Jun 28, 2007

First Date

Online dating....

So hows about a little update...

There are seriously some nuts on this site, and desperation is running rampant..

The inbox intake has reduced to a few hits a week.. Most of the "connections" are rapidly terminated by me... Others disappear when I mention my particular profession... Which is fine by me as well..

I am rather excited about one particular guy... We did the email a few times and quickly moved forward to phone conversations... OMG.... We have the same sense of humor, which is awesome.. And can even finish the others thought with no hesitation.... Good looking pictures...And multiple photos , not just distant dark images..

So, this is kind of neat... It is almost as if we are old friends..And believe me, we have logged some serious phone time.!!

So, the official "date" will be Thursday Night.... stay tuned......

Jun 23, 2007

Weekend Update Part Two

On with the show...

So Saturday morning, my alarm clock walks in and tells me it is time to rise and shine.. Thanks Daddy!!

Normally on weekends , I have every desire to sleep in as late as possible and am unable to...This morning however, I did not want to budge.. But the entire family is going to turn out to this event, so I proceed to get ready...

I arrived at the designated location and proceeded to prepare for the race. The crowd is not as large, but I did however notice that these were very dedicated runners.. (I think I will stick with the charity events in the future.. Those participants are not so competitive)...

I managed to start nicely, even passing a few people ... There was a huge hill to climb and holy smokes, do you people even realize just how far FIVE MILES is... I did not..!! I pooped out after the 3 mile marker... Lots of walking this time.. I did manage to complete the race right at 55 minutes, which is the goal I set for myself.... My nephew pointed out that I was in 165th place....The rest of the family even chimed in about the 8 and 78 year olds that significantly beat me......

My SIL pointed out that I could have probably finished a lot quicker if I had not stopped to flirt with all those Policemen, which were blocking traffic.. And yes, there were quite a few of them!!!

The experience was a good one, but I think I will stick with the 5ks for awhile, at least until I become competitive enough...

After the race, we perused the antique car show and I ran into a friend, whom I had not seen in years.. It was good to catch up with him...(more details to follow)

We then dined out for lunch and had a lovely family visit.

So that about sums it up.....( I should really post these things sooner, to capture the moment better.! Oh, well.......

Weekend Update Part One

After driving 2800 miles and delivering 17 stops in 4 days, the weekend finally approached.. My weekend usually begins on Thursday.

This weekends adventure involved a trip to Bama for some quality time with the Bri-Baby and The Boy Wonder. Not to mention that 5 mile race over in my Father's little town.

I was originally scheduled to arrive at my Bro's house on Thursday and spend the night. On Friday, we (me and the kids) were to head over to my Fathers, which is at least an hour and a half away.

After driving 2800 miles and delivering 17 stops in 4 days, well, I just couldn't do it.

As a matter of fact, when I arrive home each week after my route is complete, I don't want to drive ten miles. Much less two hundred and ten. So, instead, I opted for cancelling the Thursday festivities...

Friday I headed over to Bama, and what should have been a 3.5 hour trip turned into a 4.5 hour nightmare. If it could happen, it did... I won't go into details, but there was several unnecessary delays involved and it really irked me.

So, I grab the kids and we cruise westward bound.. This time the trip was smooth sailing. However, the Wonder Boy did mention that the state speed limits should be increased because the trip was taking too long.

After unloading and a quick bite to eat, we decide to head out to the Skating Rink... Wooo hooo. I have not been skating in years!! We manage to get geared up and the Wonder Boy is off in a flash.. He is pretty good at it too, and even got involved in some of the games they play in the center of the rink, ie....limbo, hokey pokey etc....

The Bri-baby is not so experienced and required a little hand holding and lots of encouragement.. But she is a real trooper and made substantial progress before the night was over...We had a blast !!! And I only fell down 3 times!!

The third time I fell, and by far the most painful, I happen to be 3 feet from the off duty Policeman who was working security for the evening.. He helped me to my feet and inquired if I was okay. Batting my lashes, I sheepishly responded.... *flirt, flirt*

Later in the evening, I noticed that Mr Officer and moved to the end of the rink and was propped against the wall, surveying the crowd... As me and the Bri-baby neared his post, he would begin to make conversation with me (as we were 2 of only 4 adults present in the entire arena)... Naturally, I really turned on the charm.. Would you expect any less of me??

