Dec 31, 2007

New Year

A Time To Reflect

Well, here it is the dusky hours of 2007...

I was just sitting here reflecting on my past year, and the changes that have been made. Where was I one year ago, today.. How has my life been altered?

It hasn't.....

I am in the same position with work that I have been in for several years. Okay, I make a few more pennies. But my point is that I am no closer to being at home every night. No closer to getting off the road... No husband in sight. No pets to snuggle with.

My love life, well, it is in the same dire position that it was a year ago.. No ships sailing in the horizon.

Financially, I may have paid down a few balances, but still do not have the down payment for a house.

It just seems to me that this year yielded no fruit... I am no better off than I was at the end of 2006, with the exception of being more physically fit. And even that needs to be worked on still.

I am not going to post a bunch of resolutions that will go unaccomplished or forgotten by the end of January.... Rather simply, I will acknowledge there are a few things that I need to put more perspective into... Actually work towards some goals and not just state that I am going to do it.

Moving to Alabama in 2008 seems very daunting to me at this moment. The current position I hold right now is the single most consistent thing in my life, and I would be lying if I said it didn't scare the crap out of me to think of giving it up. But I also know this, If I do not give it up and move home, I will be in the exact same situation on New Years Eve of 08...And that my friends, is not acceptable.

I want a home to call my own. I want to sleep in my bed every night of the week. I want to be able to have a pet. I want a yard to plant flowers in. And the only way to obtain all of that is to say goodbye to my beloved NorthEast Route...... I absolutely love that route and all the people I see each and every week.. But I know in my heart, I would love the above mentioned desires even that much more.

Don't look for me to walk away from it in the next month or two, but this is definitely the year it is going to happen.

Dec 29, 2007

Game Called On Account Of PAIN

I Have been doing wonderful on my latest attempt at gearing up for the big run. Yeah, I know, it is 5 months away (no, reason that I should not be ready). Sometimes I get a little rushed and don't stretch as well as I should. Sometimes I don't cool down as long as I should. So, this go round, I decided to do it the proper way and actually get the results I am striving for...

I have streeeeeeetched, and I have cooled down . I alternate running and walking so as not to over do it.

I get to Bama this weekend to spend just a little extra time with the Bro and his Family. We break out the new Wii to play a little friendly game of bowling.. See, last weekend, while playing against Asti Spumanti, I finally developed a technique that guaranteed a strike every frame... I wanted to show off my new form....Instead, on the first roll of the first frame...

I pulled my hamstring!!!!

Seriously pulled it... The Bri-Baby has to help me in and out of my shoes and I have learned to hobble with grace and finesse in the past few hours.... The muscle is screaming from the butt all the way down through the back of my knee, but what is feels like is someone played a good round of frogger on me arse.

I even brought all my running gear so I could continue my efforts while out of town, but I think I am going to have to pass for now....

Dec 28, 2007

Back To The Grind

I am pleased to announce that I was able to get another 5 miles in today.... The first 2 were quite the struggle, as I just could not seem to clear my mind and my muscles were screaming to stop. The next mile was the inevitable decline of my will power. I ended up walking / jogging this one. And just to finish it off, I did the last 2 miles in at barely more than a fast walk.

But it still counts, right? Of course it does. Consistency is the most important thing at this point. I have 5 months to be totally prepared to run an amazing race in the RedWoods.... Yeah, I should totally be ready by then.

Sucker Punched.....Yikes

It has been so nice being off from work these past ten days. The time spent with friends and family was definitely delightful. But honestly, I am ready to get back to work.

Now, If I had a mini-vacation planned then I would appreciate the fact that the Boss Man just called and told me that I would be off an additional eight more days. I know originally, I posted that I would be off two weeks, with no pay, but that original game plan had been changed. We had the option to work the 3 days after Christmas.... The potential for income on those three days was not enough to merit coming home early from my Bama excursion. So, I opted for two days holiday pay, and 3 days partial unemployment. We had also been told that it would be back to business starting with deliveries on Jan 2nd.

So, I fully expected to climb into my Truck on New Year's Day and get to it.

Kapow.... oh this hurts.....

I just received a text, asking if I wanted to be off next week as well. WOT?! Feeling confused, I called the Boss Man and jokingly remarked, "I did not know next week was optional, ha ha ha?!"

