Aug 30, 2007

Then and Now

I had so much fun viewing Sally's before and after photos, well, I just had to submit my own...

Here I am around the age of 4

This one should be about 8 years old.

I am thinking 12ish

Sweet 16

This one is approximately 22.

And of course , we have the present...

Highway To Hell

Man oh man, what a week. I should really just stop there because Karma has been kicking my arse ALOT lately.

And I don't know why.... I can't really recall anything that I have done to deserve this run of bad luck, but I am in desperate need of .......?

So , me and Maggie headed out to Queens last Sunday and by the time we got there, the entire back half of the load had shifted into the side of the trailer making it impossible to unload.... Jimmy was willing to work with me on this, or even refuse the load in order to keep me from having to struggle with it so much... He was able to unload a portion of his freight ( 9 out of 13 bundles) but from that point on we were at a standstill. It took 3 hours to unload that small amount!! My next stop was in the Bronx, but once again, I could not unstrap the load because I unload double parked on a city street and could not take the risk of damaging parked vehicles if the load fell off the trailer.

The only logical solution was to find one of our customers who would agree to let us unstrap the load in a safe area and then help with reloading it in a safe manner.... Well, that was 3 hours away in Glastonbury, CT... It took 3 additional hours to restructure the load.... My day was shot..

Only 2 deliveries made on Monday and I had to turn around and head back to Queens to finish up with Jimmy and the Bronx.

By now, it is mid-afternoon and there is no way I am heading back into Queens at this time... That is a commuter's nightmare. There was a truck stop on the way and I needed a shower. I did manage to get a good parking spot... A slight miracle in itself for being this close to NY at this time of the day. I grab my bag and head inside.... Wooooo Hooooo!! No waiting.... Oh wait, no hot water either... But after the struggles I had with the load, there was no way I was going to skip showering, cold water or not!!

An hour after cleaning up, the hot water problem was resolved... D'oh....

Meanwhile, I was approached by some dudes selling pirated DVDs.. I politely told them I was not interested and in return.... Well, a few minutes later I noticed one of them coming out from behind my trailer.. Did not think much of it at the time, but the next morning I noticed several cuts in the tarp.... Long slices made by a utility knife or razor blade.... Clean cuts made with lots of zigs and zags.. Definitely deliberate, and not just accidental tears.. Know what I mean!!

While waiting on traffic to die down, I decided to enjoy a movie... Around 8:30, I decided it was safe to attempt reentering NY...Before pulling out, I turn on the radio and listen for a bit..... YEP... Time to go to bed!! It seems another Big Truck has split it's trailer in half.. Meanwhile yet another tractor trailer jack knifed to avoid the damaged trailer.... The road is back up for over 20 miles.....sheesh.. better set the alarm for 4am.. Don't want to hit that morning commute!

I did not notice that I had no cell service, I did notice that I had no calls.. At 3:45AM, my phone goes berserk with Message Alerts... I fell out of the bed trying to shut off the alarm which was not even going off.. It was the damn phone with 5 NEW MESSAGES....and I landed on me arse.... Not fun to wake up in mid-air, 2 foot above the floor.!!

I head out only to find that construction has the interstate closed down to one lane, and yes there was a back-up even at 5am...

So, here I am on Tuesday morning right back where I started from 24 hours before......

Okay, so Tuesday was uneventful. I somehow managed to unload the remainder of the trailer by 4pm.... 7 deliveries stretched out from Queens to Boston. I am scheduled to pick up some damaged material just south of Hartford, CT and there was a truck stop on the way.. But guess what.... No Hot Water!! No Cold Water.... No FREAKIN WATER!!! I did the best I could with a lot of baby wipes and bottled water! sheesh.....

Made the pick-up the next morning, and made it home!!

But Wait...


Oh Maggie, why don't you like me??? I love you!!

Maggie had only 107 miles on her when I picked her up... I should be good to go for awhile, right?


Within a hundred miles (I always stop to check my straps) I noticed her rear chunk was leaking fluid.. Lots and lots of fluid... I quickly made a phone call and was reassured that it was more than likely overfilled at the factory and this would end soon! By the time I returned home, the entire portion of the truck behind the axle was coated, along with the mud flaps and the first 10 feet of the trailer.... Still leaking!! When the mechanics checked her fluid level, she was almost dry.... Too much pressure building up and blowing it out.. GREAT.

