Mar 29, 2009

Mistaken Identity

HA ha ha.....

Last week, I found myself in a situation that has not happened to me in a decade, and one that continues to confuse me.

You have seen pictures of me, and if you watch any of my videos, I typically have a hooded sweat shirt and jeans on while working in the winter months. So, you tell me, how does this happen?

I was taking a break in Jackson, Mississippi after unloading five stops of cabinetry. Yes, I am back to stick hauling again. It was early yet, and my next stop was Metairie, Louisiana. I could not make the next delivery until 6am the next morning, and not knowing how safe I would be in Metairie, I decided to camp out in Jackson for the night. Not to mention, I was in desperate need of a shower and some down time. I was exhausted!!  

I crashed pretty early with the intentions of getting a jump on the day and making the 3 hour drive in the dusky hours of the morning. I awoke at 3am and headed into the truck stop for a cup of joe before meandering down the Super Slab.  

When I entered the store, I made my way to the coffee pots. While doctoring up my brew, I noticed a security guard watching me. He made his way towards me and attempted to engage me in conversation.

Where ya going?

Metairie, Louisiana.

What for?

To deliver my load.

Oh, so you drive a truck?

Yes Sir!  all the while smiling sweetly and stirring my java

So, you are going to Baton Rouge to load, huh?

No, Metairie to unload.

Oh, yeah, you are going to Metairie to get loaded?

No sir, I am going to empty my trailer. I have two stops left. One in Metairie and one in Houma. Then I will drive my Big Truck back to Alabama, because I will not have to reload, and then I will be at home for the weekend before I head back to Georgia in my Big Truck.

So, how long you been driving?

I have been asleep...Now I am starting my day, that is why I am getting coffee.  ( I had to have a little fun with him) I then walked to the counter to pay, and he continued to ask redundant questions, altering the wording as if to confuse me.

If you have not figure it out by now, it was 3 am and he was a bombarding me with questions in order to find out my intentions because he suspected , perhaps that I was a Lady Of The Night. I mean, sure, why else would a woman be walking around the truck stop parking lot in the wee hours of the morning. Except to get coffee before driving off in her Big Truck to make her delivery in Metairie, Louisiana.

When I left the store, I noticed he was watching me...He even stepped outside so his view could follow me all the way to the truck...

As, I drove away, he was still staring intently, so I waved and tooted my horn.

It has been at least a decade since some figure of authority has confused my identity. The last time was in Oklahoma City, in broad daylight.....but that is another story.

Mar 28, 2009

R I P ~ Maggie

And this time I mean it.

As you may, or may not know..... Maggie is the name of my Big Truck....Er...Um  WAS the name of my Big Truck.

Maggie and I have a history together. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. She had less than a hundred miles on her when we began our relationship. But our relationship has been a rocky one right from the start. Leaks, computer issues, suspension problems, more leaks. Something seemed to go wrong every single trip. We parted ways, due to an exhaust leak that left me too disoriented to recognize my own neighborhood. After 6 weeks, we gave it another try, because hers' was the only seat that did not cut into my short legs and cut off my circulation. 

But now....I am finished with her for good.

Last week, as has become the norm, I wrote up several issues on  my inspection report. When I returned to work 3 days later, the repairs that were supposedly made did not correct the problems. Two of our drivers have recently been terminated, so I asked if I could borrow one of the newly empty trucks to give it a test drive to Miami. After loading only the required gear, I set off  with high expectations.

This borrowed truck has now become my own. The front end did not shake, rattle or weave. The suspension did not jump erratically, and best of all....The exhaust fumes only exited through the exhaust pipe. Maggie's exhaust actually was coming into the cab of the truck through the air condition vents. So, after cranking up the borrowed truck, I turned on the air and stuck my nose deep into her ducts....NO FUMES!  That alone was reason enough to make the swap.

I am so frustrated by the experiences I have lived through in my relationship with Maggie, that I no longer care about these stupid trucks. Yes, I will clean this one up and take good care of it. 