Turns out it is. You see, all the larger runs were taken by those who have more seniority, That leaves a Chattanooga and three Atlanta runs, which would be merely okay if I could run all four of them. But I am only able to choose ONE. And just so you know, none of those deliveries would earn even $100.

Oh Dear, I was definitely not prepared to be off for eighteen days. Looks like I better go stock up on the saltines and bologna...

I know it sounds like a lot, but I would have only worked eight of those days had it not been a holiday. And out of those eight days, I am actually receiving three days of holiday pay, and am also eligible for 7 seven days of unemployment....

But why look a gift horse in the mouth. Hey, now I can get caught up on everything on my To Do list.....Any body need any chores done??

Dec 27, 2007

Georgia Drought 2007

With the New Year approaching rapidly, it is time to dust off those resolutions. Get back on track, so to speak.

So, this week I began running/walking again. Five miles running alternating with one hour of walking every day that I am home, and out on the road with weather cooperating. I managed to get my five miles in yesterday which really helped to quiet the holiday blues that I have been experiencing since I let go of Superman. Today, I opted for one hour of walking (don't want to overwork those little muscles).

I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce you to my pleasant little jogging path. I really wish that I had taken a picture of it back before the drought, so you could see how different it looks. But at least you can get an idea.

The track is approximately a half mile course around what use to be a delightful little pond. It was home to all sorts of wildlife including deer, red fox, mallards, and the occasional Canadian Geese. Oh, and there was that Blue Heron that made an appearance last spring. But as you can see, the watering hole has dwindled drastically in size. Yes, there is water present in these photos, but that is due to a substantial amount of rain over the past few weeks. Not nearly enough to break the drought. In fact, if you click the link provided above, you will see that the predictions for 2008 are much worse.

This photo is a bit more revealing. In all actuality, one third of this shot should be nothing but water.

In fact, this is the most water I have seen in the pond in over 5 months. *sigh* and I have to yet to see any wildlife since June. It still offers a nice place to get away from it all and stretch my legs, but I hope it not destined to remain this way for much longer.

Dec 26, 2007

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

Mine was just as wonderful as always. I got to spend four days in Huntsville with the brother's family and his in-laws. That is always a treat.

On Saturday night, we went out for an evening without the children in tow. It was a delightful experience, as I got to dress up a bit more than normal.

Sunday we ventured down the road a bit to spend the afternoon with the Mother in Law's family. That was also a treat. I did not have intentions of attending this function, but when I found the Bri-Baby whimpering in a corner, I changed my mind. She told me that she was sad that she had to spend the afternoon away from me. So, I changed my plans and tagged along. It turned out to be quite an experience. My brother and I ended up out in the yard playing tag with about 15 kids.

Monday (Christmas Eve) , I picked my mother up for some last minute shopping (not my fault someone else had already purchased the exact same item) and lunch... There is always a moment or two spent with her and some heart felt topic of conversation... I wish I could do something to put a big smile on her face! Alas, it was par for the course. Monday evening (back at the ranch) after happy hour and a lovely pork tenderloin dinner, we commenced to opening presents. woo hoooo. We finished out the evening playing with the new Wii gaming console.

Christmas Day...... We commenced to playing the Wii again, had breakfast and passed out stockings, to which I have my own hanging on the mantel in Huntsville ( BIG SMILE). G even cross stitched a little reindeer on it for me last year. And then we were off.....

I headed to Russellville, Alabama to visit my oldest brother and his family. There we spent hours bowling and golfing..... (on the Wii) and it was so much fun.. Family time is awesome, and I do not get enough of it. Soon though, very soon!

The next morning (today) I was up at the crack of dawn to head home.

I will actually head back that way Saturday to spend another night in Huntsville before heading to Tuscumbia to have Christmas Dinner at my Father's house.

You know, I felt very loved this week. And it felt really good. So here is my display of the gifts I received this year..

Look !! Two new reindeer for my collection, Thanks Sammie!!

Wii Would Like To Introduce ...

Over the Christmas Holidays, it seems the big must have item is the Wii game console.

After spending a little time with playing with the Bri-Baby and Wonder Boy on their new game console, I ventured over to the oldest Brother's home and spent several hours competing with Asti Spumante and family. This is the most awesome interactive gaming console I have ever played with and now I want one too.

But the purpose of this post, my friends is to introduce you to my oldest nephew and my oldest brother. You see, you are able to create your own characters to use on the Wii system, and these two characters could not have been more realistic in appearance.

