Mar 27, 2010

# 53

What really gives you the creeps?

You would be amazed to find that not too many things actually creep me out.

As far as the typical spiders and snakes, well, I can tolerate them as long as I can see them. In fact, I may even be so inclined to "study" their behavior, from a safe distance. There was a time a few decades back when I lived in a small home on the riverfront. This house was being renovated and for a short period of time there was a section of flooring that was being replace. This left an open area in which you could see down to the earth below. One day, while clearing this area for further work, I stumbled upon a snake skin that was freshly shed. It came in through the hole and wrapped around the bed post before going back under the flooring. It measured over 7' in length. I guess you could say I was pretty creeped out by that, knowing the snake had been in the house with me at some point, but it was just an ol rat snake. Otherwise, they do not bother me at all, as I have had numerous encounters with snakes in my life.

Blood, guts and gore..Strangely enough, these things fascinate me. I know, I should have been a doctor, right? A few years ago, when I almost severed my thumb, I spent several moments looking into the wound, before actually attempting to administer any pressure. I could see below the skin, into the meat and possibly a portion of bone. Was I concerned about the cut, not really, until I noticed the blood loss. I would have loved to had a few more moments to check out what is under the skin...

However, there is one thing that will absolutely gross me out, almost inciting immediate regurgitation. I want absolutely no part of it. It must not touch me at all. And even just seeing it, will cause me to heave.

That my friends, is everyday ordinary saliva. Spit, drool, whatever you want to call it. Especially baby drool. I will absolutely freak out!! Good thing I never gave birth, huh? And to this day, if I see a person with a glob of spit hanging from their mouth, in the pretense of sucking it back in, I will hurl chunks!! ( I hope that picture is centered because I am having difficulty just posting this)

Well, you wanted to know! Thanks for the question, and for the record, this does not affect my ability to give or receive passionate kisses...Thought you might be wondering about that.

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# 52 - Jeff

Have you ever had the pleasure ( or in most cases displeasure) of driving a 5 and 4? -Jeff

No, I have never had the pleasure of driving a two-stick transmission. I have had them explained to me, and I would love to attempt it. That would be another classic twist to the trucking industry that I would be thrilled to have achieved, but those transmissions are few and far between these days.

I am actually very grateful just to be able to have my 10 speed Eaton Fuller. A lot of companies are going with an automatic transmission for their fleets. My company had considered doing this as well. I had the displeasure of using one of the auto-shifters a few years ago and found it to be a royal nightmare. I only had to use it one week, but that was all it took to convince me I didn't like it. I have some very difficult backing maneuvers in Brooklyn, and the truck would not cooperate. It took me 20 minutes to back into an alley, because the truck wanted me to maintain at least 10mph or it would revert to neutral. Try dodging cars parked on both sides of an alley, from the blind-side, over a set of railroad tracks that were rutted out (causing major bouncing) into a tiny lot with an extended dock onto which you had to parallel park where there was razor wire overhead threatening to cut into the tarp if you got too close ( all while backing) at 10 plus mile per hour in REVERSE....

No Thanks, I will stick with my manual shift.

As an aside, I also think it is wrong for the trucking industry to make these vehicles so easy to drive. There are fewer skilled drivers on the roads these days, and I partially blame the industry for making it all too easy. Lets bring back the Twin Stick !!

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# 51 ~ Anonymous

Have you ever gone cow-tipping?

No, I have never felt the need to do such a thing. When I was younger, I had a "love" for all things bovine, and at one point in my trucking career, I worked with cattle for several months.

In fact, my high school crush had bought me a stuffed cow one year for my birthday, but then I also love Moose, and Bison too. Nope, no cow-tipping for me.

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# 50 ~ Jeff

If I could turn on the radio in your truck what would I be listening to? -Jeff

It really depends on where I am at. Seriously... If I am anywhere between Philadelphia, PA and Hartford, Ct I will most definitely be listening in to the sounds of madness from the CB radio with a slightly higher volume set on the AM frequency listening to the "Traffic On The Eights" via news radio.