But really, I am so over it...

This week.....The engine fault light has been coming on, and the ABS does not work properly....on the newly acquired rig....I think I will just drive this one into the ground...I cannot bear to go through this again....

Other than that...this truck seems to do okay....And I still think that not having exhaust coming through the dash is enough to make me grateful. Even if I do not sound that way, I really am!!

Mar 20, 2009

Stick Hauler Extraordinaire

Last week, after finishing up my dedicated route for the week, I was heading home when I received a phone call from the BossMan. There had been a request for a driver to assist in the delivery of another dedicated account, and because I lived so close to the facility, the option was mine for the choosing.

I made the decision, after all, when is extra income not appreciated. So, I grabbed my truck and took off on my new mission. Originally, the information that was related to me included the knowledge that I would be hauling a load of cabinets to several locations in the Carolinas. However, by the time I reached the Dedicated Facility, the load had changed dramatically. 

The new assignment was to deliver a trailer load of inexpensive bedroom furniture to several locations in Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky. Very small discount furniture stores, where the product had to be delivered to the front door.

Initially I had extreme reservations about completing this task. The first being that I am a petite female, and the load required that the driver tailgate the entire load... (Tailgating is the expression used when a driver has to physically move all items to the rear opening of the trailer, then to be unloaded by the customer)   Tailgating is not so bad, but bedroom furniture !!!  We are talking dressers and chests and entertainment cabinets, along with many smaller items.  Items stacked well over my head. Bulky items with a substantial amount of bulky weight....ME....a little bitty girl.......and a trailer load of furniture.  

But, oh, how I love a challenge..

 The second issue that left me cringing was the fact that it was to be delivered in Illinois.

Now, I do not have a tremendous problem with the thought of traveling through the Land Of Lincoln (the speed restrictions are frustrating) but the real concern is that when someone mentions Illinois, I automatically think of Chicago.   I know, I run New York City with an absolute fierce loyalty. So, why should Chicago be so intimidating to me. Well, to answer your question, I have spent my fair share of time in the Windy City, and just have no desire to go back. The last time I made that trip, I saw a horrible fatality happen in my immediate proximity...Watched it happen...and well, I just do not think I could revisit the scene without reliving the emotions of that.

Because I had already obligated myself to this run, I pressed on.  Whew!!  Lucky for me, Chicago was not on the route!!

I had several stops in each state, and quickly discovered that being a Stick Hauler was not so bad....Yes....I am SERIOUS.  You see, I like to work!!  I detest driving for two days to sit at a dock for hours before driving 2 more days to sit at a dock...I need activity..One of the reasons, I love my job....I have been known to tell people that I work in NYC, and I just have a really long commute to get to work.   So, you see, I really did enjoy this!  I made several stops and quickly learned the most efficient method to remove the items.  By the time it was over, I had hand delivered over 200 pieces of furniture...

Hopefully this little jewel will fall into my lap again. I told the manager of the account to give me a call anytime he had a load he needed to cover. He just happened to call back this week, while I was  in Miami, so I was unable to help.  But at least he thought of me.. He also told me that by the time I had finished delivering the load, he had already received a call asking if I could be permanently placed on this account because I was the most awesome stick hauler they had ever met..Okay, maybe that is a little extreme, but I was given recognition for a job very well done! Funny thing though, I was not looking to get recognition, I just wanted to get home, and well, I do enjoy working hard, so that made is easier for me!

I am the most awesome Stick Hauler ever!!!!

Down Under

I just felt the need to share....

Absolutely Breathtaking!!

The Dawning of a New Day!!

These photographs were taken by a friend, specifically for me!!  Thanks so much!!!  Maybe I will one day be able to behold the prodigious performance that Mother Nature puts on in the land of Oz!!  It IS stunning, isn't it...

Mar 16, 2009

There IS a First Time For Everything

I can honesty say that in all of my years of Trucking, the following story has never happened to me before now..This is truly a first time experience, and therefore, I knew I had to share it with you.