Check it out, Rick.... I can not stop laughing!! OMG.... it looks just like Bobby Jeff......

Pee Wee's Next Big Adventure

OMG... I am totally going to do this !

I just got through exchanging a few emails with the darling and delightful Mischka. She is going to begin training for a half-marathon race to be held May 4th, 2008. I myself had just gotten home from running for an hour and felt completely exhilarated.

Now, a half marathon seems unfathomable to myself at this time, but I was thinking I could fly out for a visit and cheer her on, maybe help her celebrate this accomplishment. She simply mentions that there is a 10K and sends me the link. After browsing the site for a mere 30 seconds, I declared my urgent lust to experience this course for myself....

So, stay tuned boys and girls.....Here in about 5 months, this little girl will be leaving on a jet plane to take a run through the Redwoods! Ahhhh, I am so excited!!!

Dec 22, 2007

A Moment Of Truth

I am very blue right now....

I am so tired of waiting for the next boyfriend to come along. I would just like to meet the One. Whereas I never have any problem finding a boyfriend, they just never seem to be the One.

I guess this is just the Holiday Blues setting in, and I am having my own personal pity party. But really, I am 35. No children, no pets, and my family lives miles away... I am planning on making the move closer to home which will help with these feelings, but is it too much to ask that I have someone to share my life with, someone to make life long memories with....

I just feel like having a good cry...but will that solve anything.. NO, oh well... Maybe next year.

Dec 21, 2007

Top Ten Reasons NOT To Date a SuperHero

10. Wearing your pajamas in public is not acceptable!

9. Repeating your "life stories" umpteen dozen times to hear your own voice is annoying.

8. Complaining about every little detail of your job, even when good things happen to you, is depressing. If your only solution is to skip work that day, then your lack of responsibility is showing. Especially if you do it often...

7. What a difference a month makes. What happened to the articulate guy I was talking to. That first impression did not last long did it. I am so sorry, but I cannot stand to engage in another conversation which consists of more curse words than it does actual words in the dictionary. I am so sorry that F*#K is your favorite word.....Once again, not impressive. In fact, it makes me cringe.

6. When I tell you about my weeks journey and some of the pitfalls I have encountered, I am curious as to how you would have handled it. Your replies as amazing! The fact that you would do everything in your power to be a jerk and infuriate the customer leaves me gasping for air. No wonder my customers love me so. I handle things with grace and tact, throwing in a little charm and a lot of patience. You, on the other hand, would dump the freight in their parking lot, thus damaging it and tell them to go eff themselves... You would then be fired! Ummm, I think my way works soooo much better.

5. OMG..... You have never paid child support?! Way to go , Superman!! Yeah, that is cool that they are garnishing your wages for unpaid support. Once again, your lack of responsibility is shining!!

4. I did not need to know that you had already met the perfect woman and had two children with her. That after seven years, she still remains the perfect woman although she left you. Well, actually, I do appreciate this information because I will never be perfect and you are in so much denial if you continue to say you are over her.

3. I cannot believe we spent an entire weekend getting you made over. Grooming and new suit, WOW, you looked nice! But to tell me that you did it all for your 3 year old daughter is bullshit. I happen to know that 3 year old could care less what their parents are wearing... Hmmm, could it be perhaps that the three year old's mother is the perfect woman? I believe you mentioned that already. So tell me again just who it is that you are trying to impress?

here is where it really blows my mind

2. I cannot believe the greatest story you have to tell, is the time you were on JERRY SPRINGER.... as a guest on stage.

and the number one reason to not date a superhero

Because the story on Jerry Springer WAS based on actual events.

When Superman and I started dating, it looked very promising... He was articulate, and mannered. Very thoughtful and funny. After a month, he confided in me that there were probably some things about him that I would not like. He then proceeded to enlighten me as to several of the items on the above list... I sat there with my jaw hanging open and stated that some of the things he had mentioned would have been nice to know up front. He remarked, "But then you would not have went out with me."

You got that right!! But not to be judgemental, I decided to let things simmer for a week before I made my final decision. I did not want to judge him for his past, if he was trying to rise above it!

The next week he unloaded the rest of the story. His vocabulary went to shit.. Literally.... Every third word was an expletive. His general reaction to everything took on a twisted and harsh outlook. I just couldn't take it anymore... See Ya!!

