accelerating back to a normal speed. I bet you forgot about the paint crew. Yep there they were again, several miles ahead, doing what they do best. This time however, no one was wanting to stick around to watch them work. Made the pass with no problem just in time participate in the greatest race in the south. The Watermelon 500.

Always...... UPDATE

I still have not received my call back from WAL MART, so I decided to pay them a little visit.

After a minor wait, I was invited back into the office for a little chat. (No need in the other customers knowing about my damage claim) I was told that the tapes had not been viewed yet. The person handling the situation requested that I give them 3 more days and then check back with an alternate manager. Seems, he is going to be on vacation. The funny part is the excuse he gave me for not already having viewed the tapes..... "I have been off the past 4 days."

Is he passing the buck or just giving me the runaround??

I have a feeling this is going to be a fun filled learning experience.
Here are some of the things I have already learned
1. They have multiple claims tacked to the bulletin board. This seems to be a great way to file things, dont ya think??
2. If they do approve the claim, they will want to exchange wheels with me and take mine to North Atlanta to have them buffed out.
3. If they deny the claim and I wish to view the tapes to dispute their decision, I will have to get a police report of the damages and have the POLICE REVIEW THE TAPES FOR ME.

Seems like a bunch of nonsense to me! But what do I know. I have never been through this situation before..As far as buffing the wheels goes, I might be agreeable for 2 of them to go through this process (very minor scratches-but scratches none the less). As for the other two, the marks are deep and excessive. I doubt that they could be buffed and polished to my expectations. And just what are my expectations, you might ask.... To not have gone through this would have been nice, but I would like my wheels to look like the rest of my car....NEW!

Side Note: I am also having some issues with my recent window tinting experience. However, they seem to be a lot more willing to accommodate me. Only major problem is they are out of state, but I was told to drop by at my convenience any day after 1 pm and the situation would be rectified.. I am actaully looking forward to see how they handle this .. Wal Mart Sucks!

Sep 19, 2006


Back to the work-out program...

It seems last week, I a might have become a little over zealous with my routine. I think I have a strained muscle. And the worst part is, I didn't even know this muscle existed. I DO NOW....

It appears to be a tiny little muscle that is connected to oh so much. I can feel the discomfort the majority of the time but when I hunt for it with my fingers, it miraculously vanishes. Needless to say I will have to lay off the cardio for a while. .... Now I know the pain a guy must feel when forced to do the splits.

Sep 16, 2006

You Have Got to be Kidding....

Recently, I started working out on a regular basis. (Meaning at least three times a week) One hour of Pilates -excellent routine- along with about 35 minutes on the eliptical machine per day. I have a lot of excess energy now and am beginning to show some signs of toning up... YIPPEE.

But here is the problem I am having. I have been doing this since August 8th and have yet to lose 1 lb. Or to be more exact.... In 39 days I have worked out a total of 24 of them which equals about 36 solid hours of exercise. Shouldnt I be losing something by now!!!!! Before you say anything, YES, I am also watching what I eat a little better and have massively reduce my DR. Pepper intact...

Hopefully one day I will be able to post those before and after photos. Surely consistency counts for something.........

Sep 15, 2006


The customer IS always right...
On September 1, I took my car to Wally World to have the tires balanced and rotated. I was in a pretty good mood all day in spite of the 5 1/2 hour wait. I even received half off my lifetime warranty. A few days later, while driving down the interstate, I noticed the bouncing steering wheel had returned. So I checked to see if the weight had fallen off again. NOPE.. But I did find a nice surprise however.

The tire Tech most have had a bad day and felt it was okay to take it out on my wheels. OUCH... Two of the wheels were just barely grazed. The other two however, were gouged and scarred to extreme measures. Several Times......

I went back to Wal-Mart and addressed the situation. They came out and took pictures and are going to review the surveillance tapes and get back with me.....I hope they are going to handle this in an appropriate manner. The wheels are $250 each....

Oh did I mention the dirt stained seats and greasy floor mats.

Updates will follow.....

Sep 14, 2006

9/11 NYC

This week my travels took me to NYC just in time for the memorial events of 9/11. I did not get to participate, but was emotionally moved by the experience anyway. The radio stations began broadcasting a reading of the entire list of names of the victims at precisely the moment the first tower was struck. It over 2 hours to complete this task, with no interruptions.... The air space ws full of military aircraft. Presidents, dignitaries, officials, Mayors, Ambassadors were all present. Much of the City was closed to traffic, which caused delays in traffic much of the day. Overall it was a very somber day......

Life Without A Computer

On Sunday September 3rd, I awoke to find that all files on my computer were now corrupt and all data was lost...... It was quite a dissappointment. Considering that the computer was a gift donated by my brother a few years ago, I personally didnt lose anything other than a few pictures. Okay several pictures..... Now I am back. Yippee!!! Got a new laptop from Dell. That was a rough few days.

Sep 1, 2006

Great Balls of Fire

Well, okay I overslept. Happens to the best of us. Up at 5 AM. Still got a good jump on rush hour in the greater ATL. I was a little leary when I got to work this morning and noticed the mechanics had been tampering with my truck. (plenty of prior incidences to justify this state of nervousness, you will just have to trust me!!).

So 45 miles into my journey, I notice that traffic is avoiding me like a plague. Lo and Behold, I am a rolling ball of smoke. Needless to say I had absolutely no problem merging onto the shoulder of the road. Once stopped, I check for the source of the "situation" and was just in time to witness 3' flames erupting from my axle. 1 fire extinquisher and 2 fire trucks later, the diaster had been averted. Yes, you guessed it, this morning I WAS THE REASON GA 400 was backed up.

10 Hours later I arrived safely at home. Load undelivered, Truck unrepaired. And all of this because I was doing a favor for someone else.... Who says it pays to be nice???

Highlight of the day- I decided to drop the car off for a quick balance and rotate. two and a half hour wait, no thanks. I decide to leave it and walk home ( only a 20 min vigorous walk) Upon arrival at the humble abode, but who should I see. Why, its the cute single guy from upstairs.
Here I am in work uniform, covered in extinquished soot and grease, hair in knots and a healthy glow from the walk. Not my most attractive moment. But we exchange pleasantries and I even learned the dogs name, "FRED".

Believe it or not, it actually wasnt such a bad day!!!