This continued on for several laps until Bri pulls me off to the side and quietly asks, " Why do you keep talking to the Policeman?"

I will mention here that earlier in the day, Bri had asked me if I was ever going to get married, because she wanted more cousins!!

So my response to Bri's questioning of why I was talking to the officer was a simple..."I thought you wanted me to get married!" to which she giggled hysterically......

All in all, it was a great night!! But falling down three times the night before a race.....quite possibly might have been poor judgement on my part!! OUCH, my butt hurts!!

Jun 20, 2007

Who Publishes This Crap?

I don't normally do book reviews, but upon finishing the one posted to the right... Well, I just have to say I can not believe this is a best seller...The story is trivial... The dialogue exchanges leave MUCH to be desired and even the characters names are misspelled through out the book..

Can I get a proofreader, please??

The premise of the book is based on deception between spouses...All is resolved in the end, but the characters resembled pre-teens throwing temper tantrums... The mid-twenties siblings even get involved in a knock down -drag out fight in front of the Pastor, who cheers them on!!

All the conversations end with the phrase "We need to talk"... But the dialogue ends there!!

So, if any of you have read this book...Family Blessings by Fern Michaels.. I would be curious to know what you think.....

EDIT: I have since changed the book, in the What I am Reading section... This post is based on Family Blessing, by Fern Michaels...

Jun 18, 2007

When Animals Attack!!

Canine Pack Attacks Gator In Florida

At times nature can be cruel, but there is also a raw beauty, and even a certain justice manifested within that cruelty.

The alligator, one of the oldest and ultimate predators, normally considered the 'apex predator', can still fall victim to implemented 'team work' strategy, made possible due to the tight knit social structure and 'survival of the pack mentality' bred into the canines.

See the remarkable photograph below courtesy of Nature Magazine.

Note that the Alpha dog has a muzzle hold on the gator preventing it from breathing, while another dog has a hold on the tail to keep it from thrashing. The third dog attacks the soft underbelly of the gator.


Jun 16, 2007

OnLine Dating??

I am almost embarrassed to admit this, but hey, this is a modern era and what better way to meet potential companions than on-line dating? Right? I mean, of course, after you weed out all the weirdos and pervos...

So a few weeks ago, I completed a profile on one such service and immediately begin receiving "Winks".... This of course, is part of the free service. To actually contact someone, you must pay a subscription fee. Okay, I'll Bite! (This is actually, my second attempt).

I guess, I could have just used MySpace or something similar, but hopefully with it being a paid service, the potential might be a tiny bit greater to actually connect with someone "normal".

So, I paid my dues and discovered I already had 7 emails awaiting my response...

This should be interesting.... Naturally, there are no immediately great candidates! But we will see...There are a lot of great profiles, but how truthful can they be.... I mean if the photo is a stock model shot from an ad agency, then WTF?

I am getting a lot of hits from older men. Hmmmm... Oh, no thanks!! There also seems to be alot of "I am so desperate to get over my EX, that I will date anyone" type of people. Once again, no thanks!!

And the big question seems to be, bluntly stated, "How much do you weigh?" From my previous experience, everyone seems to list their ideal number as opposed to their actual weight. To remedy this, I have posted several current pictures... Oh yeah, a lot of the photos on these profiles are taken at distances and outdated.

I am not putting a whole lot of faith into this, but it should be good for some laughs!!

So lets keep a running tally, shall we?

WEEK ONE: Profile Views: 171

Winks Received (just to let me know they are looking) : 10

Emails Received : 11

Okay, I think that is a good start. Maybe I will have some other statistics to post next week, like the number of profiles I am actually interested in chatting with... Wooo Hoooo. Wish me luck!!

California, here I come!!

I am so excited!! I just booked a flight to California!! I am in desperate need of a vacation and being such a tight wad, well, I just had to do it!! For sanity's sake!!

The trip is scheduled for late August, but knowing me I had to book it right away, or else I might have procrastinated!!

More details to follow.... Stay Tuned!!

Jun 15, 2007

Random Thoughts

Okay, so I was browsing thru my photos and realized that are sooooo many posts that I have intended to write, but of course they were cast aside due to ummmm.......forgetfulness.

So here is a little photo montage to play catch-up.