I also lost over 1/2 gallon of coolant in 4 days... Too much to let it go unchecked...

Do you remember this story? Well, her drive axles are both leaking at the hubs, which is a wheel seal problem.... And while I do loves me some firemen, I have no desire to go flaming down the road again.

I mentioned in a previous post that Maggie had a sweet little APU unit mounted on her frame.. This is a type of generator that provides a/c and heat along with electrical current... It is the newest thing... No more pollution from idling the Truck at night! Which most states have outlawed anyway. But her APU does not work.. AT ALL.... NOTHING....

The front end was not greased when it was put together, simple oversight... But still, lots of squeaking and unnecessary wear and tear the first week..

Finally, (I think) Maggie has decided to go topless... Don't ask me why... But on Tuesday, I noticed that several bolts were missing ...

So, Maggie is at the shop, getting the once over and I hope to have her back soon. Then she will go to ThermoKing to have her APU looked at....

I do love you Maggie and I hope we can work this out soon.. You sure do have a nice suspension and I heart you for that....

The New Truck

Finally got the new truck after 3 weeks of waiting and I must say it has the most delightful riding experience.... I told those idiots the old truck had suspension issues!! Now, I know for sure that I was right... This one is a dream.

So, for one last time.... I give you the old truck, just for comparison purposes...

And Maggie...The New Truck! I will explain that one in a bit!

Maggie is a bit smaller but she rides like a dream. She has lots of cool features also. There is an APU unit which provides a/c and/or heat along with enough electricity to run a medium sized microwave. Otherwise, I would have had to spend close to $200.00 for an inverter to run my electrical supplies.... She has lots of gauges ... lots and lots of gauges... She can tell you water temp, oil temp, outside air temp, rear axle temp, front axle temp, p.s.i on the suspension when loaded, time, mileage, distance, gallons until empty, mpg. Maggie will also tell you with remarkable skill what direction she is heading and you can't fool her... She will even give you the EXACT latitude and longitude of your whereabouts, updated every 30 seconds. Maggie is smooth and very quiet!! She has her own CD player, which saves me another hundred bucks or so......


I am sure you are wondering how Maggie got her name, and it is quite simple really....

Maggie is a Texas Truck!! and the first thing that came to my mind was of course, MARGE..... The original Texas Truck!!
But wait , there's more.... Not only is Maggie a Texas Truck, but she also has such a lovely interior color (that will drive me insane in a relatively short amount of time) that no other name would have suited her...

Seriously folks, I know you can't tell by the pictures, but this color is sooooooo bright it is very distracting!

Aug 24, 2007

Pass It On

Lookie Lookie Lookie, what I got... You are so jealous, aren't you??

So, Sally thinks I am nice..And she should know, I think she is a super duper blogga chic!

I appreciate this little shout out to moi. And in passing it along to others... Well, since Sally has already earned this coveted nomination, I can't really send it back her way...

And of course, my next pick, Shell, well she has received it too.... But I would have cuz I totally heart her!!

So, the next obvious choice would most certainly have to be Angel!! Although she has been a bit AWOL lately, she is still one nice lady!! And I hope she is able to return soon, with all that charm that oozes from her blog!!

Now, just because I didn't send it YOUR way, doesn't mean I don't think you deserve it.. Maybe you just stand out more for something else.. Like Cece, she is one funny chick.. I love reading her blog and she is probably one of the most REAL people on here...Not afraid to speak her mind and I love that!! Mike, well, what can I say about Mike.... He has caused more DR Pepper to shoot out of my nose than anyone!!

Okay, so I could really comment on all of you, but I must stop.. I am feeling a bit nostalgic for old comment exchanges *sniff, sniff*....

Wait a minute, I can't forget Lioux.. He is one helluva super nice guy also!! A little absent recently as well, but life goes on !

Fessing Up......

I feel really bad about all that whining I did on last Tuesday!

You see, I am a bit spoiled. When it comes to Truckin, well, I pretty much have it made.

3Day weekend... every week

Same route= same customers= acquiring some really wonderful friendships over the years.