Last week, after finishing up my weekly routine with the Aluminum Company, I was loaned out to  another company to help out with an extra run. I agreed to do it because it got me and the truck home, eliminating my commute in the Pony Car.

What I didn't consider was the fact that I had obligated myself to quite a hefty haul, but that is another post. So after working overtime, I made it home for a 48 hour break, completely exhausted. On Sunday, several extraordinary events occurred, leaving me a little bumfuzzled. For example, I had several long time acquaintances, er, um, somewhat declare their more than passing adoration for me. Okay, 2 fellows asked me out, and a third just mentioned he was hooked!!

Also, one of our long term drivers was fired, leaving the rest of us to only speculate why. 

I attribute all of these events to be the cause of what happened next.

I was told my route would start in Goodwater, Alabama.  I asked another driver which exit I needed to find the customer, as I can never remember the exit number. He looked at me funny when I told him what route I was planning to take, but he never said a word. I set forth on my journey, Goodwater on the brain, along with professions of love, aching muscles, and a fear of losing my job.

A few hours later, I arrived at the customer, preparing for a peaceful nights sleep, when it suddenly dawned on me, that I was not in Goodwater. You see, we have a customer in Alabama who has several different locations. I was at the right customer, just the wrong town.  So, I set forth again, heading to the real Goodwater...

I have never in my life, driven to the wrong location.

The next morning, I got unloaded and before heading out to stop number two, I was groped by an 83 year old fork lift driver......Niiiiicccceeeeeeeee!!

Oh well, all is well that ends well, and although I added an additional hour to my trip, the feeble fingers coping a feel of me arse, made it all worth while , don't ya think!!

What a minute, that is two FIRST's...........

Mar 14, 2009

Natural Disasters

Wow!  I had an incredibly busy week... Travelling through multiple states, pulling multiple loads, I am exhausted. 

But during the course of this week's adventures, I stumbled upon a few natural disasters. I know that we respond to these events and comfort and care for those who have been affected, but I cant help but think that this is all part of the plan...You know, Mother Natures way of spring cleaning.

First, I witnessed another brush fire in Southern Florida. The odd part was, as I was heading south towards Medley, there was no indication of anything awry, but less than 2 hours later, heading back northbound, I noticed the billowing smoke clouds.  This makes the third wildfire I have seen in Florida in 2 weeks.

Later, on Friday, while heading home from an additional route, I traversed down the Pennyrile Parkway in Kentucky, and witnessed first hand the destruction left behind from the ice storms.  

Mar 13, 2009

Too Close To Home

By now, I am sure most of you have read or heard of the terrible tragedy that occurred in Geneva County , Alabama this week..

I received a phone call, the morning after. The first tidbits of information started to trickle through the drivers phone calls....At first , not much was clear on the exact details, except that something had happened at Reliable, one of our biggest Alabama customers.  Through the next several hours, I went through a wide  range of emotions. Fearing the worst...Dreading the news  that my friends and customers were on the victims list. The killer's name was so familiar....As the details started pouring in, I soon realized that none of the people I know had been attacked, but rather innocent bystanders and the killer's own family. His name......I know that name.

One of our drivers had just delivered at that plant....I was grateful to see the Receiver standing on the dock in the television news coverage.....My thoughts were very random as well as my emotions.... I could not comprehend... This is just way to close to home.....

Mar 8, 2009

The Things We Do For Love

During the course of the past several weeks, I have been able to remain at home until Sunday before heading out on each week's new journey. These new routes have suited me well! But, with living in such close proximity to my niece, I am also required to make sure and tell her GoodBye before I leave town.

Last week, her tender little heart was broken! When she had awoken that morning, a tiny amount of snow had blanketed the ground.. You should be aware that this is only the third time in her life she has ever witnessed snow first hand. Wanting to experience the fluffy white goodness for herself, she begged to be able to miss Church, this one time... Her requests denied.....

When she arrived home a mere 3 hours later, the ground was no longer fluffy or white. Needless to say, she shed quite a few tears that day.