Anywhere else, and you might find a more varied line-up. Currently rotating through my CD changer is Disturbed, U2, Stonesour, Pink, Shinedown, Muse, Don Henley, Blue October, Rob Thomas and Saliva.

I usually will get suck listening to the same 3 CDs for weeks at a time and I have not yet taken a dive into the world of satellite radio. But I do like a variety....When traffic is hectic, such as the greater New York area, I listen to more melodic, soothing music. In South Carolina, I might listen to some sort of screaming angst filled rage, turned to the highest volume....

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# 49 ~ Anonymous

Have you ever seen any ghost out on the road? Or anything strange like that?

I have never personally witnessed a ghost sighting while driving, and except for the occasional drunk driver, not too many weird things have ever happened around me. However, there is one particular stretch of highway located in Alabama that is said to be haunted.

Highway 5, running between Natural Bridge and Jasper, is said to be haunted on dark, stormy nights by a lady who was killed by a truck driver. She was hitchhiking when she was struck by a passing 18 wheeler and now she is suppose to climb onto the steps and look in the cab of any trucks passing through to see if it may be her killer in the drivers seat.

I love this stretch of road. It use to be my favorite two lane to use to get away from the crowded highways. But, sadly enough, I have never seen her. It is a winding highway with curves and hills, and a little narrow with no shoulders.

I do know that there are a lot of truck accidents on this road. I also know that She has been listed in many publications concerning the paranormal. And, there are a lot of drivers who will not travel Highway 5 at night. But, I have not seen her with my own eyes.

Do I believe she exists? Yeah, sure...after all, I lived with a ghost for over a year.

# 48 ~ John II

When you were making videos of your road trips and deliveries, did the aluminum company have a problem with it, told you to be professional about it or gave you the OK on it? -John II

Actually, when I first started filming the videos, it never even crossed my mind to get permission. Throughout the YouTube Trucking Community, it seems a lot of people were being reprimanded by their employers for doing the same thing.

One day, I got a message from my boss indicating we needed to talk. Yikes. He alerted me to the fact that he had seen the videos and read the blog. I went into panic mode, thinking I was about to have to delete everything. You can imagine my relief when he said that my videos and blog were not the topic of our discussion. He just wanted to let me know that he enjoyed them.

To this day, I am aware that the Boss, Dispatcher, Mechanics and other Drivers have all read the blog. The videos have been viewed as well, but I also informed the customers of my antics. I have several "followers" whom I conduct business with on a weekly basis, and even they are asking for more videos.

Mar 22, 2010

The Wonderful World Of Disney

Thought I should try to get a few of my photos posted from last weeks vacation. You know, before I forget.

While I thoroughly enjoyed my little adventure into the enchanted and magical realm of Disney, I think I have come away with a valuable realization. I don't ever have to go back. I mean, for the price, I would do just as well purchasing a season's pass to Six Flags because there are only 3 rides that I even care to ride.

First and foremost, when it comes to roller coasters, the Animal Kingdom's Expedition Everest was the top choice.

The normal standby time for this ride is 2 hours.....But with a little help from the single passenger queue, I managed to ride to my heart's content. Or, until I was so queasy from the continual G forces. It has a few surprises for the newcomer, such as the twisting and turning backward slide through the darkened mountain. Also, for entertainment value, once inside the mountain, a video is projected onto the rocky wall depicting the Yeti and his brutal attack on the very tracks you are sitting on. Of course, even better than that, is the exhilarating drop and the corkscrew action.

Even though I am a coaster fanatic, I realized very quickly that I can only handle 7 back to back rides. Of course, in a 7 day period, that ended up being a number in the dozens.

Also a treat was the view while climbing to the top. Here you can just barely make out Epcot (to the far left) and The Hollywood Tower of Terror at the Hollywood Studios (formerly known as MGM)

And speaking of the Tower of Terror, that is the best ride of all. Hands down !! I think I could ride that one over and over all day with only food and restroom breaks. But, I do have a little secret for making that ride even more enjoyable. It is an elevator style ride that propels and drops repeatedly at random heights.

