Jan 27, 2007

27 Reasons to Watch Where You Step!!

In my quest for a leaner body, I have begun to walk 5 miles a day. Lucky for me, only a quarter of a mile from home there is a lovely little pond with a 1/2 mile walking trail that encircles it.

It is a very beautiful walk indeed, with exotic grasses and ornamental trees planted to help beautify the area.

On several occasions, I have witnessed wildlife frolicking about the pond., but I have yet to capture any images on camera. Deer, beaver, squirrels, woodpeckers, and today I viewed the newest creature to take up residence . A Blue Heron. He was gorgeous and so graceful.

I hated to disturb him, but after all I am on a fitness quest. Every time I got close to him, he would glide to the opposite side of the water and gaze intently at me. After several laps, he finally found a spot he felt comfortable in and no longer fled as I drew closer. I should tell you about the time I stumbled upon a doe and her fawn. I got so close to them that I could have touched her. But she was frightened away when a bicyclist approached!
Yes, I am a regular little "Snow White"
While the walk was very lovely indeed. I was a bit dismayed to find the local canine community had defaced the pathway... 27 Times!! The pathway itself is a strip of asphalt roughly 8' wide. On the pond side is an average of 15' of earth leading down to the water, and the opposite side of the walkway is a vast expanse of forest and fields... But yet the pathway was a minefield of poop!! Uggghhhhhh!!

Thru My Eyes

Ladies and Gentlemen, It is Photo Friday.

My buddy out on The Island has come up with a wonderful theme. So I have decided to play along. Thanks Long Island Dad! That was an awesome idea.

I know I am a day late, but who claim blame me. After all, I am the reigning Queen of Procrastination!

Oh I just love sunsets. Actually, I love any view that Mother Nature has to offer. These are 2 of my favorites. Don't you just love the colors..No, I did not edit these!!

Come on everybody, get in on the action!! After all, who doesn't love to look at pictures. So go start your own Photo Friday!!

Jan 26, 2007

Love Connection

I have mentioned before that my mother is a bit overly concerned about my status in life. I had toyed with the idea of creating a fictional boyfriend to ease her concerns a bit, because she cant seem to grasp the fact that I AM OKAY with being single, for now.

So this week I had the opportunity to come across several fellows interested in sharing their phone numbers with me... I graciously accepted the numbers and discreetly shared them with the dumpster.. *hee hee*

Now on a weekly basis I chat with Moms on the phone. During this ritual she occasionally inquires as to whether my status has improved. (Her word, not mine) Because I love a good giggle, I occasionally feed her tidbits of my adventures to get her going... So this week, I was feeling a bit playful and told her of the encounters I had experienced this week. Right on cue, she starts in with the questions.

Do you need a passport to go to Canada? You might think about getting one so you could go to Montreal. (one of the guys was Canadian)
Massachusetts is not too far away, Do you think you could get that load every week? May be you could meet him for dinner once a week.
You might like having a younger man as your boyfriend, it will keep you feeling young (one of them was only about 21-22).

I know, it is rather not nice to tease her in this way. But I gave up long ago trying to explain things outright... And you know what they say, "if you can't beat em.....join em".

So rather than let her disappointment affect my mood, I just go with the flow and get a good laugh out of the response. I do this discreetly , of course.

Ring Around the Freakin' Rosie Already!!

There is one issue in Truckin' that I have to deal with on a daily basis. And it annoys the s#!t out of me.

Now in this day and age, there are quite a few more ladies driving the Big Rigs than in years past. I feel safe to say that the appearance of these women somewhat varies and breaks down into roughly 3 categories. 25% are typically older women who team drive with their husbands and have a very nice appearance. 25% are younger woman who maintain a nice appearance and demeanor while at work. And the remaining 50% are those who seem to have a lack of concern for their general health or appearance. Obese women, with stained clothing and a donut hanging out of their mouths. They typically also have a nasty attitude. Although I am not intending to judge these women for their position in life, I think it is very sad that they choose to present themselves this way.

So naturally when the male truck drivers roll up on one of the nicer looking women, they tend to over react and sometimes make a fool of themselves... They act as if they have never seen a woman before. Dont get me wrong, it is not all men who behave this way, but the ones that do really leave an impression!!

