Nov 30, 2006


It is that time of year again. My addictions overwhelm me!! My newest addition.....

Yes, I know. Its another reindeer.


Recently I posted about researching lost acquaintances, reliving old memories and trying to contact folks. I was dissappointed that I was unable to reach anyone.

Oh well. life goes on!! Right?

Upon returning home this week, I checked out the emails and had a few from a paid service that reunites people. It said some one had been checking out my profile. It turns out to have been a woman whom I attended school with for several years. Anyways, upon further investigation, I discovered a link that lists everyone who has viewed the profile..... It turns out my long lost sweetie checked it out 2 weeks before I attempted to contact him. Because it is a paid service, you are unable to contact anyone without a subscription. Needless to say, I am now subscribed!!

How ironic that we both looked each other up within 2 weeks of each other. To see his name listed once again made my little heart flutter....... AAAAWWWWW Aint that sweet!!!

Nov 25, 2006

Downsizing- Week ONE

Okay, here it is.....

I started my new diet one week ago...

Results-4.4 lbs lost. And yes, every tenth of a pound counts in my book!!

Nov 24, 2006

Diet Woes

After the big Turkey Day feast, I have managed to jump right back into the diet with relatively no problem. I did not stray too horribly yesterday. However I did indulge in a few Dr. Peppers. Now that the pantry is free of these delectable temptations I am enjoying my water once again.

I will post my first weeks loss/gain tomorrow morning. Cross your fingers!!

Caution: People Are Insane

I just read an article on the recent bus crash in Huntsville Alabama and have become severely angered.

I dont know much about the organization, but I was very appalled to find out that a group intends to protest the funerals of the children who were killed in this accident. They are claiming that God did this to teach Huntsville Alabama a lesson.

So, let me get this straight... God caused the accident to happen , killing 4 children because there is a homosexual living in Huntsville???? The group is called God Hates Fags. It is suppose to be an extreme Christian Church Organization..... I am not even going there. There is just too much wrong with the whole situation.

I cannot imagine what these parents will go through trying to bury their children with this kind of stupidity being displayed at these protests.

AAAAGGGHGHHHHHHHHH. This frustrates me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 23, 2006

Oh, By The Way

Did I mention I saw my first snow of the season....

Interstate 80, somewhere around Snowshoe in Pennsylvania. November 7th, 2006

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way......

I am 34 and single. I am okay with this. However, my mother is NOT. If I happen to mention speaking to someone of the male species, she begins to fantasize about unlimited possibilities (not limited to marriage and children). I find this quite humorous at times, and very invading quite often.

Okay, so I mentioned a week or so ago that I had met one of my new neighbors (a male). He is a firefighter, he had some scars (I presumed from his job), he spoke to me. Anyways, he had invited me to come eat Thanksgiving Dinner with his family. (A nice gesture)

So, this afternoon my mother calls to check in and one of the first things out of her mouth was "So, do you think you could get use to the scars?"

Now let me explain a little further.... This is a neighbor, making a nice gesture, who is 15 years older. Thats all. I am not dating him. I am not sleeping with him.. I am not going to marry him!!!

Let me repeat myself.... I am 34 and single. I AM OKAY WITH THIS....

Happy Turkey Day

So much for the diet!! Okay, so I blew it today.

What a wonderful day!! I had intended to spend some time with the family out of state, but with so much going on in December, I opted to spend this holiday at home. My second alternative was to spend the afternoon with an Uncle. This arrangement was canceled due to circumstances beyond my control. No big loss!! Last night, I received a phone call from my neighbor inviting me to eat with his family. This morning, I received a phone call from a co-worker inviting me to eat dinner with his family. I chose the neighbor (I had already accepted his invitation, when the second call came in).

It turned out to be quite an enjoyable afternoon. I spent 6 hours with his Mother, sipping wine and chatting like old friends.

Back on the diet , tomorrow.!!

Nov 18, 2006

Charity Work

Just wanted to give a shout out to the company I deliver for. The William L Bonnell CO. I am very proud to be a part of this organization. I have been delivering their aluminum for almost 4 years .

Why am I so proud, you might ask...