Familiarity often lends to the nature of Customers going out of their way to accommodate the needs of this little trucker.

Food, gifts, and extended hours...

No waiting... Our customers unload us on arrival..We have priority over random deliveries.

Same route = no trip planning, the truck can almost navigate on it's own.

I have seen some beautiful places I would never otherwise stumbled upon.

No brokering or waiting on dispatch to find me a load home.. When I am empty, I am headed home!!

All the customers adore me!!

Most of the Truckers treat me as a celebrity of sorts.... It is not often to see a petite female handle a flatbed and still maintain a nice physical appearance and demeanor. Yeah, some Truckers are assholes, but I try not to judge the whole lot of them for one bad apple on occasion.

I am sure there are several more things I could mention, but my point is this.

Last Tuesday (in a 42 hour period) I was on break for 33 HOURS!! I was restless and bored, and well, just being ungrateful.. Shame on me!! This does not happen very often! The long breaks.....

So, today, I made a quick buck or two by driving 300 miles BobTail (without a trailer) just to pick up an empty trailer and return home.... Nothing like a nice drive in the country......And the extra moola will be useful!!

Aug 23, 2007

8th Natural Wonder.....

I am completely mystified by a freak occurrence that happened to me on Wednesday, August 22 2007.

I was forced to "lay over" in Central Islip, NY the previous night. My intentions were to get up at the butt crack of dawn and get unloaded. (The customer arrives at 5am, and will unload as soon as he has daylight visibility.) After taking an 16 hour break (which is why I was ranting that day, considering I had a 17 hour break the previous day) I OVERSLEPT!

I did manage to crawl out of my cocoon around 6 and was all set to leave at 7:15. Completely aware of what this 1 hour delay would do to my morning commute, I set forth knowing that it would take a long time to work my way thru NYC.. I was heading to Philly. What should have been a 2.5 hour commute would no doubt become a 4+ hour nightmare.

I managed to make my way West on the Long Island Expressway, over the Throgsneck Bridge, thru the Bronx and across the George Washington Bridge in 52 minutes! Arriving in New Jersey, I continued on at a rate of 60+ mph.... I hit Philly in 3 hours....

This is unheard of.... I don't know what to make of it.... Normally it takes 2 hours just to make it to Queens, to visit Jimmy.... I blew past Jimmy in like 45 minutes...

The only thing I can think of is that it must have been some sort of Jewish Holiday....There is always a noticeable lack of motorists on a Jewish Holiday... I checked my calendar... No!! no holiday!! I still don't know what to make of it... There was a few minutes when I was cruising at 20-25, but that ALWAYS happens when exiting NY. But 52 minutes total... Now that's is Super Trucking!! Wooooo Hooooo!!

On The Lighter Side Of Life

Okay, so I made my Wednesday journey home, and as always,I stopped in Mount Jackson Virginia.... This is a normal stop for me, where else can you find Habanero Potato Chips?

Upon entering the truck stop, I spies me a shure 'nuff HillBilly.....

This is what he was wearing......

"Rocky Mountain Oysters, The Original Sack Lunch"

And just so you know Mike , Sprite does hurt just as badly as DR Pepper when exiting your body through your nose!!

Aug 21, 2007

Pondering.. and other assorted goodies

Okay, did I mention that i am freaking bored out of my mind... Um, yeah, I guess I did in that last post.

I guess it is probably time to wind it down for the evening...Like I have been busy doing stuff....

But in reference to those Thursday Thirteen posts that some of you are doing, I present to you

TOP TEN Reasons I Hate Truckin

10.) I have to work on Sundays, while others are finishing up their weekends

9.) I drive soooooo much during the week, that I hate to drive when I am home!

8.) I have NO social life

7.) I can't have a puppy.

6.) It is very lonely on the road.

5.) I can't have a puppy.

4.) I have no social life.

3.) I feel sooooo alone.

2.) I want a dog and cannot have one.

1.) Solitary Confinement is driving me mad, MAD, I tell you...

Another Day In Paradise...

I am sitting here on my arse in lovely Central Islip, New York....

I am immeasurably bored!!

I thought I should blog....

I have nothing to say!! Although, I am very lucky to be having the internets at the moment, so I hesitate to look a gift horse in the mouth....