On the way home this week I had to deal with this issue for an unusually long amount of time. It all started in North Carolina. #1 passes me and proceeds to pull over in front of me and slow down. Naturally, after a few miles I decide to go ahead and take back the lead. After all, he is hindering my progress and I am eager to get home. In a few minutes, he makes the pass again. This time with a big goofy grin on his face. Once again slowing down, I make my move yet again. The third time he passes me he is waving like a lunatic . We played this game for over 25 miles and eventually he moves on down the road. But not before another fellow gets in on the action. And then a third. From an aerial view, I can imagine we look like a bunch of nutshells with a peanut hidden underneath. Find the hidden peanut!! Just like a magician proving the hand is faster than the eye. You know the game.
I was just about to get over my mental ranting about how stupid these men were behaving when 3 more show up for some fun and games!! Now these guys all worked for one company and were talking discreetly on an alternate CB channel. The first one spotted me and conveyed his discovery to his co-workers, who then in turn had to "check out the babe" This time the antics lasted well over 25 miles. I think the worst part of this so called situation is when they do the passing, they tend to forget which lane they are supposed to be traveling in. Sometimes they ease into my lane with me, but even better than that is when they ease off the edge of the roadway! That snaps em' back into reality. Once they drop a few tires off the pavement, they usually get embarrassed and drive away.

When I started this post I admit that I was complaining about the situation, but now upon finishing it, I once again see the humor in it. If only it did not happen on a regular basis!

I also am not intending to give male truckers a bad rap. It is only about 10% who carry on this idiotic behavior...

Strike Three... Your Outta Here!!

I am often amazed at some of the skills (or lack thereof) that many truck drivers have acquired these days. I am proud to say that in 8 years of Truckin', I have only been charged with two minor accidents. And one of them happened while I was 30 miles away from the scene of it!! Can you say Insurance Scam??

This week I had the pleasure of being truly amazed and yet baffled beyond my wildest dreams. I had a delivery to make in Woburn Massachusetts. Upon arrival, I was quickly informed that there would be major delays in the unloading process. It seems that one particular fellow had run into some problems with being able to maneuver his truck... When instructed to drive into the building, he seem to forget about checking his clearance. The doorway allows for an additional 2 foot clearance on each side of the truck. Somehow he managed to position his tractor in such a way that he tore out the railing for the overhead door. He was then instructed to try and back out so the damage could be surveyed and repaired. Obviously, this was easier said than done. Next he managed to knock out the cinder block wall that had previously held the damaged railing. So he is two for two...

If that wasn't bad enough, he then managed to collide with another truck while repositioning to be unloaded... Come On!!!

At this point, enough was enough and everyone present halted all operations in order to attend to this situation and get this guy out of there. After a mere 4 1/2 hour delay, I was safely unloaded and on my way. This little fiasco cost me an additional day on the road!!

Because I feel I have mastered the fine art of maneuvering my Big Rig, it simply astounds me that people can make such stupid moves. After all I am only 5' tall and can barely be seen above my steering wheel. Yet I have never damaged any property, never back into anything, never run over anything, never been the object of someones scrutiny over poor driving skills. I have mastered NYC for Pete's sake, and this city was not designed for 53' trailers...

You probably don't want to know this, but there are actually companies out there who teach individuals to "Learn to Drive the Big Rigs" in less than a one month period. I approached one individual who had recently "graduated" and was having a hard time backing up his trailer. When I asked him how he managed to pass the course with very limited backing capabilities, he replied " They told me to avoid backing up!!"

I don't know about you, but that scares the crap out of me!! I probably should have kept that info to myself, but I felt you should know. It is important to always be cautious around trucks. You never know what kind of idiot is driving, or just how well he was trained!!

Jan 25, 2007


Who voted for this governor any way??

Due to insurance regulations, most of the larger trucking companies are required to have governors placed on the truck motors, to limit how fast the truck can run. (For those who weren't aware of this, that is why Big Trucks seem to be in the way all the time. Limited road speed means longer passing time)

Unfortunately for me, mine is governed...

Along with other guidelines, my Company requests that we do not idle the trucks for long periods of time in order to save on fuel costs.. As an incentive, they have come up with a reward system which monitors the truck and gives the driver an extra 3 mph if they can maintain less than 25% percent idle time.

I am proud to report I have been enjoying my additional 3 mph for several months. Not hard to do, if you just shut off the truck every time you stop.. Winter has been so mild that sleeping without heat has not been a problem. Until this week!! From Sunday night until Wednesday afternoon the temps never got above 26 degrees. Needless to say, my 25% allowance should have left me with plenty of time to idle the engine and stay warm... Your crazy if you think I am going to risk hypothermia for 3 mph.