Well, let me just brag a moment. The BonL Co is very active in the community. A few years ago, I had the privilege of meeting the ECHS Marching Band in South Carolina and hauling the band equipment back to Georgia. I got to sit through a practice session, it was very exciting. Needless to say, there was no charge for hauling the equipment. Just a good deed !!

Also, every year, we make a trip into the mountains of North Carolina and pick up a load of Christmas Trees. These trees are then delivered to the local boy scout troop. They sell the trees as a fundraiser for the Scouts. I have been fortunate enough the past three years to deliver these trees. Once again, absolutely no charge for this service. Makes you feel good to be a part of this kind of community service.

Dont let the picture deceive you! There are over 100 trees in that trailer.

The best part of this delivery is watching the boys (ages 7-17) unloading the trees. The little guys are very eager to participate, while the older fellows are very eager to let the smaller guys handle it. Have you ever seen 3 eight year olds trying to move a 8ft Christmas Tree.
Tis the Season

Jingle Bells...Batman smells

Dont you just love the Christmas Season??

If you can't tell, I love all things Reindeer!!


Here is a quick update about my Wheels. Wal-Mart finally called me back and told me that the claims department might not cover my damage claim because the videos should no indication of abuse to my wheels. They did give me a phone number and location of a vender who could give me an estimate on repairing/replacing the damaged wheels. I was told to get the estimate and turn it in to Wal-Mart and they would then make the decision as to whether or not they would reimburse me for the damages.

The vender is closed on Saturdays, and of course by the time I return home next week they will probably be closed for Thanksgiving. So, we have a few more weeks to go.

Nov 16, 2006


As I reported earlier, I have jumped on the weightloss bandwagon along with several other friends and family members.

So, I am home again and with a little grocery shopping, pantry cleaning and dusting off the ole exercise equipment, I am ready to begin my quest for a healthier existence.

Starting Date: Friday November 17th

Starting Dimensions: 201 inches (combined) Try to figure that one out!

Starting Weight: Yeah, RIGHT!!

Okay, so wish me luck!!

The Truth Hurts

During the "Big Move", I stumbled upon some old photo albums. Boy, that brings back memories!! And recently connecting with an old friend really got me stirred up. I began to do a little research on a few people that I would love to contact. I found the name of my first true love listed on a web-site and attempted to contact him thru email. No replies !! I also contacted a childhood best friend. It seems that 18 years might be too big a distance to bridge after all.

I spent the week, reliving old memories and am feeling quite emotionally drained. I guess its time to put away the pictures for awhile, again... In fact I am having a bit of difficulty even writing about this.

Ever have one of those moments in time that changes your life forever?? I did, and it was not for the best. It seems, I might still have some anger issues concerning this event... So, needless to say this has not been one of my better weeks. THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT

Those Were The Days...

I recently received an email from someone who had disappeared into thin air years ago. Okay maybe, I was the one who vanished, but that is a long complicated story best left untold!!
Anyways, what a surprise!! A friend of mine from high school contacted me. WOW. Has it really been almost 20 years??

JG- He was the typical long-haired rock and roll rebel... We have done a little catching up and I was very pleased to hear he is doing so well. I think I might plan a little trip out west to say hello.

Nov 10, 2006

Sign me up!!

It seems that everyone around me is jumping on the weightloss bandwagon. So, sign me up. I have made my decision on how this should be done. I will begin implementing my program this week and post results weekly. If there is significant success, I will post before and after photos, along with my strategy. Although I am only a little chunky, I would like to drop 20-30lbs. Wish me luck!!

Nov 8, 2006

New Friends

I have only been in my new home for 12 days, but already I am making new friends. Too bad, they cant stick around for awhile.

I got home from work tonight and did the usual. Take a shower, get jammified and grab a bite to eat. A funny thing happened on the way to the kitchen...... I noticed something unusual out of the corner of my eye. Upon further investigation I made my first new friend.

He was a healthy fellow. Very limber. He could touch his head with his tail. And quick too. I think I will call him "Speedy". I am sure he spotted me first because he greeted me with tail waving high in the air. Before I could grab anything, he sensed eminent danger and scurried under the refridgerator. Good thing those babies are on wheels. Once I moved the fridge out of the way, I realized that I was trapped in the kitchen area. Not a problem if you have enough determination. So I scanned the perimeter and grabbed a weapon of mush destruction.

