May 24, 2011

Couldn't Happen To A Nicer Guy...

Seems like it has been forever since I have posted a few rambling thoughts as to the goings on and what have you's of my day to day routine. I can assure you everything is fine and life is splendidly divine as always.

Todays Post... or perhaps, this months post... is stimulated by a little snafu that occurred earlier in the day.

I had delivered in Sterling, Virginia first thing this morning and was making my way around the top side of the Capitol Beltway towards Jessup, Maryland. Cruising in the far left truck lane, I had just cleared another truck when he gave me the ole blink, blink... flash, flash... indication that I had indeed made enough progress to merge back into the middle lane if I so should choose. Knowing that a major split was just a few miles ahead, I so choose to do so. I turn on the right blinker and slowly drift into the middle lane. CRAP.... CRAP, CRAP, CRAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!

It seems another fellow had decided that he no longer was satisfied with the conditions of the right lane and had also decided to utilize the middle lane at exactly the same moment. Needless to say, we met in the middle.

Unfortunately, as I drifted right, another vehicle in the far left lane decided to commandeer my vacated spot, so when contact was made with the little Ford Fusion, I was unable to merge back to the left without involving another vehicle, so I had to ride it out.


Thankfully traffic was forgiving and allowed us to pull over to the shoulder to investigate the accident. The driver of the Ford was the most delightful fellow and never once laid blame at my feet. He mentioned he had noticed the vast amount of open lane and was not aware that I was moving into it. Being directly side by side, we were essentially in each others blind spot. I could not see him at all and he could not see my turn signals. Virginia's Finest was on the scene within minutes and issued a No Fault Accident Report with no citations. We managed to remove the bumper and change the tire and reemerge into the flow that is DC Rush Hour.

I felt so horrible that this happened, not claiming any wrongdoing on my part, but the gentlemen was just so pleasant. It literally could not have happened to a nicer guy.

Below are pictures of the damages sustained. My damages consist of a few plastic coated lugnuts. Okay, maybe there is some silver paint on them too.

Let this serve as a gentle reminder.. My vehicle is bigger than yours and it takes a whole lot more to push me off the road. One little scratch on the rim versus 2 doors, a quarter panel, tire, rim and bumper...