Oh but noooooo. Some idiot, decided to reset the computers on Monday night. Two days into my work week. Therefore eliminating all of my accumulated driving time. What does this mean, you might ask.. It means my percentage went skyrocketing to 100% within a matter of seconds. Okay , so I only lost 3MPH. So much for incentives...

Winter Wonderland

As I mentioned before (or did I?? Hmmm) I headed up to Long Island Sunday for the beginning of my weekly excursion. 44 Degrees when I left the house. The temperature slowly began to drop, the further I went.. By the time I made it to Charlotte NC (4.5 hours), the temp had dropped to 33. Another hour and I am in Virginia.

Virginia was experiencing a very slight ice storm, but enough to send travellers spinning off into the ditches. At one point, while cruising up the highway, a car began to slip and slide directly in front of me. Fishtail to the left... Fishtail to the right... back to the left...and to the right...KA BAM!! Front fender into the concrete divider... 180...rear fender into the guardrail.... She finally came to rest on the side of the road with the tires stuck in a ditch. Now the scary part of the story is the fact that she was no more than one hundred feet in front of me, losing control. And beside me was another Big Rig, so I had no where to go. Although we both managed to come to a complete stop without sliding, it was quite the white-knuckle experience there for a moment.

By the time I reached PA, the icy conditions had diminished and I was left with little more than a few flurries. So here is my contribution to winter weather photos:

Oh, and by the way, the ice I picked up in Virginia stayed with me for 3 days. Time to get the truck washed, don't you think??

All is Fair In Love and Truckin'

I think the Fisherman knows!!

Jan 20, 2007

DS Week 9

Oops, I almost forget to post this!

15.6 total loss to date..

Jan 19, 2007

Local Deliveries

This week I had the privilege of running local all week, which means lots and lots of home time.. I say local (390 miles round trip) because I am normally travelling in excess of 2000 miles in a single trip, with a total of 10+ deliveries..

Local deliveries , however consist of only one stop at a predetermined aluminum plant to pick up all of the loose scrap metal, which we then bring back to our plant to be melted down and extruded. (Why am I posting this??) Because I always get a kick out of watching my trailer go sky high. And I wanted to share the experience with you..

Or maybe, I just have nothing else to say at this point... It seems I might have stumbled on that "Bloggers Block" that plagues my brother from time to time..

What Was I Thinking....

I have received my load assignment for the following week and while I am excited, I am a little concerned for my comfort.. It has been such a pleasant winter so far and I completely dodged the ice storm that swept across the nation the past few days. So that means I have been relatively nice and toasty thus far...

My excitement is due to the fact that I will be heading up to the Big Apple this week... (I have this crazy fascination with NYC).. Starting out on Long Island, then off to Queens, the Bronx, a few stops in CT and various points in Mass.

My concern is due to the fact that I just checked the weather.... I shall not see a temperature above freezing during my entire trip.. Brrrrrrr . Normally the cold invigorates me tremendously, but with the current local temps having been in the 70s for most of the winter season.. I fear I shall freeze my tail feathers off. Oh, and by the way, only a 20% chance of snow!!

Jan 17, 2007

The Proverbial Question

If a Tree falls in the forest and no one is present to hear it, does it still make a noise??

The answer is YES!! Especially if that tree is in a forest with a highway running through the middle of it. And it falls in the direction of an electric pole that connects power lines from one side of the highway to the other... The noise it makes is approximately 15 disgruntled truck drivers who are stuck waiting at the scene for the power company to assess and repair the situation.

When I got to the scene there were only a few of us Big Riggers, but several cars!! After 10-15 minutes, the automobile drivers began to make U-turns and exit stage right. Now, of course this was not an option for the rest of us.. The power company told us that we were looking at an approximate 2 hour delay.....

so much for making good time

Every so often throughout this waiting period, another truck would arrive on the scene..Completely unaware, he was sure to ask the question "Whats the problem?"
"Tree fell and power lines are down over the highway" After repeating this response several times, one of the drivers suggested we come up with an alternative story...

So roughly 15 minutes later another Trucker meanders up to the site and asks about the dilemma.. Quick as I could (I had the microphone in hand when I saw him approaching, not to be outdone by someone else) I respond with "There is an escape convict in the area and they have him cornered up in a tree. Law enforcement will not let us move for fear someone will get shot."