There are 21 occupants seated on a single ride, and one of the things that I could not resist doing was my Wicked Witch laugh while proclaiming "I'll get you my pretty" Actually had a few folks believing that was actually part of the soundtrack for the ride. Of course, the room was dark at the time, so no one noticed it was actually me. Got a few screams out of that. Another stunt we liked to pull..after the ride was finished, my brother and I would lean forward and get as close to the elevator doors, so when they opened we could frighten the attendant with loud shrieks. That didn't work so well, as I am sure we are not the only ones to ever do that.

But my favorite stunt of all.....When told to securely fasten my safety belt....I er, um..would scoot forward in my seat before cinching it down. This allowed me more room to wiggle around and play with gravity because me arse had more airtime than those who were properly secured in place.

Then there was the Rocking Roller Coaster. It was actually pretty cool. 0 to 60mph in 2 seconds, and then spiraling and flipping through a blacked out room full of neon signs and objects. But not worth the 2 hour wait.

The food was not as spectacular as I remembered. The walking was even worse. My feet swelled every night and took up to 6 hours to stop hurting, only to wake up and do it all over again. Missed all the fireworks, and the shows I watched were not as brilliant as I had anticipated.

It was great to get away from the truck for a week, but I am equally as grateful to be back at work.

I know you probably expected a better post, but work is calling, so I will include more pictures at a later time *crossing fingers*.

Mar 11, 2010

The Dynamics of My Week

Every weekend, I grab my trailer and head out for a demanding week of deliveries. I have become so accustomed to the pressures of this job that it rarely even affects my demeanor if unplanned delays manifest. I will simply refocus my train of thought and develop a new plan of action.

As I leave out Saturday night, my schedule is simple. First drop, Central Islip, NY. Then I will fight rush hour traffic back into the Bronx. Next will be a mad dash into Southington, Ct...but wait...My Connecticut customer requires an appointment and I am fairly certain that one has not been made. So, I make a mental note to call them bright and early to beg for a stay of execution. They quit receiving at noon, so even with clemency, I will be in at full speed ahead. After Connecticut, I will meander my way through the Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts to arrive at stop number four. Next, I will take the scenic route on the Mohawk Trail (Route 2) and end up in New Hampshire...oh crud..New Hampshire only receives after 4 pm, and normally will not unload from my company until Tuesday, due to a regularly scheduled delivery from Canada. Okay, so the simple thing to do would be head for my final stop in Fall River, Massachusetts, before making the NH drop. With all plans finalized in my noggin, I drift off to dream.

Sunday finds me fighting a load that is slowly collapsing. Great!! I take a quick peek from the back of the trailer, and note that the bottom bundles are literally starting to roll. All I can do at this point is to check the straps every so often and hope for the best.

Monday morning starts with quite a struggle to get the trailer open. You can see from the picture, that the metal had rolled, meaning the edges were now passed the rails that the tarp kit rides on. This forced me to do a lot of pushing and prying, but to no avail. Finally, I had to get the customer to use his forklift to gently nudge the bundles back towards the center while I slide the curtains and repositioned the straps, thus enabling me to finally open up the trailer. Total time elapsed 1.5 hours including unloading 13 bundles. Normally a 10 minute procedure. That puts me in the heart of rush hour.

I actually make it into the Bronx in record time for a Monday morning. I arrived at 8:30 after a 45 mile commute, of course, I did take a side route to avoid the worst of Long Island Expressway delays into The City. It paid off, too, as my drive time was only 75 minutes.

The 2 bundles were off in a flash. It was then I remembered to call Connecticut, and just as I had expected, they granted me favor by allowing me to, not only deliver without an appointment, but they also accounted for me being late.