2 hours later!!
This morning, I received a phone call from her asking if I could possibly wait for her to get home before I headed out...My intentions were to leave while she was gone. But I could hear the first sniffles and imminent heart break in her voice, so I sit here waiting for my best friend to come home...A hug is all she needs and then she will send me on my way... Yes, I will see her again within a 4 day period, but I seem to remember a time in my life when I would also cry over a departure, even though I knew that person would be back soon!  Who knows.....she may outgrow me one day, so I gotta get all the loving while I can!!

Mar 7, 2009

Min Min Lights

Owyagoinmate?    HA HA....

Recently, while having a chat with a new friend of mine, we got caught up in telling Old Trucker Stories...First I must caution you to be very careful what you believe when it comes to a Trucker telling you a story, they have been known to embellish a few details.

Anyways, he delighted me with a tale regarding the Australian Min Min Lights, and a ruse he had used to , shall we say, errrrr, motivate another driver!!

During his charismatic presentation of the aboriginal myth used in his harmless little prank, I realized that I HAVE SEEN these lights...Okay, so maybe not in OZ ( Australia), but I was in Kansas, and isn't that where Dorothy was from before she encountered the Wizard (of OZ).... And maybe these were not the actual Min Min Lights....But I did witness this very same phenomenon...And I must say, it scared the poo out of me.

Here is my tale, as best remembered from approximately 9 years ago...

I was traveling south on US 183 through Kansas, heading towards the Interstate... It was late into the night and traffic was light. Approximately 15 miles from the Big Road, I began to notice this strange occurrence in the heavens...I slowed, naturally , to get a better glimpse.  I had not seen any traffic for awhile, but as I crept further south, gazing into the night sky, I came upon 5 cars stopped in the middle of the highway.  Hey, if you cant beat em, join em... So, I stopped too, which allowed me to get an even better look. 

What I witnessed was truly mystifying. Terrifying even!!

There seemed to be a flock of lights....These lights were hovering in the air about 50 feet due east, and no more than 40 feet off the ground. The lights themselves were orb shaped with a brilliant beam shining forward into their trajectory. I say "flock" because their movement resembled that of a flock of geese...There was one brilliant illumination followed by 20-25 smaller orbs in a typical flock pattern.  The beam projected from a glowing sphere... Once the lights had passed, you could no longer see the glowing orbs, just the beam of light that extended forward. They moved in unison, much like birds, moderately changing elevation, but enough to know this was not a simple refraction of headlights on another road. These lights were moving on their own....At one point, the largest orb stopped, and its glowing beacon scanned an area of 180 degrees, before continuing north. That is when we all decided to get a move on!!!

Before stumbling upon this strange phenomenon, I had been very tired and in earnest pursuit of a place to bed down for the night.  Remarkably, however, when it had passed, I had absolutely no intention of stopping my truck and going to sleep any where in the entire state...

Often, I had wondered what exactly I had seen.. In telling this story to others, I often remarked that it was light seeing a flock of radio active ducks, with flashlights tape to their bills, except there were no ducks.....Just hovering flashlights.......

But now, thanks to the Man Of The Hour, I no longer have to fear aliens trying to track me down. Seriously, that whole probing thing sort of scares me!!!!

Can NO ONE Get it RIGHT??

I will try to keep this one short and sweet.....Just like me!!!  

Last week my laptop's power cord failed... The model I needed was not in stock.

I ordered one on line and paid extra to have it shipped Next Day!!

I received it 2 days later (YAY)...

This is what I got....

This is a two piece unit sold together as a single item, but for some strange reason, the two pieces are not compatible.....

Enough Said....I feel a few four letter expletives coming........

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!!

Are You Even Surprised ??

By now, most of you have realized that I seem to have a very unfortunate streak running through my veins....Yes, Gary, I do have good luck, but it is the small wonders that surround me that I consider to be my good fortune. I am blessed in the sense, that even the simplest moment in time can bring sheer delight to my life.

As for this post, we will journey back into the land of the mechanics.....