My NE route was once again pried from my clutches. But this trip ain't so bad.. I started in North Carolina on Monday, finishing up in Richmond, VA at 12:30 PM.... I spent the afternoon reading and watching movies and napping. Around 9:30, I headed north for Upper Marlboro, MD... (Might as well just call it D.C.) I could not have made the Upper Marlboro delivery any way so I opted for waiting for the traffic to die down a bit... D. C. traffic bites!! So, Tuesday I made two deliveries in Maryland and another in Philly... At noon, I had but one stop yet to complete before I could turn and head home. Raining like "a cow pissing on a flat rock"! ha ha ha... Anyhoo, (see, I told you I was bored) it was storming pretty heavily all day and I made my final destination with 2 hours to spare. HOWEVER, I am being forced to spend the night on Long Island because the customer was unaware I was delivering such a big load and had no room for it.

YEP, shut down at 3PM EST... So what are my options, more reading, another movie???? Sheesh........I will be unloaded at 5:30 AM and headed home... DAMN. I HATE TRUCKIN sometimes!!

Aug 17, 2007

I NEED Your Help!

Okay this post is for all you ladies out there who have knowledge of hair and beauty supplies.

Recently, I got my hair trimmed and colored... I love it, except next time I think I will go darker.

When styling it, the straight look works very well for me, except it takes at least an hour and a half to accomplish this look. And it is easy to maintain, even with the incredible humidity ever present in the great state of Georgia.

The problem is wearing it curly, which it has a massive abundance of waves/curls naturally.

When I first had it colored, I thought there might have been an unforeseen chemical reaction going on... OMG..... the FRIZZ!!!!!!

Even using the products which previously helped tame the wild mane, the frizz is taking over!! I am too ashamed to even attempt posting a picture. So, I wear it straight when I am home. But there is no time when working to calm the coif...

Last week, I stayed over at my Father's house and naturally, I took a shower while I was there... My beautiful curls reappeared with no frizz whatsoever....

So, here is the problem... The county I live in has recently changed it's source for our water supply.... It happened the week I had my hair done... It appears the water is extremely SOFT...I have purchased a filter to place on my shower head to help out, but no dice!!

I CANNOT tolerate this much longer... I will move my residence if I have to, but before I make such a dramatic endeavor.... Could any of you ladies recommend a styling product that might help me out....

I have used Redken and CHI successfully in the past....

Won't somebody help me, PLEASE!!!!

It Is Just Killing ME..... Isn't It??

I just got off the phone with my new super awesome boss man. Every Friday morning, we do our weekly dispatch and loads are assigned to the drivers. It is a process of elimination. The driver with the most seniority chooses his load first and this progresses to the newest driver taking the last available load.

With Averitt, I was 12th in line. With there only being one other driver willing to brave the concrete jungle, I was pretty well guaranteed the NYC route, my beloved baby!!

With AAA, I am now 7th in line!! Wooo hooooo.

But what is this?! One of the drivers (I believe he is the #3 man) has decided that I am hording the little pot of gold at the end of the George Washington Bridge... That particular route pays extremely well and offers the most home time each week. I ain't no fool. I mean really, you drive one big city, you can face them all. Right?? So, I have absolutely no qualms about running it each week. I have developed some nice friendships with the customers, and that makes it even better.

WELL, JH has decided to cut me out of the action. And he is toying with my emotions over the whole thing. The first week with AAA, he went to the NE.. I was left to fend for myself.. I chose a route which kept me closer to home, but took literally ALL week to finish. Atlanta, Chattanooga, Memphis, Nashville, Memphis, Nashville, Atlanta, Geneva (slight delay for refueling), Atlanta, Dublin..... If only it had been the real Dublin..... The only plus side to this situation was that I was able to stop at My Fathers house and spend the night the week of his birthday! And, yes, we had OKRA!!

During the course of the week, I ran into JH at the Alum Co on Wednesday and he said, "I WILL be taking YOUR run from now until it snows!" Sissy...Of course, no one wants it when it snows!!

Anyhoo, the next Friday rolls around and I was surprised to find that my baby was available....HUH?? I asked the boss what was up with that? He said JH was playing with me! Loser!!