I took off in a flash, and made the executive decision to forego my normal coffee stop, which could have took up to 30 minutes, just because of the confusion that is ever present at the Milford Pilot. That decision paid off as well because I did make the delivery on time. Just my way on showing appreciation for the favor they granted me, by not making them wait.

However, during the mornings motorized melee, I seem to recall seeing a notification somewhere on my bills that one of my customers was not taking Monday deliveries...Hmm, I knew NH wasnt, and I remembered that I had once endured that delay in North Adams, Ma. So I dug out the original manifest...UGH!! Seems my Fall River stop was also closed on Mondays.

Trying to eliminate too much wait time, I decided to go ahead and start making phone calls. Good news, North Adams was open and New Hampshire was no longer booked on Mondays, so it was full steam ahead. I tried to contact Fall River, but it seems that notification was legitimate. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise because there was no way to unload their freight due to the positioning of it. Kind of hard to get a forklift in the gap to remove a sideways bundle...grrrrr!!

I make it through the Berkshires and offloaded 5 more bundles. Next up, my favorite scenic route this side of the Mississippi. The Mohawk Trail !!

Maybe you noticed it too..The first signs of Spring...I am referring to the large bug splatter on my windshield. Looks like winter may be on its way out !!

After about a 2 hour diversion through the splender of northern Massachusetts, I make my way into NH and arrive right on time to pull in the bay.

Winding down for the evening, I make my way back south, heading into Fall River. I will be empty at 7am, and the long journey home begins. It is about a 20 hour drive, so there is no big rush. I tend to get wore out on the return journey, but the job is done. And even better than that...I am off duty for the next 11 days..Going to see what Goofy is up to these days. And maybe spend some time with Donald. I am off to the House of Mouse!!

Mar 5, 2010

# 47 ~ Johnny

we all know the worst state in the lower 48 you've been driving through,how about some of your favorites? johnny

One of my favorites to drive though each week is Virginia, especially when the redbuds are in bloom...I think my absolute favorite would have to be out west, because I have lost the familiarity of them. WASHINGTON state has always held a certain fascination for me, and I would love to spend more time in MAINE.

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# 46 ~ Anonymous

How does it make you feel when you hear of women truckers who use their breasts to get what they want in the trucking industry instead of pulling their own weight and earning it the honest way like everyone else?

The best part about my job, is that I am the only woman hauling for my account. I find it very offensive to my gender when another female uses the sexuality card to get ahead of the game. Being the only female, I do not have to tolerate such behavior, which means I do not have worry about expressing my beliefs on this matter. Ladies who work for other companies, well that is a different story. I still find it degrading, but because it does not affect me personally, I usually let it slide.

There was one time when I was traveling eastbound on Hwy 78 through Mississippi. I was listening in to a conversation that a female driver was having with 3 male drivers. At first, there was just a slight flirtation, but it was not long before she was suggesting a group gathering...I decided to take a few back roads to get away from the crowd, because I had already had 2 other drivers ask me if I was the woman making the offers. I trailed off on the back roads through Natural Bridge, Al, and by the time I made it down to Jasper I heard the faintest conversation coming through my CB. It was the hot to trot driver and her posse of horny toads. I gave them about 10 more minutes of airtime, in which I heard her declining to pull over and service the fellas. They were beginning to get rude with her at this point. After I listened as long as I could stand to, I made my presence known to the radio crowd. Let me just say that my rant on the radio was not one I ever care to repeat.

I quickly suggested they find another channel to broadcast on, but the woman claimed the guys were antagonizing her, and she just wanted to be rid of them. I absolutely lost it !!

I bluntly told her that I did not appreciate her antics at all. The first reason was that she was portraying female drivers in a negative light, and I was a hard working gal who preferred not to have that stigma placed on me. Then I reminded her that if she was going to act like a whore on the radio, offering sexual gratification, that she should not be offended if a few men were eager to take her up the offer. I continued to be very rude and informative about how I felt about her actions. In the end, she apologized to me for playing that role on the radio, claiming she would have never acted on it. I then told her she should apologize to the guys she was taunting. She did that as well, but they didn't readily accept her apology. However, there were other drivers listening in who also were relieved that I had spoken my piece. It was none of my business whether she wanted to sleep with the whole group, and I was not judging her for that. My problem with her behaviour was that she was playing the role of the whore, but then she was offended that the men were willing to take her up on the offer. When the boys got serious about her seduction, she claimed they were targeting her and being pigs.

