Sep 25, 2009

The Scenic Route

or my new favorite road...

Last week during my trip through Massachusetts, a new location was added to my regulars. Well, it is not necessarily new, but I have only been there one time before and that was during the blizzard-like conditions of 07-08. (I think that is correct, when the New York Upstate was covered 10-12 feet of snowy goodness.) Needless to say, the location was unfamiliar to me. On the previous excursion to North Adams, Mass, I was advised to NOT take Route 2 because of the weather conditions. This trip, however, it is just the beginning of Autumn and the road beckoned to me. I was heading back to New Hampshire, and this was the most direct route back east. Besides , I can never resist a good scenic route.

Without further ado, I will present my findings. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did first hand!!

The customer! Nice little out of the way place!

Route 2 following the river through the Mohawk Trail State Forest.

Lots of curve and twists!!

...A view from the top, if you look closely, you just may see a Moose!!

And finally, the first telltale signs that Mother Nature is ready to strut her stuff!!

Sep 18, 2009

In Remembrance... Lance Cpl. Christopher S. Fowlkes

I am at a loss for words as how to go about writing this post. I am very patriotic and emotional when it comes to our Country, our Freedoms, and the men and women who willingly give their lives to protect us. Not since Vietnam has there been a draft. This means every soldier has willingly volunteered to give their life.

On Wednesday, a young Marine was brought home after being killed in Afghanistan. The entire South Carolina Upstate turned out to pay respects to this young man. The overpasses and service roads were lined with men and women bearing flags and flowers. It was a very emotional experience for me. Fire trucks, police cars, ambulances, and ordinary citizens. I was touched!

He was to be flown into Greenville, South Carolina, and then transported back to his hometown of Gaffney. I just happened to be driving south towards Greenville, when I noticed the procession heading towards me. It was amazing. There had to be over a hundred law enforcement vehicles alone, much less, all the others involved. I wanted to pull over to the shoulder and say a prayer and offer my gratitude to this man. I am forever indebted.

I noticed the cars on either side of me wanting to stop as well. So that is when we made a unanimous unspoken decision to do what is right. The five cars surrounding me, as well as myself slow to a stop with headlights on, and waited for the procession to pass. Me, with tears in my eyes!! This man gave his life for ME.. My freedoms, and did not even know me. He gave his life for everyone of us, regardless of our beliefs concerning this war! He is my hero!!

I felt so proud to be a part of this, to be able to say a silent Thank You! I know there are many others who have given their lives and I wish to Thank each and every family who supported the decision of a loved one, to fight for this Country.

However, I am also angry. I am very angry and outraged even at the attitudes of some of those around me. Truck drivers, in particular!! Over the airwaves, the CB radio came alive with complaints of traffic delays. Arguing and cursing. It was just unreal. What is wrong with these people. When we stopped traffic, the drivers around me were screaming obscenities and blowing the horn. The lady in the Schneider truck beside me was actually shooting me the bird and yelling at me to move!! I have never wanted to slap someone so hard in my life.

So yes, I am very proud to have shut down the interstate. You idiots will give me my moment to say Thanks... I know, every thing is about you, but this man gave his life for you, TOO. The least you could have done was give him less than a minute of your time without complaining..I don't understand what is wrong with people today.

Kill The Wabbit

There is nothing like the feeling of knowing my trailer is empty and I am heading home.

That is, of course, unless, there are torrential downpours, flash flooding, and magnificent ground strike lightning only feet from your truck. That is what happened this week.

I was heading south through Qwinnett County when the lightning started to hit. The skies were a foreboding shade of grey and the strikes were smacking the ground as close as a hundred yards from me. You have never heard a little girl shriek so loudly. I was amazed to learn that the air turns a nice shade of lavender when the energy is that close. Just before making the 285 split, one more bolt shot through the sky and nailed the Quik Trip Fuel Stop sign. A huge ball of sparks and a nasty cloud of brown smoke erupted. YIKES!!!!! It was soooo close. Hurry up people, get me out of here!!

That was not going to happen any time soon, however, as much of 285 was under water. Several ramps were closed due to extreme amounts of water and Dekalb County was doing their best to slow traffic as to eliminate any hydroplaning. It took an additional hour to arrive safe and secure back at the yard. Thankfully, the ground was dry and I had no issues unloading my belongings. A few weeks ago, I had to sit for over an hour to wait for the storms to subside, and even as I felt the rains has slacked off enough to head home, I still got soaked in mere minutes trying to load the car.

Ahhhh, there is nothing like qualifying for the Watermelon 500 in the middle of a beligerent thunderstorm. Amazingly enough, there were NO ACCIDENTS !!

In case you were wondering, the above title is in reference to the Opera performed by Elmer Fudd when he commanded the weather !! Norf winds bwoah!!! Souff winds bwoah, stwike up the wightning!! Sorry, I am still a kid at heart.... Oh no! What have I done...I killed the wabbit!!

Ahhhh, You Shouldn't Have....

Oh Sister, Where Art Thou?

Just thought I would stop by my own blog and let every one know that ALL IS WELL.

I have swapped trucks a few more times. Had good loads. Had bad loads. More repairs.


The crazy stalker finally has left me alone. After the last post, he sent me 3-4 more emails asking why I was publicly attacking him. Funny thing is, I never mentioned his name. Hmmmm? How did he know I was writing about him..... Guilty conscience, maybe?! But, he seems to have faded to black....

In truth, I have been enjoying life and a little bit of romance lately. My mysterious Shadow likes to surprise me with little gifts. So, I have been spending some time with him, making plans for adventures....and well, just loving life.

I appreciate all the emails and concerns that everyone has sent me, but I assure you, that all is truly well.