Apr 30, 2012

Easy Come, Easier Go

As I mentioned in my last post, learning the Quick Loader left little to the development of my skills and therefore, my only real challenge was to fit the bigger vehicles on the load. Okay, so I didn't mention all of that, but I mentioned the part where I get a little giddy shoving big pick ups on my trailer.

Last week, my newest boss (another post, perhaps) called me up and introduced himself. His reason for calling was to offer me a new truck. I have avoided this for the past 7 months, because I was really intimidated by the thought of learning a new trailer and I was already making good money anyways. But the more I pondered on it, the more I realized that I just needed to bite the bullet and further advance my newly acquired skills. Since I don't post with any regularity, I am not sure if I have mentioned any of the maintenance issues that have been ongoing with the Sterling. The oil leaks, the grinding in the transmission, weak springs and a very nasty smoking issue. Every time my truck sits for any length of time (be it 2 hours or 2 days), I get the pleasure of fogging out the neighborhood. This heavy smoke will last for up to 20 miles and then a light smoke continues throughout my journey. It was very tiresome! On occasion, the smoke would also fill the cab. Well, because it is spring and there are no more worries of ice and snow, I decided that turning down a BRAND NEW 2012 Peterbilt would be ludicrous. Sure, there is a fancy NEW NextGen high rail trailer behind it and that does bring with it new anxieties, but how often does one get offered a brand new truck.

So, it is with a not so heavy heart that I bid farewell to the little Sterling. It was a great truck to get me started in car-hauling, and while I am essentially increasing my loading/unloading time, while I decreasing my revenue during the learning curve, and while I am struggling with new anxiety, I look forward to new challenges!  But before we say goodbye, there was one more moment of uber excitement that came with the very last load I hauled in the Sterling.

The last hooray! Here we have a nice little Dodge Ram 1500. Sitting next to it, an F250. Little Dodge, me arse!!
Talk about a tight squeeze !!!

But that is the last one for my personal record book, or at least for now?

Apr 27, 2012

Big Time

I'm on my way, I'm making it....
BIG TIME, I've got to make it show Yeah
Big Time, so much larger than life

If this post could have a soundtrack, it would be Peter Gabriel's "Big Time" And you are welcome!!!  Because those of you who know the song will have a hard time not singing a few lines over the next 24 hours. Damn it! I hate when a song gets stuck in my head like that. Once again, you are welcome.

There is a natural progression to any car-hauler's career. After learning the basics and getting a good feel for the equipment, it is only natural to want to see just how much you can fit on your rack.

I took the first few months getting comfortable and developing my rhythm. Loading new cars is almost routine at this point. KIA, Honda and BMWs are pretty standard on my truck, but it is when I am sent to pick up some auction freight that things can get a little challenging. The buyer that I haul for likes to purchase big units and you better believe I was intimidated by some of my loads. It starts with a simple F150 or 1500 ( I forgot how big pickup trucks feel to me), and after I realize they go on the truck with no difficulty, I start to get a little excited about the F250 or whatever big units that will appear on my next load. After several months, I have found myself eager to load the big stuff...

Here are a few of my bigger vehicles and/or loads.

First time to stack trucks on the tractor
First Big Load at Adesa Long Island.
Ford Excursion... Just because I wanted to see if it would fit.
Sprinter Vans heading for Canada
F450... And I needed a step ladder just to get in this one.
For those of you hauling cars, this might not seem like much. But to a rookie, like me.... It's the Big Time!