He put up a good fight, but in the end the box of Caesar Salad Croutons was victorious. And now......

MAJOR PARANOIA HAS SET IN!! I still have so much to unpack but am afraid to stick my hands down into the boxes. I am also contemplating the use of a dust ruffle on my bed. (No need to give them easy access) I have checked my houseshoes and they are sitting on the coffee table when not in use. (yes , I am scared to barefoot). Rolled up my pajama legs well above my ankles and using the coffee table as a foot rest. Do you think I am over-reacting??

New agenda for tomorrow. 1. Get signed up for the exterminator pronto!!!!!

Nov 5, 2006

Father Time

I am very excited about my new apartment. Maybe it is just the newness of it, but it seems very ..... Well, lets just say I no longer feel like I am in the Ghetto. It seems I am not the only one who likes the new place.

I purchased this clock 2 years ago, and when I got it (on-line purchase), it wouldnt work. Hasnt worked for two years!! So this morning, I get up to start my day and as I am sitting on the couch gathering the motivation to get ready for work I hear it. Tick tock Tick tock Tick tock.

Things are coming together nicely!! I have got 1 room completely finished. That is the dining area. The only room I will probably not be using, HA/HA. It was the easiest room to start in and I simply moved all of the boxes to their respective locations for unpacking. I should be living comfortably by Christmas. Seems I am the Queen of Procrastination.

Oh, how rude of me. I havent showed you were I have moved to.

This picture is at least 2 years old. There is now a four lane road on the right side of the photo and a new neighborhood being developed on the top-side. It already has several homes built. But you get the idea.

If You CANT Say Anything Nice...

Dont say anything at all.

I had another one of those weeks at work that make me want to quit!! The first part of the week went smoothly. But, from Thursday thru Saturday I was tormented beyond belief. I arrived home Saturday morning and will be leaving again only a mere 30 hours later. I have said too much already, so I will go.

Nov 1, 2006

Has Anyone seen Toto??

Last week, my journeys took me back out to the mid-west. I used to frequent this area on a weekly basis, but have only been twice in the past 4 years. So, it was a nice change. Wouldnt want to do it every week though. It took me 5 days to accumulate 2000 miles. This week , I racked up the same mileage in just three days (another reason I prefer to run the NE).

My trip began in Memphis, TN, on thru Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Missouri (again) , Illinois, and completed in Kentucky. Because it has been such a long time since my last tour of KS, I was once again enthralled with the scenic drive. I-70. I am a complete nut when it comes to topography. I can stare at the "lay of the land" for hours. (On a commercial flight, you will most likely find me with my forehead pressed against the window, as I try to detemine exactly what city I am flying over.)
So here are a few pics I thought I would share. The vast plains of Kansas. No Dorothy, no Toto, not even a wicked witch. However, the day after I left, 20 tornadoes touched down in Kansas. And as a side note Hwy 54 in Kansas is formally known as the "Yellow Brick Road" It just happens to lead to Kingdom City, Mo. Okay, so its not the Emerald City, but you aint in Kansas anymore either.

So, what do you see??


Look really hard!

Okay, so there is nothing there. Just miles and miles of vast nothingness. But if you were to stare for 7 hours, you would eventually see the Rocky Mountains and Denver Colorado. I was tempted to continue driving west. I have not seen Denver in 4 years also. Good thing I didnt!! The day of the tornadoes, a freak snow storm hit Denver and shut the city down.


Just returned home from my weekly adventure into the Northeast. I knew what I would be returning home to and had made plans to "Git R Done". So this morning, I sit here and look around and feel completely overwhelmed by what I see. I chose to pack in such a way that, no box actually belongs to a particular room. I packed for weight, therefore I might have dishes mixd in with clothes. Sorting all the boxes is more complicated than I had anticipated. I have asked several people if they would be willing to unpack for me, no takers. DAMN!! Yes I am procrastinating, which seems to have become my new favorite hobby.

Okay, so on with the show. Wish me luck!!