We had been listening in for at least an hour, so there was no denying what she had offered, even if she had no intentions of following through. I, myself, have never been desperate enough for a driving buddy to behave in such a manner.

Another example.. I met a lady driver out in California, years ago. She was at a receiver, and on the radio asking someone to back her trailer into the door. I did not think anything of it at the time. She was using a very seductive voice, but not offering any favors..she was just using her femininity to her advantage. Later, I met her in the drivers lounge and she told me that in 7 years of driving, she had never once backed her trailer into a dock. She said she didn't know how and it was just easier to get the boys to do it for her. She had other drivers do it. She had the yard guys do it. She even had forklift operators climb in her truck and back it in.

It was right then and there I decided that I would know my job inside and out. I would learn every aspect of how to drive that truck. I spent hours in empty truck stops teaching myself how to back up into the lined parking spots. I would not count on my feminine wiles to help me succeed. I am very grateful I ran into her 12 years ago, because I now consider myself to be a very accomplished, professional driver. I never balk at the challenge, I just take a deep breathe and do what must be done...Plus, I like to show the boys, just how easy it is... So easy, even a GIRL can do it....

It is my practice to use my charm and personality. I like to tell funny stories. I like to make people laugh. If I am told I will have to wait, I accept that , and I never get hateful or rude with customers. If I am due for a DOT inspection, I will be courteous and humorous throughout, if the Officer has a friendly personality, but I have NEVER used my shape, cleavage, or a wiggle to secure certain advantages.

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# 45 ~ Anonymous

I just saw a youtube video with you and a australian man in it that has been going around the internets recently. In it you made some very strong statements about your fellow truckers, my question to you is, do you still feel that way?

Remarkable...I have been unaware of this resurfacing. This video was originally posted in March of 2009, as a compilation of the opinions of what commercial drivers think the hardest thing about trucking is.

I did take the time to watch it again and refresh my memory as to what the "strong" statements were, that I uttered. Alas, I did not find any. But for the record, I do still believe in what I did in fact, say. I do not appreciate anyone being distracted and risking my personal safety. I still don't think all CDL holders actually belong in a truck. I still believe that courtesy is on the decline. Hmm, what else did I say.. Well, you better believe I meant it when I said it the first time, and I still feel the same way.

Now does this mean I am without sin? Of course not. I have sent a text message while driving down the road. I have used my hand held phone to make calls in a hands-free area. In fact, it was while driving through New York, that I was politely reminded that NYC is a hands-free area. I told the officer to give me a minute, as I was getting directions. He said I could continue if I wanted to pay the fine....Um, yeah, I ended the

I have not ever, however, had the computer running, or a movie playing while driving down the road. I have not ever placed a book on my steering wheel to catch up on my weekend reading. I have never applied make-up to my face while driving, all things I have witnessed others do. I think, as adults, we should all use discretion. There is a time and place for everything. Now if you are traveling in a deserted area, and punch a few letters out on your phone, that is at your discretion. I myself, wont even look at my map if there is a vehicle within 500 yds of me. But then I do drive in heavily populated areas, so I do little more than drive anyways.. There are too many distractions around me without me doing something stupid, like take my eyes off of you in your little fourwheeler.

Just a special Thanks to Tami, for letting me borrow this video and present to you the statements in their entirety..But I bet you don't find anything strong about my statements either.

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# 44 ~ Anonymous

I have recently read on truckers blogs that you are successful trucking safety advocate, yet you don't comment on any of them. Don't you feel like you should at least stand up and take some credit for all your efforts instead of just laying low?