Hope you enjoy!!

The first is a picture of Boston... Did you know that I-93 runs under the entire stretch of downtown. I always enjoy cruising through large cities. I was excited on my first approach to Boston. But the road began a descent towards a tunnel. A few miles later I emerged and Boston was behind me!! That sux!!

This next picture, well... Okay, let me explain. When I left out the day was gorgeous and continued to be that way for several hours. In Charlotte, NC it was a balmy 76 degrees and 50 miles later this was what I got... YES, that is ice... This picture was taken in APRIL!! As I recall, the NE had one of those freaky nor easters come thru...Lots of rain and flooding!!

Next is a couple of work pictures showing different methods of unloading. Yes, folks.. this is what I do.. I haul around bundles and bundles of aluminum.... From hurricane shutters to shower door frames.... Neat huh?? Not really, but as a minority (a female flatbedder is uncommon) I enjoy the attention it brings me. Yes, I do crave it, even thought I bitch about it later! ha ha

And Finally..... I thought there were more, but I feel I have contributed enough at this point to publish this post and be done with it....

This last one is..... well..... it is one freakin large bug... I swear his guts covered 6 inches of my windshield, right in the line of sight.. NICE!!!

Jun 12, 2007


So here I am "on the road".. I have internet service and so desperately want to post, but....

I have nothing to say!!

Instead, I give you this....Whatever!!

You Have Good Karma

In general, you like to do the right thing when it comes to others.
Your caring personality really shines through.
Sure, you have your moments of weakness - and occasionally act out.
But, all in all, you're karma is good... even with those few dark spots.

Jun 9, 2007

Customer Support

I just had the most delightful conversation with my satellite service customer representative...

A 47 minute conversation to be exact!

We talked about coaxial connections and obstructions to the dish. Reset buttons and surge protectors. Faulty cables and storm clouds. Programming and upgrades.Service calls and replacement equipment.We talked about his cell phone and his views on alien life forms. We discussed the end of the world and old cars.

He was a very chatty lad, but at least he spoke unbroken English!!

Did I Miss the Memo?

So, in the past few weeks I have been to see several shows and I am quite amazed.

While I am in no way a sophisticated lady, I was raised to believe that you should look somewhat decent when out on the town.

My father used to take me to see local community theatre in his hometown when I was a child . I remember that everyone was always dressed very nice. The men in dark suits and the ladies had lovely dresses and hats. The kids, well, we were in our Sunday Best.. At least that is how I remember it.

Driving a truck for a living, I dont always get the opportunity to dress up. I mean, its a flatbed trailer and that ensures lots of physical labor combined with dirt and grit. So, I basically wear old t-shirts and blue-jeans while working. Not the most attractive display of fashion savy, I can assure you.

Therefore, I enjoy the opportunity to play dress up, especially now that I have shed 20 pounds.

On my previous outing to watch a friend perform in her community theatre, I was surprised to see the MAJORITY of patrons dressed in shorts, blue jeans, and YES, even sweat pants! What the Hell? She told me it was casual, but sweatpants.. I had expected to see a slightly more GQ type of casual. I felt so out of place in my dress and heels.

Last night, I ventured into Qwinnett County to watch Cirque de Soleil perform Delirium. (I will post my thoughts on the evening at a later time)

And once again, I was absolutley astonished!! These people are quite comfortable in their casual attire... More shorts and tank tops, flip flops, and yes, another pair of sweatpants... I don't get it!!

Jun 8, 2007

Current Mood

I could eat 2 jars of Nutella, smoke 2 packs of cigarettes and drink 2 pitchers of margaritas... That is how I am feeling today.

Instead I will go run!!

Bah Humbug!!

Jun 7, 2007

Why Won't You Leave Me Alone ?!?

I don't know if I ever even mentioned this, but the Fisherman quit!! Well, actually he was on Workman's comp for awhile (for a false claim) and then he quit.. He had scheduled to take off for a week for vacation and while he was home doing some home improvements, he injured himself. While still on vacation, he comes into work under the false pretenses of cleaning his truck... During which, he of course staged his accident.... He verbally had told me a day before that he had injured himself at home. He told another driver as well, but then a day later he claims he did it at work.. Well, first things first.. um, he was on paid vacation and not performing any duties that apply to his job!! But he claimed it, and they paid it!!