I am not sure if he started acting this way and revealing those appalling secrets because it was just part of who he is, or if it had anything to do with the fact that the perfect woman had just moved back into the state. Either way, I have gladly decided to move forward without him in my life....

Oh yeah, this ended several weeks ago... Well, the last time we saw each other was in November, when he cleaned out the closet....... figuratively speaking, of course.

Dec 20, 2007

Christmas Meme

I was tagged for this post by Shell. A pleasant little Christmas meme... I really do enjoy doing these so you can get to know me better, but it takes me forever to get around to them.... I am sure there are several I have skipped along the way...

So, without further delay

" When people say 'Christmas', you immediately think.... " I think of a trip back home to deliver presents to all those whom I love. I think of snow and lights, soft cheery music and egg nog!!

"Favorite Christmas Memory"..... Playing Santa to my nephews. Not really... I just literally delivered a sack load of goodies to them from all over the country.. I don't have one particular memory. But just knowing that my brothers will always include me in their at home family celebrations makes me all warm and fuzzy.

" Favorite Christmas Song/Carol...." Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.. (No big surprise there)

" Favorite Christmas character..." I guess that would have to be Rudolph, seeing as how I love all things Reindeer!!

"Favorite Christmas Movie..." Well, I course it is It's A Wonderful Life... I just love Clarence!!

"Favorite Christmas Ornament/Object..." Hmmmm, once again I will have to go with all things reindeer.. I do have quite a collection. I have spent so many years as a single person, that I don't have objects that hold dear memories of time spent with a partner.. I will have to work on that!

" Plans for this Christmas..." As a tradition, I spend Christmas with my brothers family.... I will enjoy several days off from work with much needed Bri-baby time.. A little fussing with the Wonder Boy, and socializing with my SIL and her mother... A day will be spent with my mother, another at my Fathers home, and a few days at home alone to catch up on all that I procrastinated on this year.

"Is Christmas your favorite Holiday?..." Sure, I love the entire winter season and everything that goes along with it

I am not going to tag anyone, but if you need an idea for a post, have at it.

Into Everyone's Life a Little Snow Must Fall

With every one calling me this week, I was a tad bit concerned about the impending NorEaster that was blowing through my route this week. And blowing through is right.... The only real effects I felt from this weather marvel was the gale force winds. For two days, I was beaten and battered with winds raging at 50 mph. To watch the flow of traffic, you would have thought that everyone was drunk, especially the truck drivers. Maintaining lane position was extremely difficult.

Although I never got into the falling snow and ice, I did stumble across the remains of the storm, and was quite pleased with what I found.

It took me two days to find the snow. But on Tuesday Morning, I found it. While there was very little evidence in New Jersey and New York, Connecticut was still displaying it's first snow of the season. This was taken five days after it fell in Stratford, Connecticut.

Although the roads and parking lots had been cleaned very proficiently, there still remained issues with my deliveries. Such as this one, the snow plows pushed the snow in front of this storage container. This container houses the forklift used to unload my flatbed. No hopes of getting it out, so we had to hand unload 1000 pounds of metal in 20 degree weather. Thankfully it was only a half ton. Some of my customers receive up to 10 tons per week.

Just a word of advice

Don't Eat the Yellow Snow!!

Moving on to Glastonbury, CT. This picture gives you an idea of just how much actually fell during the storm. The mound is from the the activity of the snow plow, but the snow beside the pick-up remains untouched.

Here I am in Taunton, Massachusetts. Once again, the area I am sitting on is normally the same level as the parking lot itself. I could just play in this stuff for hours, but no one would play with me! What a waste, could have been an excellent snowball fight!

I did realize that I must have extremely thick blood, because I do not seem to fell the cold. I was very comfortable in just my little red sweatshirt, but the employees here were bundled up and still complaining about the frigid temps.

Next stop, Providence, Rhode Island. I threw this photo in just for kicks.

Look familiar? It does to me. Two nights before, I had a dream involving this scenario, and yes, there was a gaping hole in the ground just in front of the track hoe. No!! I did not climb down into this one!! Although the workers were cute and could have used the coffee, I had to refrain.

Ahhhh, Salem Massachusetts. The far right edge of this mound towered at over 10'.

A better view of Salem.