There is a pretty good reason that I do not ever comment on those supposed blogs. I have, in no way, EVER presented myself to be a trucking safety advocate, much less a successful one. Therefore, there is no need for me to take any credit for efforts made, because in fact, I do not agree with some of the self proclaimed advocates you find floating around on different web-sites. But then you already know this, and I find your attempts to turn me into a hypocrite very amusing :-)

I would be curious as to which blogs in particular you are referring to. It might be useful in having a few links, so that I may check out exactly what is being said about me. If anyone has seen websites or blogs referring to me as a Trucking Safety Advocate, please feel free to pass along the info.

As for safety in the industry, we have regulations in place to govern most of the trucking industry. As far as individuals are concerned, we are all adults so therefore we should be able to police our own actions. Some folks have a harder time doing this, but it is not for me to lay blame.

I think Advocacy for Safety in the Trucking Industry is a much needed thing, but I am not the one to propose it. A few of the individuals I have read who are working under this self proclaimed title are, in my opinion, very hypocritical. Now, why would I claim to be a part of that?

I have been in the industry for over a decade, and have had very few issues to overcome. I take my own personal safety very serious... Everyone else would be wise to do as well, because no one is going to hold your hand. Lets face it, just because you share a career, does not mean everyone in that field is your friend. Use some common sense, people.

With that being said, the only efforts I make in my chosen profession, is to do the best job I possibly can. I also try to represent my company in a very positive fashion. And when I see someone in need of a little assistance, I will be sure to offer a hand.

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# 43 ~ Anonymous

how u decide which face 2 wear each day out of ur 2 faces?

That is a pretty simple question..If I am working, I do not usually wear make-up because I tend to get dirty working the flatbed, but on my home time, I love to get dolled up!!

Oh, wait, you were being snide weren't you??

I think anyone who knows me, would pretty well tell you that my personality is consistent. Everyone has their good and bad days, and I am no exception. Some of my stronger traits include being very opinionated, stubborn, and verbal. I also possess the knack for being compassionate, silly and tenderhearted.

The fact that I do not get along well with everyone, does not make me "two-faced". It just means I use discretion in choosing my friends. I reserve the right to only expose certain aspects of my personality to those I am closest too. As for casual acquaintances, I try to remain in a neutral territory. I think we all tend to do this. And for those whom I tend to find myself in conflict with, I simply do not engage them in any way.

Still not sure how this implicates me in any way, but isn't it wonderful to be free to be whomever you choose.

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Mar 2, 2010

Been There, Done That

Not too much going on lately. The week before last, I sauntered through the Midwest route. Took an entire week to empty the trailer and while the miles were seemingly inadequate for the amount of time I invested, I did enjoy the relaxed pace. I was forced into several 16-18 hour breaks, but I made up for it by putting 82.15 miles on the bike that week.

Last week, I returned to my stomping grounds. And as always, found myself easily entertained by a few mishaps.

While trying to make a delivery in Long Island City, Queens, I inadvertently missed a detour. Well, I didn't really miss it. I actually decided to test my luck. At the turning point of the detour, I noticed several other vehicles proceeding forward and passing the point I assumed was the "closed" area. So, I followed them. After making the two necessary turns, I straightened up and was facing a very CLOSED bridge. Yikes..At this point there was no area large enough to turn a tractor trailer around. Good thing I was pulling a 45' trailer, because I was able to just barely wiggle way my through a One-Way street (the wrong way) in order to back out into a tiny side street and reposition myself for the detour. The customer receiving area is on a back alley, and I was also forced to enter this from the wrong direction as well, due to load placement. I have several customers who hand unload. This resulted in me having to back up another 3 blocks, narrowly avoiding parked cars. Good Times.