Anyhoo, after a month on Workman's compensation, Homer calls the Fisherman and tells him to have someone clean out his truck so another driver can use it.

YAY!! He is officially gone!!


He calls me this past Sunday and begins commenting on how much he hates his new job and other assorted useless garbage.... He called another driver and raved about how wonderful his job was!!!

I am so pissed right now, but I will get to that.....

So, later in the week, Razz calls me and tells me he too has spoken with the Fisherman recently.. My name had been bought up... The Fisherman had mentioned that I had not been invited to a friends wedding and why, and then goes into other derogatory comments about me...

The so-called friends in question are some people I had met thru the Fisherman 3 years ago on a couple of brief encounters... Not bosom buddies, not even social friends, just some people I had the opportunity to cordially say hello to on more than one occasion. Should I have been upset that I was not invited to the nuptials?? He obviously thought so!! I could not have cared less.. We don't exchange greeting cards or chat on the phone, we do not socialize on the weekend, so why should this upset me.. It doesn't.... But I can only presume that he wanted it to.

Then he dropped the bomb!! This is why I am so enraged!!

He had the audacity to make comments about my social life and lack of a spouse. Something to do with my inability to "Keep A Man"...

And the worst comment of all.... "Someone ought to check and see if she has a kickstand".. Meaning that I perhaps was equipped with masculine genitalia (once again referring to my inability to secure a husband)....

HOW DARE HE!! Just who the *&$* does he think he is.. I mean damn!! he has a new job, why can't he pick on new people!! And it is not so much, what he said that disturbs me. I know why I am single and a girl has a right to be choosy. Not to mention the fact the being a truck driver has really put a damper on certain things in my life! But his meddling just really makes me want to go Jerry Springer on him.

I don't believe I will be accepting his phone calls in the future!

For those of you unfamiliar with the Fisherman, just click on the Fisherman tag below for other assorted stories.... They are not this cruel, but I don't feel like linking!!

Jun 2, 2007

How Cool Is That?

I absolutely love the Internet. Especially because you are able to connect with people all over the world.. Why am I rambling about this you might ask.

Well, last week I received an email from a girl whom I attended high school with...

"Is That You??"

It was from my "Big Sister" back in the day. We played volleyball and basketball together. We attended the same school for several years together and her mother was one of my junior high teachers.

She actually lives only an hour away from my current location, which is ironic because we both grew up in Texas!

We exchanged a few emails, with girlish enthusiasm and I discovered she participates in her local community theatre... Sweeeeeet. The show finished up this weekend and I greedily snatched up a ticket to one of the final shows.

I made the hour drive and enjoyed watching a classic Broadway musical. A Fiddler On The Roof. She had a small part as Shaindel, the mother of Motel. And she did very well... Who knew she could sing?!

After the show finished, I met her backstage and spent some time catching up. It was soooooo much fun. She had told her cast mates I was coming, and they seemed just as excited as we were!!

During her break (I attended the matinee) we giggled and laughed.. She had brought old high school year books.... Those were the days of BIG HAIR and boy, did everybody have it!! We even discussed the whereabouts of several other friends we had made contact with thru the years. Including the resident long haired rock n' roll hoodlum who just absolutely loves his career in Law Enforcement.

Just before I left, the director came rushing in and announced that my Big Sister would be playing the lead role of Golde in the evening performance. How Exciting!! I wish I could have stayed to watch her shine in the spotlight, but that performance was sold out.

We plan to get together again very soon, when we have more time to kick back and chat. But I am just so tickled to have seen her again... "Break A Leg"

BTW: I am just crazy about community theatre and this once again stirred up my passion to perform.. Another reason to get out of the Truck soon. I want a normal life!!

Look JG, you made the blog!! hee hee

Jun 1, 2007

8 Random Things

Mama Bear tagged me to participate in this meme.... I am suppose to tag folks when I get finished, but it is hard enough to get in a post sometimes, much less run around tagging people.