It is somewhat difficult to snap photos while driving, but this house had capture my attention some years ago. I was finally able to get a pretty good shot, after several attempts in the past year.

Is it just me, or did anyone else not know that The Addams Family was from Salem, Massachusetts? Okay, maybe not! But this house always reminds of the television series!

Dec 19, 2007

What Dreams May Come

Have you ever noticed that when you dream, usually only the bad dreams stay with you upon awakening.

Okay, maybe not for everyone, but that is the case for me.

When I have a really great dream, I usually wake up with a sense of it, and the mood sticks with me. Whereas the details of the dream itself are elusive. But when I have a bad dream, not only do I awaken with the feeling of impending doom, but I can usually recall the specifics fairly easily.

Such is the case with this dream......

Me and a friend (Mischka) are in a house with some people who are dealing drugs. These people are acting like idiots and very irritating, so we decide to tell the police about what they are doing. We sneak out and inform the cops. Very soon the neighborhood is ablaze with red and blue lights as the losers are being escorted away. Feeling very good about what we have just done and the fact that they can no longer irritate us, we decide to treat ourselves to some coffee. We enter a neighborhood convenience store and instead of purchasing two cups of java, we leave with two dozen.....?! As, we are walking back through the neighborhood, we come upon a construction zone and proceed to disperse the coffee amongst the workers. I was walking towards one of the workers who was in the process of filling in a large hole in the ground. When I say large, I mean 10' across and another 10' deep. Within the hole, there are mounds and footholds along the wall. ... Hmmmm, more like a bowl , I guess, because I was not concerned with falling into it. So, the only way to get to the worker was to actually step down into the rim of the crater and come back up the other side. The guy was actually in a Track Hoe that was perched along the edge. As I proceeded to climb back out, the mounds and footholds started to give way. I could see fissures forming and breaking away from the wall. After several failed attempts to resurface, I noticed the dirt wall was about to give way and cave in on me... At this point the crater suddenly became a very narrow but deep hole. The strange part is that I did not panic... I bowed my arms out to each side and held my breath as the dirt cascaded down upon me. I figured if I held my arms out a little, it would leave room for me to move the dirt around after the avalanche was over. So, I started to try and move the dirt away from my face and tried to dig out an air hole. I was very calm during all of this, until I heard the workers above me talking about the two girls that had just left.... They had no clue I was beneath them and that is when I panicked! I started to scream just as my alarm went off.

So, do any of you know how to analyze dreams?

Dec 15, 2007

Words Of Wisdom

I spoke with my niece this morning, and we were having a lovely conversation about winter weather and how much snow I could possibly see this week.

I almost mentioned that some places have already received over 8'..... Well, okay, I actually said that the snow would reach my ceiling from the floor.

She commented that she would like to see that much snow, but then grew a bit concerned.

" What would you do if you got lost in that much snow?"

I told her I would wait until the big thaw and hope somebody would find me.

Then she asked, " But what would you do for food and water?"

I then hesitated, thinking she might be legitimately concerned about my winter safety. As I stumbled for an answer........ she pipes up with.....

drum roll please

"You could eat snow cones!!"

Dec 14, 2007

The Best Ski Season in Years

Yes, boys and girls, I do believe that we are in for one very snowy winter season this year. And truthfully, it is long overdue. The past few years, the northeast has not experienced a normal winter season. For example, Virginia (yeah, I know, not considered to be in the northeast; but, it is still on my route) only received a total of 4 inches of snow last year.. The average snowfall for Virginia during the winter months is 24 inches. Also, the NYC to Boston portion of my route did not experience any winter weather until late in January last winter.

Well, New Hampshire is predicting the best ski season in years and with well over 8' of snow having already fallen in the mountainous regions, I would have to believe they are correct.

So I talk to my Father today and he asks about next week's trip.....

Yes, I am going on my regular run.

No, I have not checked the weather.

After running some errands today, I come home and turn on the Weather Channel..

Holy Cows.... Boston got over ten inches of snow yesterday.... woooooo hoooo!!

And there is more to come over the weekend... I am sooooo freaking excited.. Remember, as long as it is not ice, I have no problem with it... Well, unless of course, there is so much snow that they have to close the interstate down, but New England is excellent at keeping their roads drivable.

I believe my Dad mentioned another NorEaster..... The info I have received so far indicates that I will not hit any wintry mix until Tuesday....

We shall see when we get there......