First, I have had suspension problems for at least 6 months now. The good news is that in trying to locate the exact problem, I have been given new gas shocks, which is a definite improvement over the original ones that came with the truck. Also, I have received a new leveling valve....But this is where the failure actually began....My valve had failed and the local shop replaced it. They pulled me to the side and told me there was a noise resembling an air leak and that I should pay it no attention.  While I agree, there is a noise resembling an air leak while the valve is actually being used, but this sound is only the air bags adjusting the suspension and you only notice it after moving the truck, or stopping. Then it only lasts until the frame is level. My noise is an air leak, and it is very noticeable anytime you are out of the truck. As long as you have air pressure, the valve leaks....and will continue to do so until you are out of air. For example, after turning off the motor, my leveling valve will continue to leak air for hours!!!  Not the standard amount of time to level out....It is a LEAK, and I have never had a valve that was made to leak intentionally...............  But I am suppose to ignore it......

But the biggest problem with this valve, is when I start out, it actually fills the bags well beyond the desired amount. Therefore jacking my frame up and throwing my drive line into an awkward angle thus, causing a vibration to shimmy throughout the truck while I am driving....Until I slow down, then the bags drop and magically the vibration disappears.... But, if you look at the gauges, it will show to be dropping while I am driving, and rising when I stop... A complete contradiction. How do I know?  I filmed it!!!     but the footage is trapped in a computer with no power, so you will have to wait for that one....

 Soon, I will have worn out major components of my drive line....You think maybe then the might believe me when I tell them my leveling valve is bad??   I hope so...I hope that little video will get somebodies attention..I filmed it one hour after parking the truck and turning off the motor....ONE should never take a leveling valve ONE HOUR to level itself, therefore I am pretty confident that it is a &*%#ing leak...  I have begged anyone of these "trained technicians" to just listen to me......for months........  

Do I hear Tennessee calling me again?  If you are wondering why I have not already addressed this issue with my Heroes, it is because I do not want to overwhelm them with too many requests at one time....I think the exhaust leak had more priority, along with the crazy computer problems, and I do not get through there regularly...I was expected at that shop to discuss this issue 2 weeks ago, but got pulled from the gravy run that led me to their doorstep.....I have actually had 4 other shops tell me to learn to  live with it!   BLOODY WANKERS!!!!

Lets just  hope the video is my truck's salvation........

Mar 6, 2009

The Mayor (the extended version)

Oh Dear, where was I at.........

Before embarking on my final journey of the week, I received a few phone calls from the Mayor. He offered to wait for me so we might be able to pass the time more quickly heading over to the scrap mill. After submitting several excuses, he finally agreed to preamble the course, allowing me to maintain my sanity for at least another 12 hours. Sheeeeesh, that was close..

We agreed to meet at a truck stop the next morning and embark on the final leg as the Dynamic Duo... I must mention that just knowing I was to remain in his company was enough to elevate a level of tension, even before he actually had the opportunity to take action.

Since we were both without trailers, we agreed that if no bobtail parking was available, we would share a parking spot in order to remain courteous to others who might need a spot to camp out. I quickly found him nestled into a spot and proceeded to back in, in front of him, thus placing his engine compartment directly behind my bed. I should have known better, but I did not want to awaken with him facing me. Amongst other demands I had placed upon him, I requested that because the mill did not open until 8am, I had intentions of sleeping in as late as possible. I assured him, I would be motivated by no later than 7:15am.

{The Oldest Trick In The Book}

At approximately 6am, I was startled from my slumber by a very obnoxious noise. " I know he didn't"....I attempted to settle back in for the remainder of my nap, and 15 minutes later, I heard it again...His AIRHORN, blaring into my head from the short distance I had allocated to him by backing in. I managed to not utter any four letters words out loud, and proceeded to commence my day. I had no more than arisen (still in my jammies) before he started knocking on my door. Now, at this point, it is not even 6:30, we had agreed to let me sleep in. I rolled down my window and glared at his blissfully ignorant expression.