But, here it is.... Friday morning, and JH has once again taken my load away from me. I hope he has a difficult time. 2 of the customers stop receiving at lunchtime and take deliveries by appointment only.. I wonder if I should tell him?! Nah!!

***Oh yeah, I failed to mention that during the week that I ran close to home.....One of my Queens buddies finished out his 2 weeks notice. He is moving to OHIO.. I did not get to say goodbye! *sniff~sniff* I did not get to take him his farewell gift....That made me sad!! So, au revoir, my lanky ninja friend.. You were the best boyfriend I never had... He always brought me candy on Valentine's Day.....

***Also, if you master one big city, it is not true that you can brave all of them..While I do heart the grandest of all Big Citys, you could not make me go to Chicago.... I will end up in the fetal position after a massive panic attack if you try to send me to the Windy City. I watched someone get killed there a few years ago, and have no desire to ever go see that road again.

Aug 16, 2007

It Is Just Killing You.. Isn't It??

Okay and now for some much needed Bachelor Number One info.....

Drum Roll Please.................

We are still dating! I did have issues however, as he seems to be pulling back a little bit. But this was explained that while in the beginning, he was so focused on ME, that now he needs to put some energy back into his business...

He was very reassuring about the whole situation, and while he seemed a bit distant for a few weeks, he is now back to being the guy I have enjoyed spending so much time with.

This is all new to me, so to speak...

Let me just say that 1. I am a bit greedy~ wanting things to go my way when I want them to, and 2. I am a bit of a romantic who believes in the "fantasy" of finding one's True Love, with no complications.... LOL... hahahhahhahahha....

I know, it is a bit silly of me, but I want to believe!!

So there have been a few complications. And things are not what I want, when I want... But this is a fine lesson in being patient and compromising... Something I sincerely need to learn... Being single for long periods of time have gotten me a bit "set" in my ways... So, whether this leads to something in the future, or not... It is a good experience for me!!

And I don't want to hear a single word out of you Mishka..... wink, wink.....

Enough is Enough

With all that goes on in the Truckin Industry, inevitably you run into situations where you just can't take anymore..

I know, everything is looking good for the future...New Company, new truck, new boyfriend, etc..

But here is a tale, I hope you enjoy.

Last week, the first week with the new company, we were given temporary trucks to use until our new ones were delivered. Mine had it's quirks, which surprisingly did not annoy me as much as I had anticipated.. Truth be known, the lack of CB radio was actually quite peaceful the first week!! However, the week itself was very exhausting. On the other hand, the noise level is extremely loud... This truck has over 600, ooo miles on it and accordingly is quite worn out. Oh well!

On Wednesday evening, I had to make a short trip to Geneva, Alabama. On the way, I noticed my fuel gauge began to drop dramatically. I stopped to check for leaks... None found. I physically checked the fuel level (sometimes those silly gauges are not so precise) and found that I was indeed low of fuel. No problem.. My new Corporate Service Center just happens to be on the way.

I check my employee guide book and with directions in hand, proceed to the service center. Upon arrival, I find that the gates are locked, there is no security guard on duty, all the lights are out and there is a huge sign stating " No Admittance 6PM to 6AM..

HUH?? You are kidding , right? This is the headquarters....

I walk the fence line (it is 2AM) to try and locate anyone who can help me get some fuel as I am dangerously low. No such luck!! I then make the decision that I am not going to let this get to me. With no remorse whatsoever, I head off to my delivery destination, 50 miles away on a two lane county road... I arrived with no problems and went to bed.

The next morning, I had to move my truck... As I put it into dies!! Knowing it is a futile attempt, I try to crank it up anyway and YES, I was definitely out of fuel...

Surprisingly, my attitude was...."Who gives a flying rat's arse?" I phone in to my New Boss and fill him in on the situation.

Of course, all the standard questions were asked. "Why did you not get fuel, Why did you not go by the service center, why why WHY????"

I explained the scenario of the previous nights events and another truck was immediately dispatched to my rescue.

Here is the funny part.. The directions in the employee guide book are for the rear entrance. The front gate is 2 blocks away on a separate road.... There is no sign on this gate indicting that there was another entrance...It is accessible 24 hours a day...

Hmmmm, don't you think that information would be useful to print in the guide book, you know, for us new employees who don't have a clue.