Not a sound was made for at least 60 seconds..... Tick Tock Tick Tock. And then a somber voice comes over the radio...."Damn, that was pretty good"

True to their word, 2 hours and 2 minutes after the road was closed, we were once again on our way...

You know what really blows... I was 4.3 miles from my final destination when I came upon the site... My final destination was HOME... So much for making good time.

Out of The Mouths of Babes

Although I dont have children of my own, I do love to hear the witty responses that children can come up with! I received an email on said subject and felt the need to share it with you.

So in responses to all the Helper-isms, Talker-isms and so forth, Here Goes:

A First Grade Teacher in Virginia presented her pupils with the first half of a well known proverb and then asked them to finish it. Its hard to believe these were actually done by 6 year olds, because their insight just might surprise you!!

1. Don't change horses...............................Until they stop running
2. Strike while the .....................................Bug is close
3.It is always darkest before....................Daylight Saving Time
4.Never underestimate the power of......Termites
5.You can lead a horse to water but........How?
6.Dont bite the hand that..........................looks dirty
7.No news is................................................Impossible
8.A miss is as good as a.............................Mister
9.You cant teach an old dog new.............math
10.If you lie down with dogs, you will....stink in the morning
11.Love all, Trust......................................Me
12.The pen is mightier than the..............pigs
13.An idle mind is......................................the best way to relax
14.Where there is smoke, there is..........pollution
15.Happy the bride who...........................gets all the presents
16.A penny saved is..................................not much

17.Two's company, three's......................the Musketeers
18.Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry and.......You have to blow our nose
19.If at first you dont succeed.................buy new batteries
20You get out of something only what you..............................see in the picture on the box
21.When the blind lead the blind.............Get out of the way
And last but not least
22.Better late than....................................Pregnant

Jan 15, 2007

The Calm After the Storm...

Well, I must say... After signing up for the MySpace account, the deluge of "Friend Requests" was a tad bit overwhelming. 231 in a mere 36 hour period... Although at first I had a negative reaction, it seems that all is well in my little corner of CyberSpace. DENY, DENY, DENY... Sorry folks, if you don't know me-then you will not be misrepresented as one of my friends!!

On a more positive note, I was very pleased to find a few profiles of long lost friends.. One in particular sent a torrential outpouring of emotion through my very being... My First Love...

I sent out a few messages, and received some back... Reliving the glory days via email!! So, I have changed my initial impression... Not such a bad place to be after all...

By the way, I sent a message to the guy who first stole my heart all those years ago and I am waiting to see if I will get a response.... He better hurry up though... my heart is pounding and I haven't been able to breathe in two days!!

Jan 13, 2007

My Space

What a bunch of losers..... After following others lead, I decided to sign up for a MySpace account....What a joke... I am on there for less than one day and already have literally hundreds of emails... They are circling like vultures folks... Does anyone really take this stuff seriously?? What is wrong with the world today?? Does nobody have real friends anymore?? While I do appreciate the CyberFriend in some context of the word, I do think it amazing how much time people spend on line "hitting on complete strangers".. Most Chat Rooms are the same... An awful lot of cyber foreplay going on out there folks... Its Freakin Hilarious!! But hey, I do love to laugh!

DS Week 8

Drum Rolll Please.....................................

13.6 lbs total loss to date!!

Jan 12, 2007

Take It To The Limit...one more time

Do you know why Indiana is so windy????

Because Illinois blows and Ohio sucks!! Just kidding

But Indiana was not the place to be this week. I was travelling through on Wednesday and what a day it was.

So here goes, a man goes into work and went postal on his co-workers, killing 4 others I believe.. So traffic was a bit congested in town with all the officers trying to respond...

Then a car blows out a tire and cuts off an Eighteen Wheeler loaded with steel rods. The truck hit the bridge embankment to avoid colliding with the car. Needless to say, the impact was devastating.

Next, another truck driver falls asleep while traveling down the interstate and ends up in the ditch.

Although the driver made it out okay, the truck looks pretty rough don't you think??
But on a lighter note, while waiting for traffic to clear a few people were getting a little restless. Eager to proceed, one of the drivers of a nice new Lexus decides to take a short cut. Right through the center median he goes in an attempt to make a U-turn. He would have made it too. If the ground had not been saturated and the incline wasn't so steep. But he didn't!! And we all gave him a big "Thumbs Up" gesture as we drove away. Leaving him to sit and wait for his own tow truck!!