"How many times did you blow your horn?" grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

He stuttered and fumbled through his reply, " Oh, sorry about that. I was just filling in my log book and forgot the air horn was (essentially the entire surface of the steering wheel, not including the spokes) on top of the steering wheel.It was an accident!" Yeah!! sure it was, just like it is an accident the other 200 hundred times you have done the exact same thing...You know, I would think, after driving this particular piece of equipment for over 14 months, he would know exactly where his horn his located...And he does, but he doesn't realize that we all are very aware of his wake-up calls. Even though he has pulled this stunt on everyone of us, at least a handful of times, a piece. I assure you, he was not doing his log book, he was just anxious to get going and sit in the mill parking lot for an hour before they opened..I guess to beat the rush....Ummm, yeah, there is no rush, we are not delivering, we are pulling out trailers from docks that are only used by US!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! But off we go.......

The two trailers we were to retrieve were our new hard body scrap trailers that have been customized to include an electric tarp system. With an adapter mounted on the cab of the truck, we have the capacity to open and close the tarp. My .....ummmmm.......well.......TOO SHORT........ha, go figure!! So, because my power supply will not reach the power box to engage said tarp system, I requested that the Mayor hook to the first trailer, as the second trailer had no tarp! Not 3 minutes later, the Mayor states, " I guess I will get the second trailer....." I let him, and than reminded him I could not coerce the tarp mechanism into activity due to my improperly structured power cable.... (hee hee hee, those silly mechanics).....So after watching him unnecessarily create extra work for himself (whilst I was giggling madly to myself) I reminded him again, of the conversation that we had just finished 3 minutes prior to our arrival....Finally...I hook to the uncovered trailer and thought I should probably also mention that he needed to pull forward before closing the tarp because he was situated directly beneath some overhead power lines..When activated, the tarp mechanism reaches a height of well over 25 feet, so overhead clearance is of the utmost importance.

I make my way around the front of his truck to enlighten him....As I turn to walk back in front of him, heading towards my rig, he begins to move forward with me directly in his path....I scramble to safety, opting for a retreat rather than pushing forward. He stops!!! and smiles.....I walk forward again...He moves again.....I retreat.....He smiles.....After the third time...I am perplexed by his actions and decide to walk behind him, even though my tractor is only 10 feet away from the front of his truck. After it was all said and done, and I had reined in my state of discombobulation, I inquired as to why he would not let me pass in front of him...." I did not know what you were doing!"he replies with that little smile of his........grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Next up....It is time for dispatch. We head into a truck stop to receive a facsimile with the intended routes listed for next week. After perambulating about for 15 minutes, I ask if he is ready to go! He says sure, but he needs to get the fax number and tell dispatch to send us the list.....UGH!! I thought that is why we stopped....What had he been doing for the past 15 minutes??? I never place my bid with the help of the LIST..I usually have dispatch ramble off the stops and mileage and make my decision per verbal transaction, but he needs the list to make his decision...therefore, I had agreed to stop...I walked back to my truck allowing him time to get it together, and thought about driving off without him, but I try not to be too nasty and rude...Remember, that which does not kill you, only makes you stronger, and we can all use a lesson in patience on occasion. So, I waited....and waited......and waited......

When we finally made it back to the plant...I had my gear stowed away in my car and my paperwork completed in a flash......I had had enough!!....With tires squealing, and dust flying, I scrambled back towards the realm of sanity...

Whew! Good thing I don't run with him my temperament would surely decline if I were to remain in his presence on a continual basis....

Happy Trails!!!!

Dramatic Pause

Well, it seems I was almost on a roll there for a few posts.

I often consider the Internet, and my laptop to be a superfluous luxury. But this week, when my power adapter suddenly ceased to function, I realized just how much I rely on this modern marvel to sustain continued entertainment in my life. I have a new one ordered, as my model is not in stock, so I should be up and ranting in no time. Until then, I have confiscated my Sister-n-Laws PC to fill in the blanks. shhhhhhhhh!!