Ironically, this whole situation did not bother me in the least.... I did not care whatsoever!! In fact, it was quite funny to me... Like I said before, sometimes you just reach those limits and all you can do is laugh....

Riddle Me This, Batman

I recently noticed my SIL posted about the searches that brought people to her blog.

Naturally, I had to check mine out as it had been awhile.... Yeah, I know.... Been awhile for a lot of things....

Here are the most amusing searches that brought people to ME..

Petrified Chicken Feet

Recreational Reptile Truck

Officers Cutting Open Mattress Pillows

Cervical Spondylosis Helicopters

Who the hell googles this stuff???? Okay, I get the "Officers" search. I mean, we all need to know where NOT to hide our stash, right..... Ha/ha.

Where Does The Time Go??

Hello, is anyone there???

Yeah, I know. I have been quite absent lately.

Bachelor Number One is not entirely to blame. I have also been busy with the whole job transfer situation... no new truck yet!.... And have been feeling a bit under the weather lately. To be honest, I just have not felt like sharing and if you are a member of my family, you will immediately know that is for the best... (Thanks Mom!!) sarcasm intended...

I do however, feel a resurgence coming on.....CLAP CLAP....

But I do want to say Thanks to the few people who have tolerated my antics the last few days/weeks. You know who you are!! xoxo...

Aug 5, 2007

Close Call

I don't know how I forgot to incorporate this little tidbit into my last post, but here goes..

Along with everything else that I am thankful for in the Changing Of The Guard, I am sure most of you are aware that my greatest thrill of all will be the new Truck. I put 250,000 miles on the last one and about 95% of that was under poor conditions. Having multiple computer problems, sensors, lights, suspension, air-ride, flaming wheel hubs, shoddy breaks, and several air leaks that no one could seem to find.

I will have a temporary Big Truck for a week or two until the NEW ( 0 Miles) Trucks arrive at our domicile... Brand Spanking New!! I am sure the temp truck will have its quirks, but it is only temporary. Already I noticed it had no way/where for me to hook up my CB radio.. I hate riding with no communication.. Not that I am partaking of the useless banter that ensues, but it is always nice to know traffic conditions before you drive up on them, especially if there is an accident... I will resolve this somehow.

But my point to this post....

The final week, my truck started having sensor problems again.... Every time I would make a left turn, my sensor would indicate that I had NO COOLANT. As a precautionary measure, the truck immediately shuts itself off under such a warning. So, can you imagine, every time you make a left turn, your vehicle shuts itself off!!! In the middle of traffic, at an intersection, on a ramp, at a dock, whenever, where ever.

Easy enough to resolve... Simply keep coasting, turn ignition switch off, count to ten and restart your motor.....Put back into gear and go.. But after doing this EVERY single time I made a left turn, you can imagine how frustrating it became...

And, OH Yeah, there was plenty of coolant!!

Aug 3, 2007

The Ending Of An Era

Today, my friends, was the official final day. It's all over but the crying.

Who am I kidding? Everyone is very excited about the changes taking place with the New Trucking Co. taking over the command post. However, there are a few items of note to mention that I am a bit concerned about.

Okay, really there is just one. This week, dispatch did not go according to plans.. My beloved NE route was ripped from my very clutches. There is only one other driver who is fond of heading to the NE, and normally, he is able to do so while pulling the crane trailer. Today, there was no crane trailer to dispatch, so because he has more seniority than I do, he was able to claim my beloved route. Which left me feeling quite helpless and defenseless. Not knowing which way to turn, I chose a route that will possibly allow me to stop and have lunch with my Father... (Maybe he has some extra OKRA)...

The reason this is a concern of mine, is because gossip (very substantiated gossip) is going around that the Crane trailers are to be dismantled.... Which means I would not be first in line for the NY, CT, MA trip. Therefore, I would have to reconsider what my most beneficial plan of action might be. I lean towards the NE route because it allows me to do in 4 days what it takes the other drivers 5-6 days to do. It allows me to complete one trip and have a substantial amount of time at home each week. Otherwise, I would have to fall in among the ranks and "fight" for extra loads to earn a decent paycheck.... But is that such a bad thing? YES.......

So we will see how this plays out....