The next morning, I arrived at my Connecticut customer for my usual 5:30 am delivery appointment. The two fellas who open the warehouse were running late. Someone else showed up about 15 minutes later to open the warehouse. Normally, they head straight for the overhead door and let me in, but after 10 minutes, I decided I might need to actually go check in. Good thing, too. The new guy had locked himself out of the office area and was stuck in the darkened warehouse because he forgot to flip the breaker, meaning he could not open the overhead door. When I walked in the door, I noticed him standing in the darkened window. After slipping through the office, I was able to flip the breaker and unlock the door for him...

Other than that, not too much to report. I am dealing with the repercussions of an online feud that developed on Twitter. Seems someone took it personally when I called my truck an "asshole". Frankentruck took it in stride because he IS a local bully when it comes to running The City, but the online individual has made this a personal vendetta and I do not welcome the drama. Besides, I am not a fan of those who believe that everything in life is a conspiracy against them. Life is made up of about 5% of what happens to you, and 95% of how you react to it.

And, just for the record, Frankentruck is the name of my truck! Not some code word for any single person on the face of this planet.....But I am excited that my words were able to cause such a reaction as to make your life more meaningful. How sad that you have nothing better to do with your time than to let your guilty conscience cause unnecessary duress in your existence. Have fun with that.

Shheeeesh !!

# 41 ~ Anonymous

When, if ever, do you think it is okay to tell a lie?

I do not think it is ever appropriate to lie to someone, even if you think you are protecting their feelings.

I have found it to be true in my own life that I would much rather know the truth and deal with it accordingly, than to be left clueless. I think it shows a sign of respect to be able to be honest with someone. I realize that there are a lot of people who think it is okay to lie, if you are protecting someone's feelings. But, I am not one of those people. Give it to me straight, so that I may be able to make my own judgement of the situation. In fact, the one thing I will not tolerate is dishonesty.

Just to clarify, I have been guilty of avoiding certain truths, but when asked point blank, I will not lie about them. I have even made the statement, "Are you sure you really want to know?". I guess that would be my version of protecting other's feelings.

I guess the simpliest explanation would be this. I feel that if you have to lie to me as a person, then you do not respect the person that I am.

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# 42 ~ Anonymous

What did you get in trouble for, when you were a kid?

Are you kidding? I was a little angel.

No really !!

Okay, well, there was this one time.....

I do remember an instance when I was about 4 years old. I was at the grocery story with my mother and couldn't help but notice the package of Grape SuperBlo Bubblegum. It was right at eye level for me, and my inner deviant took over. Knowing that I would not be allowed to have it, I snuck it into my pocket while no one was looking.

Later that evening, the temptation beckoned me to sneak a piece into my mouth. Visualize a tiny little curly mopped munchkin with a wad of bubblegum in her mouth that was big as a golf ball. In no time at all, I had purple juice running out of the corners of my mouth and I was busted.

My penance? Well, Mom proceeded to load me up in the car and drive back down to the grocery store where I was forced to address the Manager and admit my guilt to him. I was terrified !!

I can honestly say that while it was a minor incident in the grand scheme of things, it was definitely a life lesson. You will be happy to know that I have not stolen a single piece of bubblegum since that day back in 1976.

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Mar 1, 2010

# 40 ~ Steve

How many windmills are in Indiana? :)

I am sure you have all heard the old joke "Why is Indiana so windy?.....Because Illinois blows and Ohio sucks !!"

Last week, on my return trip home, I was astonished to see the Indiana countryside transformed into a wind factory. Cruising along highway 41, I passed through the Benton County Wind Farm. Mile upon mile of these immense generators were stretched out as far as the eye can see.

I have passed through several of these wind farms, but nothing quite like this one..I remarked during a phone conversation, that there must be hundreds of them....My friend, Doomytunes, felt the need to give me a little grief and stated that I should quit making circles around the same 3 turbines...But I will have you know, Mr Smart Guy, there are actually 87 turbines at this particular wind farm, making it the largest operational wind farm in Indiana. However, there is a reported 310 turbines in the Benton and Tippecanoe County area, with another 175 already being placed.

Therefore, it is very possible that I did view up to a total of 485 "windmills" Next question, please!!!

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