Mar 1, 2009

Ignorance Is Bliss

I left off having received the wonderful news that I would be spending some time with the "The Mayor".

First of all, I should tell you a little bit about him. He is a good man! He is blissfully happy. He would go out of his way to do anything for me, and treats me like a daughter. of my biggest pet peeves is ignorance, and while he is not a stupid or unintelligent man, he is blissfully ignorant.

Let me give you an example. A few months ago, there were 3 of us picking up new scrap trailers in Indiana. Upon completing our mission, he asked which way did we need to go. We were at the main highway, and had only two options. North or South.. We arrived coming from the South. So, it was pretty obvious that a southbound heading would lead us back home. I am pretty sure Georgia has always been south of Indiana.   Okay, maybe not such a good example.....

How about this one....A few weeks ago we were traveling together. The temperatures outside were a brisk 10-15 degree.  I am sure all of you are aware that at such a cold temperature, there are no bugs splattering the windshields!! Well, surprisingly, I did have one huge bug go splat. It shocked me!! So, over the airwaves, I said to the Mayor..."Guess what just hit my windshield.."  I had expected such responses as a rock, or bird poop.  But the Mayor, in utter seriousness remarked back with.........

A PILLOW.......

What....did he just say Pillow??  I don't know about you, but I have never been anywhere that pillows were pelting the windshields....I had no reply.....

Another time, he was literally pushing a fourwheeler down the highway..I noticed the driver of the car was getting nervous and weaving a little, only after having the grill of a truck blocking his entire view out the rear window. I do not think this person was drunk, or distracted, just nervous! We were in a 55 zone, and restricted to two lanes...I immediately backed off at least 200 yards, giving them all the room they needed to battle this out.. I don't believe in pushing!!  You never know how the person in the car might react, and I do not want to be responsible for their death, so I don't push!!  After traveling several miles this way, a Police Officer made his way up an entrance ramp just as the Mayor was passing it. He was quickly pulled over and cited for following too closely.

The thing about this that irritates me, is after the fact, the Mayor ranted and raved for 2 days about the injustice of it all. He was told the fourwheeler had called in for help, because of the aggressive Big Truck tailgating him...He could not understand what he had done wrong, and thought the Officer was just abusing his authority..I myself was not surprised at all, and had remarked that I could not believe he was pushing the little guy. I though he deserved the ticket, but the Mayor maintained his innocence. I watched the entire procession, and to me, he was clearly guilty...But, the Mayor also has the habit of running down two lanes at 68 mph.. He is one of those people that goes as fast as he can at all times, regardless of the laws.. I fear the day he hits a child, or car load of people on one of these small country roads. but still he sees no harm in his blatant disregard for safety....

One last example....I was following him.....and as he weaved across his lane several times, crossing the white/yellow lines, and could not maintain a constant speed, I asked if everything was okay.  He remarked....I am just checking my emails......  Are you serious???   If you think you are such an awesome driver that you can give your attention to something other than the road before you.....well, you are a bloody idiot!!!  I have seen several people end up in mangled vehicles because they were checking emails, reading books, surfing the web, or watching a movie.....while driving....  I think I am an awesome driver..... a little aggressive up in the City perhaps, but I am fully aware of everything going on around me. I drive looking ahead a few miles.  You will never catch me distracted by modern technology...And shame on you for thinking you are just so awesome that you don't need to pay attention to what is going on around you... It only takes a split second to end a life.....

But my point was this.... He is blissfully ignorant. He sees no harm in his poor driving habits, and his thought process somewhat astounds me.......... A freaking PILLOW  ????

So, it is all I can do to follow him anywhere without blowing a fuse or wanting to beat my face into the asphalt....I usually try to hold my tongue, my jaws in a death grip to not yell at him for his stupid maneuvers....And he does often ask why I cannot keep up....

I don't want any part of what is going to happen around him, so I refuse to keep up!!!  and this journey was surely to be no exception..

A pillow...........indeed!!