So, here are Eight Random Things about Moi

1) I have an extremely addictive personality.... I am surprised really, that I am not strung out on crack or meth or even marijuana for that matter. When I do anything more than lets say 3 times, it becomes a habit for me. For instance, I can go without coffee for years. One day I will want a cup, and the next thing you know I am drinking a gallon a day. Same thing with BC Powder (powdered aspirin), I will take one for a really bad headache, and whaaaa laaaa, I end up taking one every day!! Too bad I cant seem to get addicted to some really good habits!! And, no!! I am not doing crack or meth, just used it as an example because all of your die hard addicts are usually addicted to hardcore substances!!

2) I have become quite the slob!! I can't figure this one out.. Normally, everything has its place and I keep everything neat and tidy... But here lately, I will come in from work and within hours, the place looks trashed... I intend to straighten it, but inevitably I will only relocate the mess from one location to another...

3) I was uber timid throughout my entire late teens and early twenties. No self-esteem whatsoever. I think I may have missed out on some really great things during this part of my life. I walked with my head hung low and would NEVER look anyone in the eyes... Hmmmm, what's up with that?? It is funny to see it written down in words, because now... HOLY COW, now I have something to say to anyone and everyone...I pass out smiles like they are going out of style, and heaven forbid I get in on a conversation because I will end up dominating it with my silly stories!!

4) I have a hard time saying "NO" Well, not in all aspects! But when it comes to someone dumping their personal baggage on me, well I take. Even when I am frustrated beyond belief, I just sit there and listen. I offer advice, I comfort, I sympathize, I am the ultimate free therapist!! Even if it tends to add undue stress in my life, I will still listen quietly hoping the session will end soon. I just can't say NO!!

5) I hate my job!! Not really... I do enjoy the exchange of pleasantries with all the folks up north that I deliver to on a weekly basis. I occasionally enjoy the long scenic drives... Actually, I love a good two lane road, especially in a Big Truck. The Truckers crack me up!! My hate is solely devoted to the particular Rig that I am driving. It has to be the worst piece of equipment I have ever driven...The suspension absolutely sucks!! Constant bouncing!! My boobs hurt!! And now. my road rage is starting to show!!

6) Music makes the world go round.. I love music, any music!! It will elevate me to an emotional high, or reduce me to a thoughtful low.. Whatever the song maybe.. I swear music flows thru my veins, too bad I was never any good at musical instruments!

7) I absolutely abhor roaches and beetles... Snakes, mice, and spiders do not intimidate me in the least bit. Let me see a june bug and you will see a this little girl have the biggest hissy fit known to man...

8) I am a procrastinator.. Oh wait, most of you know this by now....I have several other memes that I have been tagged on, but I will get to them later..... Ha/ha

So, What Do You Think?

I have definitely been feeling the need to get out and sow some wild oats lately!! Or maybe, just get back into the dating scene... Must be this gorgeous weather!!

I HAD been chatting with a fellow who seemed relatively normal and after a few weeks, we decided to meet up for coffee.

I show up at the local Starbucks and we sit down for a rather pleasant meet and greet.. Everything is going well and I am definitely interested in an actual date.

That is until...............

He says, "Oh, I have this picture you should see."

Me: Um, okay

He then proceeds to fumble around with his phone for a bit. As if looking thru his files to pull up the picture.. I did not think anything of it at the time, but he was holding the phone at such an angle that he might have actually been snapping a few pictures during this time... Great, I can just see me now, all photo shopped out on the internets displaying someones goodies with my head attached... Sheeesh!!

He manages to pull up the picture and hands me the phone... I politely look, and then hand the phone back to him. I had expected to see a photo of a dog? a car? a vacation? a friend? family? or him?... Instead, what do I see??

An enlarged picture of his package...HIS JUNK!! His penis in all its glory.

I can just imagine the expression on my face, but he fails to notice that I am a bit in shock...Because I don't immediately say anything, he mutters, "You did not get a very good look!!" and thrusts the phone back at me.

I take the phone, and close it... I am still speechless...

He then asks, "So, what do you think?"

" I think you are a freak. Why would you do that?? Does that normally work for you? "

This look of total understanding comes over his face and he remarks that mine was not the reaction he had anticipated...

"What?? Did you think I was going to coo and giggle, proclaiming my unbridled desire to jump all over this little photographic invitation. "

He then says, "Well, I thought you might tell me how nice it looks, you know I am a full 8 inches"

Lucky for me, there was a Dunkin Donuts less than a mile away. I hated to leave my coffee unfinished, but sometimes you just gotta make sacrifices!!