The Blizzard Of '07

Last week, a few folks I know were tempting the gods with idle talk of such beautiful weather during the winter season. A veritable "Snow Dance" if you will...

While I myself am looking forward to that wondrous concoction of fluffy rain, I am aware that others are not so excited about its arrival.. As I mentioned in a previous post, I did encounter a few flurries along I-81 in Virginia.. To hear the truckers tell it.. "It's whiteout conditions down there, Be Careful!!" Oh those silly truck drivers!!

I was very anxious to experience my first heavy snowfall of the year, but was once again sorely disappointed... You cant believe anything a truck driver tells you!! When I got to the scene of the winter wonderland, or where it was suppose to be anyway , all I found was a few flurries. I mean V E R Y F E W. And that only lasted about 20 miles. No accumulation whatsoever!!

At least I was able to spawn a little bit of revenge from those mis-informed weather reports!!

Now Who's Idea Was This

I purchased a new car several months ago. Then I proceeded to have the windows tinted.. Immediately noticing problems with the tint job, I was forced to return and have the doors retinted. While I was there, I asked about the scratches running vertically on the glass and if there was any way to prevent this from happening again.. I was informed that this particular model car had a design flaw which caused scratching on the tinted surface when the windows were raised or lowered. In other words, I would have to live with it.

You can notice two major scratches in this pic.. The first runs thru the side mirror and the second is a few inches to the left ..

Disappointed, I accepted this answer... You see, I park my car in a gravel parking lot for several days at a time. Inevitably when I get home , there is a fine layer of sand covering my car. But the scratches are on the inside of the glass...Hmmmmm?? So, I am a little slow sometimes, bear with me folks, I finally figure out how the dust is getting on the inside of the doors. I refused to lower my windows in the parking lot for months... Duh!! There are tiny little slots on the bottoms of each door to allow the rain water to drain out of the doors. Smart Huh??

So my next move was to figure out a way to prevent the dust from rising up through these slots and settling in the door.. I ended up settling for stuffing Kleenex in the holes. This would allow the water to continue to drain while blocking the dust. I thought it was a very clever idea. So I proceeded to stuff all the holes with tissue paper.. With the driver door completed, I ventured around to the passenger side. One hole stuffed.... WAIT A COTTON PICKIN MINUTE!!

Whats This???

Yep, you guessed it. I factory mounted little piece of plastic to prevent such dilemnas from occuring to begin with.. What a GREAT IDEA!!

But now I am wondering, just who removed the other three dust guards from my car?? Or why were they removed to begin with....

So, I am off to the dealership to pick up three more of these little black beauties. You think I could get them to cover the cost of having the side windows retinted, yet AGAIN??

Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies...

I am over last weeks disappointment brought on by the Fisherman's lies. But not before I got a little revenge action in.. Hee hee hee

On my home on Tuesday, I ran into a little bit of snowy weather. As much as this excited me, I knew that the Fisherman would be very concerned about this situation. So I gave him a little phone call. Now , he was travelling approximately 5 hours behind me and weather conditions can change dramatically in that time frame... My first call was primarily to alert him of potential wintry conditions.. " You better hurry up, its snowing like a S O B down here!!!" My second phone call further stressed the situation by elaborating on the severity of the situation.. "Yep, still snowing and coming down pretty hard for at least a hundred miles!!" Next call was to inform him that the interstate was shut down (just passed the Exit to turn and head home) due to a major accident involving several vehicles.. Icy road conditions were responsible.. My final phone call was to notify him that "Virginia has brought out the Salt Shakers"

Virginia normally does not bring out the snowplow/salt spreader until after the second major snowfall of the season.. UNLESS, they are expecting severe snow storms!!
So with all that being said, I continued merrily on towards the house... The seed was planted.
Guess what folks!! My friend , the Fisherman, then proceeded to alter his course and ended up driving from Harrisburg, PA back to Baltimore before heading South to the Greater ATL.... Although it was only 50 miles further, I took great pleasure in knowing I had "Got one over on him".
Truth is, there were some snow flurries, but not enough to issue travel advisories... No impending blizzard in sight.

Jan 6, 2007

Urban Myth ???

I think we have a new record!!

Last year I saw a photograph of Hogzilla.. Supposedly killed in Southern Georgia. It looked huge, so we speculated that the photos had been altered....

Well this morning another mammoth swine made the news!! This time a little closer to home. YIKES!!