In other news, I am a SUPERSTAR!

Today I had the pleasure in starring in a video to demonstrate how to properly check load securement and open and close the different types of Conestoga Trailers that we pull. You see, the New Truckin Co has never had a flatbed division, much less trailers with tarp assemblies attached to them. So my video will be sent to the corporate office to familiarize the Management with just exactly what this division has to endure..And believe me folks, there is a lot of physical work involved with manipulating some of these trailers. It will also be used to train any new employees the proper methods of handling these trailers. It was quite a fun experience, and I cannot wait to see the actual video.. I feel it will be quite "cheesy" if you will... Maybe I will be able to post it for your amusement! The decision to have me as the star of the video is based on 1.) I have familiarity with the trailers 2.) I have quite a bit of charm (or so they tell me) and personality. 3.) They believe if the video shows a 4'11" little girl manhandling the trailers, there would be no excuse for any of the men to not be able to do it, right?!

Anyways, I had fun doing it. And have I mentioned that , so far, everyone I have met employed by The New Employer is awesome!! That might not last, as everyone falls into their respective rhythms, but at least the new Dispatcher (my Boss) has a huge personality and is quite hilarious.. I believe we will find him to be a delight to work for.

And finally, as we bid Homer adieu....

Let me mention in closing that while I have fussed about him for his job performance on several occasions, as well as many other things. I feel the need to say that he does seem to be a ummmmm decent fellow, if you get him away from work.. We have our differences, and have never established a friendship , but I am sure he is a nice guy....

So , with his permission, I give you Homer...

Can you see the resemblance??

Aug 2, 2007

What A Difference A Day Makes.....

This week was quite a stressful week for me, so before I forget to post, I thought I would share this little tidbit.

Tuesday afternoon, as I was trolling around on I-495 (Massachusetts), I came upon a construction zone. Travelling this stretch of road frequently, I was already aware of the impending lane closures. But for those not-so-frequent motorists, there are several signs indicating the possible delays ahead.





To me, it was all very clear... There are 3 lanes. The right lane is closed... The center lane has access to the exit/entrance ramps and thru traffic should stay to the left to avoid the heavy merge.... 2+2=4

For others, well I can only assume that 1.) They cannot read 2.) They were not paying attention or 3.) They assumed the signs did not pertain to them ?!

So, upon sighting the first construction sign, I ease into the extreme left lane. Traffic begins to slow as we near the ramp. I adjust accordingly. The right lane is closed off and the center lane comes to an abrupt halt.

The left lane is however, moving fine. Albeit at 25mph, but still moving just the same.

Being the considerate Trucker that I am, my eyes are now trained at the left corner of each vehicle, searching for turn signals.... Several cars take advantage of my generosity and merge into the left lane in front of me.... One by one, I passed 10-15 Big Trucks stuck in the center lane, but no turn signals, so I keep going.

As I near the end of the congested area, my CB radio comes alive..

" I really EFFING appreciate that Averitt!!! Don't think I will ever do any f**king favors for you, you inconsiderate B*t*h..." there were a few more choice words that were said, but you get the idea

ME: Excuse Me? I am sorry, if I would have seen your blinker, I would have let you out.

ASSHOLE: Well, maybe you should get some f**king glasses, what are you $%^$% blind? GD stupid c*#%...!!

ME: Well, I did not see your blinker, but I think if you would have been paying attention to all the road signs posted for the last 2 miles, maybe you would have merged into the left lane and not been trapped in that lane...Or are your glasses broken??


RANDOM TRUCKER: Excuse me, but your blinker is not working on your trailer, so she did NOT see it buddy!

At this point, Asshole Trucker had nothing else to say.Period!

But the story does not end here, Oh NO!!

The next day, as I was heading west thru New York, I pulled into a rest area to use the restroom. When I returned to my truck, I noticed Asshole Trucker was parked right beside me.

As I was leaving, he began another conversation with me... This time a whole lot friendlier.. "You thought you would get away didn't you? Where ya heading? You sure are a cute little thing. Give me a minute, and I will run with ya..."

My only response at this point was..... " Um okay, but hurry up and I will save you a freaking spot!! ASSHOLE!!"

Oh yeah, they are some real winners out there... I cannot wait to get out of trucking!!