Duh .....

Okay, okay.....

If at first you don't succeed........TRY AGAIN

In case you have no idea where this is going.......

I am almost too embarrassed to tell you.......

I went back to THAT atm again..... The same day that my original error was corrected. and YES, it took my money again...

But hey, at least I kept the receipt this time.

Would somebody please volunteer to call my bank and tell them that I am tarded....

I can just hear you guys now...... and NO, I will never use that ATM ever ever ever again....

Bring on Christmas..... woo hooo!!

Finally a moment to sit down and blog something.. I have had two hundred posts slip through my fingers, but just couldn't find the time to publish them.

What have I been up to? Well, there has been traveling back and forth to visit with Superman...... And a few trips to Birmingham for various purposes... A weekend visit from my Mother who lives 4 hours away, and basic work obligations.. Needless to say, I have barely had time to sit back and relax.

But this weekend is all mine.....

I have plans to do very little. I have not been in this best of Holiday Moods with several things going on in my life right now.... For example, 2 weeks without work and only 4 of those days merit holiday pay. So, I have been a little stressed over financial matters. Normally, I try to purchase gifts for EVERYONE....and I knew that I would not be able to do so this year, so that made me a little sad....I mean, Christmas is my time.....

When my oldest nephews were little, I would literally bring them a large trash bag full of gifts from all over the country.. Back then, I was delivering in 48 states, and while some of the gifts could have been purchased just down the street, there was something exciting about knowing the gifts came from Montana or Connecticut.... At least they thought so!

Well, my holiday spirit finally kicked in when I saw a must have present for the Bri-Baby..... Instantly it was on.... I decided not to worry about the finances and proceed with Christmas as usual.....


I mentioned that last weekend my mother came for a visit. Surprisingly , it was a very pleasant visit. We went to Warm Springs, Georgia and did some holiday shopping. I stopped to hit an ATM. After what seemed to be an eternity, it spit out a receipt stating that the transaction had failed... I then moved on to another machine and grabbed my cash..... But the balance showed that the first transaction HAD PROCESSED...... So, my balance was $200 short.

I called the bank and reported my claim. Then I found out that the ATM had actually reported the error and for some reason, the Bank withdrew an additional $200, instead of reimbursing me. Now, I am missing $400......

They quickly found the second error, and replaced the second $200. But did nothing about the original error..... I called back to check on why nothing was being done...I was told I needed to file a claim and they would check into.

What about the error report the original transaction had generated? Oh, yeah. They forgot about that when they corrected their own mistake. But now they wanted a copy of the receipt showing the failed transaction.... I did not keep it, because no money was dispensed....

At this point, the attitude I was receiving almost felt like they thought I was trying to run a scam on them and get some free cash. I just want my money back.... I still have gifts to purchase, and that particular amount was needed....

Well, it took an entire week, but just about 5 minutes ago, I got a call stating the money had been reimbursed.

So, today.... I am going to finish up my shopping and then tomorrow I will bake goodies all day to put into little holiday gift bags and distribute them to my NorthEast customers..

Oh how I love the Holiday Season....

Oh.... and I love my Bossman too! He gave me permission to drive 50 miles out of route to deliver some goodies to one of my favorite customers that did not make the delivery schedule this week....

Dec 4, 2007


Every week before I leave out on my journey I always check the weather in a few major cities along my route... (Okay, not every week, but every week during the winter, and Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, winter is here!) I have been snowed on three times already.

So.. This week when I checked, the forecast called for lots of freezing rain and ice pellets on Sunday. Yeehaw! Now, as much as I claim to love the snow and frigid temperatures, I am very cautious when the word ICE is present.

Lucky for me, I never made it to the ice, but after torrential downpours much of the day and 50 mph gusts of wind, I did discover that my truck leaks. Not your garden variety leaks like I have have been complaining about since receiving this little jewel of a machine, but rather........ a continuous steady stream of rain water pouring into my floorboard...coming off of my clutch pedal.

Monday was uneventful weather wise as well, but I did get more reports of potential snowfall, and it did snow for a moment last night while snoozing in Queens.. But no accumulation whatsoever. The forecast for the remainder of my week calls for something like 18 inches of snow... YAY!!

Remember snow is good....ICE is bad.... but for now, I am only here to share a beautiful sunrise with you, so enjoy!

This is my morning in the Bronx!!