I did not realize boars got so BIG.. Good thing too. Back when I lived in Texas, we had these creatures roaming the back yard late at night.. No wonder my dog acted so upset when I left him outside at night... I only did that a few times, he never got hurt.. There was also a Mountain Lion who visited the neighborhood... He left tracks in the winter at the local watering hole which was the large pond in my back yard.

Jan 5, 2007

Close Call

Update to this mornings weather report..

It was an F1 Tornado that passed thru my little community and traveled north east thru Atlanta.. Here are some photos

The Fisherman

You think I would be over this by now!!

There is one particular fellow at work who cannot seem to be honest if his life depended on it. Now most of his untruths are seemingly harmless. Just how big a fish was it?? Yes, he is a tournament angler.. So naturally, we dont believe his fishing stories. I personally have been witness to the tall tales. On a particular fishing expedition, he caught 3 teeny tiny large mouth bass. Upon returning to the shore, his story grew to epic proportions.. 15 fish in all, several over 5 lbs... It seems he forgot that I was on the boat...I just stood there, looking dumb.

Well, the lies dont stop there. He incorporates MAJOR exaggerations into everything he says , on a daily basis. Since I have known him for over 4 years, you would think that this would not bother me anymore. And for the most part it doesnt.

Except, his does this with work issues as well.

Every week, we are dispatched based on seniority... Every week, he choses the best paying NorthEast Route... Every week, he fusses, rants, raves, complains about his selection... Every week, he claims he is never going back... Every week, I tell him he is full of IT... EVERY WEEK.

Now normally, when the snow starts to fall, he does change his routine. Typically traveling south for the winter season... But with these wacky weather patterns this year, he has yet to give up this little pot of gold at the end of the George Washington Bridge...

This week, he sank to an all time low. He made his weekly declaration of Never Again and I simply told him he was I was not concerned. That he had made the same statement for 3 months and I would not get my hopes up. So he threw in the Family excuse.. "I have family in Florida that I have not seen in awhile and a new grand baby.. I must go south!!!"

Well you guessed it. He is going northeast this week... I actually did get my hopes up and now I feel so deflated.. I am not let down so much because he took the money load, but more because I actually fell for it...

Thar She Blows !!

It has been an exceptionally nice winter this year, which actually scares the s#*t out of me. Lots of warm temperatures and no snow in a lot of the regions that should have had some(plenty ) by now.

So, this morning while enjoying a nice cup o' java, I was watching the local morning news and the weather forecast for today is Strong Thunderstorms with a large Tornado warning covering at least half of the state.

Out the window, the view is that of any typically overcast day.

An hour or so passes, and then come the friendly Sirens, indicating a twister is eminent?? I have always wanted to be a storm chaser. I am fascinated by Mother Nature!! And on occasion, you will find me out on the porch looking for the beast itself... I HAVE SPOTTED AT LEAST 3 IN MY LIFETIME THAT WERE WITHIN A MILE OF MY VERY BEING. Actually witnessed one forming over my head, that touched down within a mile of were I was standing...

So, naturally I run to the porch and gaze with intent upon the morning sky... The sirens sound several times and the winds are changing direction. The rains come....The winds follow....Is that a train I hear off in the distance?? But alas, No green skies, no hail (for which I am thankful, Sally is fully exposed ) After a 10 minute deluge, the winds die down and the rains have abated. Seems we have the All Clear for now..

I am somewhat disappointed, but I am sure the townsfolk would probably send me packing if they knew I was anxious to see another twister.. Better keep that info to myself..

Jan 1, 2007

January First

Oh what a beautiful morning...... Oh what a beautiful day!! ( I heard that in a song somewhere)

Phooey!! What a way to start the year. My COLD has rapidly taken over my senses.. I am miserable.. Definitely not looking forward to going to work today. So after much procrastination, I finally decided to get on the ball.

When I arrive at the shop, I go through a ritual of activities to get ready for the road. After nearly completing my task list I decided to look over my dispatch information...

And to my wondering eyes should appear?? A tiny red sleigh and 8 tiny reindeer.. ( just kidding) But I have have had some incredibly delirious dreams due to the medication...Actually, when I checked out my manifest I was pleasantly surprised to find out that none of my customers were to be open on January 2nd... Yippee for me..

So I am back home for the evening, overly medicated and awaiting the next delusion...

I did hear somewhere that if you start the New Year being sick, you are suppose to remain healthy the entire rest of the year... Sounds good to me!!